Lenovo Miix 720 (merged discussion topic)


In accordance with shop.lenovo.com, both models miix 510 and 710 are already available.


MIIX 520/720 are available too, but seems only in China. They are under the model name MIIX 4 Pro and MIIX 5 Pro.


And are there any reactions for Miix 4 Pro?


If you can read Chinese:


Unfortunately, no…

However, Google Translate does (partially), and from what it told me, my conclusion is that it’s full of bloatware and the performance is… on par with Surface 4 i7? Given the fact it is an i5 7Y54 model, it is very promising from V perspective.


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Intel core i7-7500U 2.7 GHz
Graphic адаптерIntel HD graphics 620
RAM 16384 MB
, dual channel, soldered
Display 12 inch. 3:2, 2880x1920 pixels. 288 points/inch, 10 touch, stylus support, AUO B120YAN01 / AUO106F, IPS, glossy: Yes, detachable screen
Maternal платаIntel lake-U if the if Premium
Storage dannymi PM961 1TB SSD M. 2 PCIe 3.0 x4 USB 3.0, USB Type-C Gen2. 3 (and charging) , USB 2.0


Bad battery lifetime and a fan that blames every aircraft turbine. That’s why. On the pro side, they have a big student discount on it, so you get it pretty cheap. As far as I know is the stylus support more on the mid range. For me not really a competitor. There are just two, the surface pro and the Dell latitude.



I’ve brought together the existing Miix 20 threads to keep things tidy and make it easier to reference things that were mentioned earlier, and renamed the topic to fit all three original discussions:
Lenovo Miix 720 Specs Leaked by @mlivesey,
New competitor – MIIX 720(MIIX 5 Pro) by @Xiao_Han and
Lenovo miix 720 Main competitor why not discuss? by @sem189189.


That’s definitely on the con side for me since I’m not a student anymore and they make me pay more just for this fact.
They take more money from people just because they have more money. And there is no benefit for this extra money other than higher margin.
Eve doesn’t do so and that’s another reason for loving this concept.


Regarding this, I consider that as a personal pro, because I get that one. I see that this is not for every one and could also be a con.


With eve you also get it. Just like everybody else gets it.
That’s the way to see it. Everyone gets the student discount by default.


I know that and I find it good. But for me, the price difference gets lower. For example of the new surface, I could get the tablet, the keyboard and that stylus for about the same price as you for example would get only the tablet.

That further, it has to be proofed by time if eve’s company model could survive on the long term. I am curious about that and hope that it will be. But with the delays I am not able to purchase a v because I need it in September. And that’s the reason I have to consider alternatives and there student discounts make a huge difference. I hope I could help you to understand the situation I am in.


at least he is already sold out ))at least he is already sold out )) and you can buy it


Here’s another good looking alternative coming soon


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Pocket Lint just did a review on the Miix 720 and it doesn’t come up to the Surface let alone the V


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