LB Shipping Corner


Now that it’s almost time for LB Vs to ships, I think it’s time we have the LB shipping corner! I can’t wait to see when tracking numbers go out

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Update 29.12 on shipping and more
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Can’t wait either and I hope it will be a smooth sail this time! Are you a limited bird @Jamil_Stafford?


I am! i7 512GB in the US, I hope my V is ready to ship!


I5 in China. The wait is almost over :grin:


Finally the LB shipping corner as arrived. I’m a LB I5 in France. I have waited for so long and finally. The V for the LB will arrive soon, I hope.


Looking forward to receiving my MAXED out V -> i7/1TB :sunglasses:


me too … when is the shipping going to start for this batch?


Looks like Jan for us, due to ssd(s) due to arrive soon.


Eager LB i7 in Canada! I can hardly wait :wink:


I am looking forward to seeing my LB i7 come to the US. Can’t wait


M3 in Missouri, USA! Hyped up and ready to type up a review!


Late Bird i7-512GB [future] owner here.

Honestly, just hoping for everything to go smoothly so the mood around here will change for the better. :wink: :clown_face:


LB too, HK address, which is nearest geographically, but we’ll see, haha


i7-512GB Poland :slight_smile: Hope to get mine before my next business trip on January 29th.


LB I7/1TB from France, I hope we will have some good news on the SSD arrival :slight_smile: , that way maybe we can dream to have it at the very beginning of the year, if not before. :confused:


Limited Bird i7/1TB here. Eagerly waiting in Sweden…


i7/1TB Germany: I had hope to get it this year but now I guess I have to hope for end of Jan :pensive:


I7/1TB in the US for me as well… looking forward to it. The reviews have been great. :grin:


I7, 512GB

Hopefully this year :slight_smile:


Me too… waiting for that email with tracking number!