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Hello Eve family!

You can’t imagine how happy our whole team is to receive so many questions from newly joined community members. It is one of the best feelings in the world :cry: when there is so much interest around the project that our team and 1000 community members have put their hearts and souls in. Thank you dudes! :heart_eyes:

Now lets get straight to business

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As said before there is a massive amount of questions out there. Some of them are the same questions so we decided that it’s time for a BIG FAQ that will be created here and later added to our we site and Indie Go Go page.

So here’s how you can help.

Add your question by replying to this thread in the following format:

Q: Why you have an orange as your avatar picture?

Q:Will we be able to connect Eve wireless keyboard with other devices?

Later your question will be added to this thread with an answer!

Please post only questions here. Any off topic discussions will be deleted in this thread. This is needed to ensure that we can see and answer all of the questions!


UPDATE:we’ll gather questions up and start answering early next week. So be patient :slight_smile:[/details]

Questions Answered

A: Absolutely! We wanted to make sure that you could use our keyboard with other devices. Our keyboard can remember up to 3 Bluetooth devices. You can switch through devices with the key combo.

A: Yep all the configurations have TPM by default.

A: We will provide users with the possibility to adjust the TDP up to 7 Watts. It is essentially more effective than overclocking in our case.

A: We don’t really know why other 2-in-1s don’t have keyboard magnetically locked when it is closed. But we of course thought of usability and it is held by magnets at the top bezel of the screen. So Keyboard will not move around and stay closed unless you want it to be open:)

A: V’s display is IGZO backlit with 450 cd/m2 brightness, 1:1400 contrast ratio and anti-reflection layer giving it class leading performance. V covers 102% of sRGB spectrum other classifications are being verified.

It will but not perfectly:) But our display area is a little larger so it should be fine :slight_smile: We will test it out sometime soon!

For sure! We are already working on the accessories with MozoAccessories guys from Finland who made amazing covers and protective cases for Lumia phones. Mozotea @shakeyhome decided to take a picture to show you some options :slight_smile: Mozo guys trying out pouches!

[quote=“shakeyhome, post:9, topic:2485”]
Q: Will a screen protector damage the anti glare coating?

No it won’t! It will actually protect it:) But the reflectance would be higher as you add another layer of film on top of glass.

Perhaps indeed. But take this as no promise :slight_smile: This depends on the business viability of these products which in essence depends on the popularity of the Eve V.


TI tpa6133


The reason is that the Eve-community developed it :smile: . Eve as a company has also dictated that it needs to go ALL IN on all its devices, which doesn’t hurt either :slight_smile: . So far, we are only developing a single device at a time so as to remain absolutely focused on delivering stunning experiences!

When your friends see the device, be proud. You’ll be carrying one the eve.community’s signature product, the V. It is the first of its kind. A crowd-designed masterpiece.


It may be possible, but the answer here is the same as it was for @Pauliunas.
We discarded the “Stage” concept because the additional space needed behind the device, to hold it sturdily up, required tossing away the space needed for a track pad.




The first 500 units of the V - the first-ever crowd-designed computer - will be exclusively available in Indiegogo starting from next monday.
You’ll be able to purchase the V later on from our web store.


As we have promised before, the best deal will be available in Indiegogo.
Later production rounds will have less waiting time, but correspondingly the deal offered won’t be as appealing


The V weighs less then 850 grams. With the keyboard attached, you’ll be looking at only roughly a kilo of computing baggage. :wink:


While I can’t 100% confirm the exact prices yet for these items, in the case of battery, you’d
be looking at tens of dollars, max 50 usd for the replacement. The Glass might go up to 100 usd because of the complex manufacturing techniques involved.
Not to worry though, its uncut gorilla glass surrounded by an unibody aluminum frame, so the V should be able to take a hit!
2-way shipping included in my estimations


As long as possible!


Thousands. Build quality is very important to us. This should not be a concern :wink:


Roughly the same.


Typically in these situations it was either because the feature requested was not feasible technically (we just simply could not manufacture the V with it)


The number of votes was too small to be statistically relevant, indicating simultaneously that a lot of community members didn’t care for that particular feature even so little that they would have opened the thread with the poll.


You can indeed connect the V via TB3 to two 4K displays. However in case you meant to ask can you actually drive them simultaneously @60 fps, that depends on a variety of factors and I can’t guarantee a specific performance without knowing all the details.

Overall the V supports all Thunderbolt 3 features.


The V Pen can magnetically attach to the device. It also has a clip, which you can, e.g. attach
to the keyboard or your shirt.


Theoretically all Thunderbolt 3 certified graphics docks. However the specific performance boost you’ll be looking at
depends on the graphics card used. Generally with mobile processors (less than 45 watt quad core) you don’t gain a whole lot more
by introducing more than a 50W graphics card (e.g. RX 480) to the system.


