Lenovo Miix 720 (merged discussion topic)


That said, we all know that there’s no perfect specs even if you pump in a lot of money.

Performance, Portability, Price, Battery Life (think of a P-word and make it the laptop 4Ps :yum:)
These factors would balance out each other.
(I left out build quality and aesthetics, as these as hard to measure)

Eve V for example may be lagged back in terms of performance (Y-series after all),
but it would have incredible battery life and a good price.


I checked the comments of one of the biggest online retailer in China (jd.com).
The main complaints are more focus on fan noise and heat. Also some said that the auto-brightness adjustment is a bit buggy. Also as expected, battery life is less than ideal. One customer claimed it ran flat after two movies, so ~ 5 hours of video play back time.
Taken from one of the customer feedback, those fan hole does look kind of scary…


Main pros for miix5pro according to these customer are: good performance, Windows Hello login with the IR camera and the size and weight.


I’ll take the claimed battery life of the V any day instead of a little more performance


It looks quite thick too - my Chinese is non-existent but one page seems to say that it is 14.6mm thick and weighs 1.1kg.

But I also think it is a different device, and the focus of some people on the maximum CPU Ghz for the minimum price misses the point of what Eve offers.


14.6mm is the thickness with keyboard. Without keyboard the thickness is 8.9mm, and 780g. I beleive EVE V’s dimension should be in the similar level.


I think we should wait until the device comes out - I remember the Transformer 3 Pro touting 8 hours battery and 450 nits brightness - and then we got like 6h in (near) standby with dim 300 nits at most.

That screen sounds exactly like the Asus one - so if they do I think we’re not gonna see a great battery life for that device.

EDIT: Oh, it’s already out? Wow, that was faster than expected!


Yes it is out early this month but review is limited right now. We did see some discussion about fan noise but the battery looks satisfying most buyers.


Because your mouse does not need 5Gbps of bandwidth.


Even though the mouse doesn’t need 5Gbps, your flash drive might. Or something else.


And that’s why you have other ports.


And what if they are all in use?


Then move your mouse over to the usb2 port? Lol, it’s not like you use 3 super fast flash drives at a time…



Also the Miix 710 is out too. Strangely no one is talking about miix 710. And only one customer feedback on jd.com

Below is a list of spec I summarized for these three devices. seem like Eve V will be in the middle of the two lenovo devices.


lenovo build quality?


quality of Thinkpad’s X,T and P series are better than Microsoft’s Surface Pro. But speaking of Lenovo’s Yoga or MIIX series, I guess not as good as high-end Thinkpad but still in a good level.


If I interpret the Chinese Lenovo Site again, the drawing mode has 4096 pressure levels. Not that, as it has been talked about many times, you need even remotely as many, its just interesting IMO


Its already on the chipset, and chipset designs usually come from reference board designs which in turn do not drop backwards compatibility quickly. So might as well use it rather than have it on the board but not utilized.


What about Miix 520? Any information about it? Looks much more interesting.


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As far as I know - nope. :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting to hear about the Miix 710 (or was it 510?) that Lenovo showed back at IFA & look at the reviews. Oh, and the IFA was back in the beginning of September, so I’d not hold my breath for that right now.

Also, here’s my reasoning why Lenovo can throw out a 520 so quickly (it’s not been 6 months) after the 510 - because they’ve got so much they’ve done wrong in the 510. :wink:

(Just my personal 2 cents)