LB V arrived! OMFG it's so beautiful I can't stop looking at it! However!


the red keyboard LED won’t quit. i’ve had it pogo pinned to its beautiful mastress for hours now, and it’s still red. plus, while i’m in love with fluffy alcantara and also with the keys, the sound, everything - the touchpad seems a little off to me. a little too clicketyclicky.
or is it normal? does your trackpad also make a click sound even when only tapping on it?


mine is actually quite stiff, but there is a bit of a rattle that might be what you’re talking about, i guess?

does it make the same *clickety* ( but a teensy bit muffled, because alcantara) when you tap the alcantara next to it? i think it might be the keys on the keyboard rattling instead of the trackpad.


it’s definitely the trackpad, i can not only hear it but also feel it when tapping


i still need to install the v drivers, so that much for the red led for now and i will get back to this afterwards if it’s still a thing.
but the trackpad rattling is a little annoying i have to admit