Yes. Just make sure it is USB-C certified. Using third party chargers may cause harm or damage the system.
Correspondingly, the V’s high quality charger is able to charge other USB-C devices (that follow the official USB power delivery specification).
The V’s charger is capable delivering up to 29W of charging power with multiple voltage combinations.


All that work with either Thunderbolt 3 specification (certified devices) or USB specification (certified devices).


Yes. We have specified that it should not take longer than 3 seconds for the Keyboard to be operational.
This is roughly the time it takes to set up your preferred working position and starting to type with two hands.


Build quality is very important to us. We’ve used premium grade aluminum that’s precise cut for the V’s interiors.
It also comes with Corning Gorilla Glass that is 100% uncut (no speaker holes, micrphones etc) to offer the best
drop-proof performance.

As for the video, such may follow suit later on. For now, we need all the devices we have in solid condition! :wink:

Negative. Surface Pro 4 Type Cover has proprietary pogo pin design and doesn’t work with other devices.

They don’t cost the same for us :smiley: That wouldn’t make much sense now wouldn’t it :wink:


Right now there are no such plans. The ‘savings’ gained of cutting those essential features out of the V Wireless Keyboard are not worth that much in the grand scheme of things.


We will be taking orders from other people after we have shipped the backers of Indiegogo batch first :wink:
Right now we are looking at feb-march. The deliveries for other people might start happening on April.


Yes. We have a couple of threads about the matter (keyboard localization, keyboard print as keywords).
Non-US prints might come at a cost of up to 30 usd.


To learn more about how all this is possible, visit
www.eve-tech.com/about :wink:


You can choose your preferred configuration between 8 to 16 gigs of RAM and 128 to 512 gigs of ROM.
The components are soldered into the motherboard so replacing them is not recommended.


USB-PD yes. DP alt no, but you can have that with the Thunderbolt 3 port though.


Using third party chargers may cause harm or damage to the system and is not recommended.
Void of warranty may come in question is such action is taken.
Third party chargers should always be confirmed at least to be USB-PD certified.


Intel 8265


There are pretty much no use cases for this kind of device, that would benefit of higher than SATA3 speeds. The motherboard does not support NVMe SSDs or upgradeability. The device is not designed to be opened and fiddled around with :wink:


Unfortunately that I cannot confirm, since it does. That being said, my tender eyes are just fine
looking at it. If you have REALLY sensitive eyes for this technology, you may experience strain.

I hope you do know, however, that not all PWMs are equal. It depends on many factors, especially the frequency used.


4.5W comes as standard. However we are working hard to enable users to opt for 3.5 or 7W TDP from BIOS.


This may come in as an upgrade option, but the device itself will not be waterproofed _by default_ because of the costs associated in doing so.


Such an accessory is being planned, but will not be available during Indiegogo yet! :slight_smile:

Either to its HDMI with an adapter, or wirelessly with a Miracast HDMI dongle :slight_smile:


We are finalizing the details of our dedicated new web page for the V. Same goes for the Indiegogo.
The V Pen will be seen in the Indiegogo video, the new web site and the Indiegogo Page!


I don’t see the risk - but that’s just me :wink:

If you want to cancel your order before shipments, we can offer you a conditional refund:
someone other takes your place - you get 100% refund.

If someone does not take your place, you’ll still get a refund, but deducted by our direct costs associated with the cancellation.


To make the V a durable and high quality product, we needed to make some sacrifices.
One of them was to omit self-replaceablity. Technical factors also required us to
solder the mentioned components to the motherboard.


Of course not. It’ll be stylish like everything else we ship :wink:


The first 500 will have a special engraving in each of them, but no device shall have our signatures
unless you specifically order to have them in :wink:


Here we have to be fair and offer everybody the same chance to get their V :wink:


Graphite Grey _only_ at first. But it looks SOOO nice! :wink:


Yes, with the pen.


Different replaceable tips will be available for purchase (not during IGG, but before we ship the first batch).


Any Intel CPU will stop using its iGPU when an eGPU is present. m3 can run e.g. CS:GO even with iGPU, so combining it to an eGPU
will boost its graphics capabilities alot. Just don’t expect desktop level performance :stuck_out_tongue:


We don’t have Razer Core, unfortunately. But if Razer Core is Thunderbolt 3 certified, it works with the V.


We operate our warranty-side in China. Warehousing is also done in China. Warranty-cases are shipped free of charge to the customers.


At this point in time it seems we can only offer the device with windows in Indiegogo. There OS image needs to be installed with drivers etc
coming in at the right time. Right now, we don’t have an image built with everything except the license key.

We’ll gladly offer sources to all the drivers needed. However we didn’t develop the drivers ourselves, so we can’t guarantee that the sourcecode is available.
Drivers are oftentimes developed by the component vendor in question.


After the IGG campaign is finished, we’ll set everybody up with the upgrades they want before we ship.
These things will be handled _outside_ the campaign place (directly with us).


The customers pay their respective shipping prices.


Yes. We are committed to ship to as many places as we can. Just to be clear, we are handling the shipping to IGG
batch exactly the same as we intend to do with our own web store.


