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Same for me in South Texas. My delivery status now shows “in transit” with expected delivery on Friday, Jan 5. It’s a good thing the V is coming from the West Coast and not the East coast; with the winter storm there, who knows when it would get here!


Well, the East coasters got a free(z) low temperature pre-delivering test. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So my girlfriend is sick at home today, is it bad for me to feel good that I’ll have someone home to sign for my Eve V?

UPDATE: MY EVE V IS SITTING IN MY HOUSE!!! <- yes caps were required
Also, it did not require a signature for anyone wondering.


A little update concerning my missing sleeve … The questions were answered but not really to my satisfaction.

I initially pledged for the i7 with Windows 10 pro. Added accessories included an extra plug and the magnetic sleeve. Somehow during the final payment in late January with backerkit, the amount collected was less than they were supposed to and EVE decided to arbitrarily send me an extra plug only for the extra $29. Now I have to wait and buy separately a sleeve to carry the V and purchase an upgrade key to the window 10 pro.

So it wasn’t 4PX fault this time.


…please dont get me wrong, but:
Why do we (1TB) have to go through this shippment thread, when you promised us an update yesterday?
I am tired reading “my racking number”, bla bla bla.
And in these uninteresting messages finding “!ONLY! 70% SSDs arrived”.

I am so tired and everytime getting angry and disappointed when coming here, i will stop reading the forum.
This is a really bad customer experience!


No more info available yet… but another thread has been setup, which would be more appropriate for the 1TB watching/waiting at: 1TB Shipping Corner


kk did give an update yesterday and the update was - he’s waiting to hear confirmed information, rather than speculation or hearsay. it sucks waiting i know but it will be worth it.


Not sure about that anymore …


same with @Lukas_Fikr here… not sure about that too. meh!


Received notice from UPS confirming V delivered to my residence - Seattle.


Thank you @netkid23, i missed that information in the endless sea of “trackingnumbers”… :wink:

I am also not shure if its worth waiting. I only ordered the i7 because the 512SSD. Then i could upgrade, super, but no cpu downgrade this moment. So i (maybe sometime) have an expensive cpu, i dont need. ;(

I also wanted an invoice, cause using the “V” for business. Later hearing no invoice, soooo disappointing!!!
(and i still dont understand how they, as a european company, can sell a product without an invoice)

So sadly no, for me, not worth waiting, and i lost the fun.


My first post on the V!
First impressions:

  • Came with sleeve and 10 pro upgrade
  • Back of V has spots similar to other reports, mine are not coming off easy so I’ll try that later.
  • Windows setup was in a smaller 4:3 aspect, not a big deal
  • Haven’t played with pen yet
  • Kickstand sprung closed once and sent V into keyboard, no damage reported though
  • First 20 seconds once Windows came up the colors were beautiful, then some auto color calibration popped up and now the colors are all yellowed.


Latest update from UPS:

“Severe weather conditions have delayed delivery. / Your delivery has been rescheduled for the next business day.”

Latest Location: Watertown, MA, US
Destination: Boston, MA, US


I can confirm that my V has arrive but I am not home to play with it. Just saw it from my security camera. :grin: excited


We are posting updates as promised immediately once we get them. So when saying that 70% 1tb ssds arrived we report exact sittuation as of now. Or doesn’t mean that the rest is not coming. We will be getting the rest in time for production. We are just trying to keep people in community posted all the time.

Limited birds have to be produced before Chinese New Year! There is enough time for that and all of the housings needed for production should arrive before 10th of Jan. Production will take around a week. I will write full update immediately once I get exact schedule from the factory they will provide it immediately once housings arrive.

As for the EU limited birds they are in 4PX warehouse. They are being sorted right now and once they are up in the system we will provide the tracking! This should not take long looking at how fast US deliveries went this time!

Also to find out if you are in second batch of limited birds or not please message our support. We can provide you this info as we have all of the devices allocated by now!


Seriously there is no invoice? Can’t we use the online receipt for deductions?


what it is, is that EU folks wants a receipt where their VAT is broken out / show customs has been prepaid so they can claim it as an expense IIRC. the receipts we have don’t break that out - as KK mentioned, contact support if one needs one


We do provide invoices. Please message our support for one or if you are one of the flash sale buyers you can find it in your account under orders.


Hmm i have a feeling that my whole deliver to Boston idea to avoid HST was not a good idea if I’m going to be claiming the V as a business expense…


@Spence you saved $20USD in shipping and $69USD for the prepay of tax assuming CBSA doesn’t ask for the HST (there’s no duty since it was a computer made in China).