Future batches will be clarified later. The V is available next time after IGG in March-April 2017.


Me and Konsta were trying really hard to come up with a name in the early days.
I remembered its always good to approach naming challenges by drafting out some key words and activities intended to be done.
We wanted it to refer to electronics, and over the course of a few hour chat “evolutionary” had come up with, as an adjective.
Combining those two led to “Evolutionary Electronics”, which just triggered something in my head and I popped “Eve” in there.
We contemplated a few hours on it but both felt happy so it got stuck :smiley:

We liked it because it was simple, easy to say in many words, not too masculine, not too feminine and seemed to work with our
then thought slogan of “Evolutionary Electronics”.


We have a warranty in place from our manufacturing partner that handles this and we also have a insurance in place for these kinds of events.


Yes. The USB-C port also supports charging.


295.9 wide x 205.3 height x 8.9 thick in mm:) We are also preparing a visual to show it to you!

Reasons not to buy the V
EVE V Display Question (PWM?)
Two liner update 27.06
Notetaking in class
[merged topic] Battery bank compatibility with the V
USB-C - A step to the future or not useful at all?
Update 16.03: Team Eve, V updates, store changes, licensing

Q: What’s the dimensions of the V, both with and without the keyboard?


Q: How do the different models of the Eve V (m3/i5/i7) compare to a Surface Pro 3 (or pro 4) regarding performance (movie-/photo-editing/casual gaming)?


Q:Will we be able to connect Eve wireless keyboard with other devices?


Q: Does the V have a TPM? (Trusted Platform Module)


Q: Are there plans for different keyboards in the future? (more key travel, bigger battery, USB ports, etc.) If so, can we buy the tablet without keyboard for now?

Q: What is the model number of your headphone amplifier?


Qs: Why the V is most exciting and desirable device in the world? How dare you integrated so much alien features and give us the most advanced specs to date? How am I supposed to act when my friends will see this blow minding device, how can I justify that I come from the future? :grin:


Q: Can the V be overclocked?

Q: Will a screen protector for the SP4 fit the V as well?

Q: When will custom accessories such as cases be made available through your website?

Q: Will a screen protector damage the anti glare coating?


I’ll second that question, adding the following:

Q: Will there be sold a different keyboard as accessory that allows other writing/watching positions like lying in bed and having the Eve in something like a 90° degree angle which is not possible with a kickstand?


Q: which device do you consider to be a threat to your device’s success?


Q: Will the Eve only be available via Indiegogo? Or will we be able to buy the Eve later in your Online-Shop?

Q: Will there be a delay or higher prices when buying it via Online-Shop?


Q: How much does it cost to replace the battery outside of the warranty?
Q: How much does it cost to replace a cracked glass outside of the warranty?
Q: Will there be “Microsoft Complete”-style insurance plan?
Q: How Long will the device be supported (e.g. drivers availability) ?
Q: How much does the device weigh?
Q: How many open/close cycles is the kickstand rated for? Compared to the Surface?
Q: How much friction does the kickstand have? Compared to the Surface?
Q: I saw many feature posts with over 50% votes, but I understand that not all of them could make to the device for various reasons (e.g. glowing logo on the back). What are those features? Would be great if you also give the reason behind it.


Q: Can the Eve connect to a Thunderbolt 3 docking station to drive two 4k screens @60Hz simultaniously?
Q: How can the pen be attached to the tablet so it does not get lost?


Q: Which external graphic amplifiers does the V support?

Q: Can I use my Type C mobile charger to charge the V?

Q: Does the V support all external Type C hubs? Which ones does it support?

Q: When disconnecting the keyboard physically, does it switch to bluetooth mode instantly?


Q: What makes the Eve V special against so many other 2 in 1 devices?

Q: Why should we trust Eve?

Q: Why did you call your 2 in 1 Eve V? Any hidden meaning behind it?

Q: I heard the Eve V has other, unofficial, names. What are they? What do they stand for?


Q: How durable is the V (could you do a drop test video for the public to see?)


Q: Can i use surface pro 4 type cover?
Q: Can i use Screen protector from SP 4?
Q: Will the Screen protector damage the coating on the screen?


Q: Based on Intel’s ARK page, the Core m3 and i5 costs exactly the same. Do they also cost you the same? If yes, is there any reason to choose the m3?


Q: Just like the Alcantara model, is there any plan to release a “budget” keyboard, that is without backlighting, with plastic/faux-leather instead of fabric, possibly also without wireless capability and battery, but maintaining the essentials (exact same key switch and trackpad)? Can we later exchange the “launch keyboard” with the “budget” one in exchange for something (e.g. extended warranty)?

USB-C - A step to the future or not useful at all?

Q: If enough interest were shown is it possible that a future manufacturing run might include a Windows Hello compatible front facing camera?
How much extra would that cost?
I’m thinking along the lines of maybe have one or two configurations where it may be available, but not on the base model kinda situation…