LB i7 Review - Work in progress

Interesting, it looks like windows 10 is being naughty…again.

Have you tried disabling the WiFi/ turn off before putting it to sleep or hibernate? I am very curious to see if Windows 10 stops doing naughty things when the WiFi is turned off…because it can’t send unscrupulous reports of hardware specs and event logs to Microsoft servers even while the laptop is turned off.

Does the battery drain remain the same?

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I’m been using it at home to play games quite a bit so I haven’t been tracking the battery life as much, trying to put in some cycles that are rather hard. I was afraid that the kickstand style would make a worthless laptop but the kickstand holds - only one but instance - and the keyboard is much more sturdy that the Surfaces I’ve tried out (never owned one though) so it been moving from my lap on battery to the table typically just to charge most of the weekend.
I like the turning off WiFi idea, that’s really not too inconvenient and if it works well I can script it out. I’ll put it in airplane mode tonight and report with battery info when I use it tomorrow.

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I have a layman question. Why do so many people use sleep or hibernate instead of shutting down the laptop? Even if the battery drain was minimal, why not just shut it off completely so there are no issues whatsoever??
Is the short boot time that annoying?


Persisting state, keeps all your applications where you left them. That plus the boot time, both are getting better with newer technology like browsers remembering your tabs and some systems have crazy fast boot times but old habits die hard.

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Hmm I better maintain my old shutdown habit then :slight_smile:


Hey There @jlorance.

Looks like something is indeed very wrong with the device. So sorry for this :frowning:

Of course it is no explanation but sometimes something happens and even if the device left the factory 100% intact, it arrives with defects.

Presumably you have contacted our customer support?


This morning’s battery update, I put the V into airplane mode last night and hibernated while plugged in. With the house being a bit cool this time of year, the V was “warm” like 70F, barely noticeable, during any other time of year it would be room temperature so that is a great turn around from my previous experience, let’s hope it holds. As for battery life, got into work (didn’t startup at home) and had 98% then less than a minute went by and I have 96%. I have Chrome open and showed off the computer to colleagues, not opening any other apps though, and now two hours later I have 71%. So I’m on pace for ~7-8 hrs, I am teaching tonight after work so I’ll probably plug in after lunch to be safe. The airplane mode worked great though, I’ll probably script something out though I’ll probably just disable the WiFi to start and leave Bluetooth alone.

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I don’t think it’s the wireless module, I keep mine on 100% of the time

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Do you have a battery problem when it’s sleeping or hibernating? Sleep is a volatile state, the memory is actually powered to retain state; where as hibernate copies the memory to disk and back when booted. Most studies concerning when is this or that the most efficient are too old to have much relevancy to today’s memory and SSDs.

I know that my WiFi module stays powered through sleep and it appears through hibernation, I have a Fingbox which monitors my network 24/7 and it’s showing that the V is connected while it is off. I have been able to verify that by pinging it when it’s “off” (sleeping and hibernate). Not sure how much of a battery leech that is but it can’t be good; technically it’s still going to be powered if I software switch it off but the radio itself won’t be powered which is the part of it that requires any real power. I plan to tie into the windows events, maybe even just use the task scheduler, otherwise my service would take more battery than it would save. Looking into a keyboard keep alive as well so I plan to publish some helper stuff if I can get around to it.

–Edit, after posting a reading this it sounds slightly offensive which was not my intention. I’m trying to do two things, 1. Figure out if my V has any problems that are the minority or singled out and may require repairs. 2. Help identify any real-world problems that can be addressed as a community either by identifying and addressing the Eve team’s priority list or if can be handled via non-firmware software maybe members of the community like myself can help. @Team, I’m not opposed to work on some firmware if I can too.


LOL don’t sweat it, I didn’t notice anything until I read it a second time after reading your edit, then I well maybe it could be a bit rude if I were really looking for it? Nothing at all if you didn’t mention it though.

Nah man, I get where you’re coming from, and no I don’t have sleep battery problems because [ win+d, alt+f4 ] is no hassle with ssd boot drives! Plus I used to work on a Transformer 3 Pro which would last 3 hours on a full charge so sleep wasn’t an option, I guess that’s where the habit came from.

What I mean is I don’t think it’s the module i.e. the hardware - sure Windows may be streaming videos of you sleeping home to microsoft, and that may be why it’s killing your battery, but let’s try turning off location instead? Or maybe finding a service to kill?

But here’s what I’ll do - I’ll put the V to sleep tonight at 100%, turn off the option to hibernate after 2hrs, and report back with what happens. I have a crapload of drivers and stuff pinging everybody and their mom so this should be exciting.


@Mike : I’ve contacted support. On Saturday after telling them what i’ve followed in the forums to try to solve it and then indicating I would just resort to a reset, I was told I would be followed up with on Sunday, no one followed up. I’m now on day 5 with a continuing non-functioning Windows OS on a nice piece of hardware which leave me mostly with a black obolisk to talk to people about but not use. Unfortunately, doing a Windows reset, has still brought it back into this state where it gets hung up on installing updates from December. Since no expectations for support have been set (hours, turn around times, what can expect of them), I’m left with no expectations. That’s my V exerience; definitely not Victory, you can have the cute poster back, I just want a computer that works.

WiFi drains a lot of power, about a third of what the monitor uses in terms of power which varies when you dim the monitor to 30%. If your WiFi remains on even through sleep, then that’s what is draining your battery. Windows leaves the WiFi on during sleep on purpose for obvious reasons I stated earlier but there are simple methods to turning it off in the advanced power settings and also with simple scripts.

I am curious to hear more results of your testing. I hope your issue gets resolved soon :slight_smile:

Edit: It does sound like it might be a combination of a defective battery (lower capacity maybe due to damaged cells) and some hardware specs leeching power during sleep mode. My guess is that turning off the WiFi during sleep helps sustain battery run time due to less leeching but your battery capacity might be lower than the factory specs…I could be wrong though.

So I’ve found the damnedest thing out by accident and wanted to try it a few times before reporting in. I left my charger at work last week and the was my first (currently only) Type C-PD so although I can charge my phone from my laptop charger the reverse doesn’t hold true (I knew and didn’t try) meant I had no charger. My girlfriend reminded me of our couple of “universal chargers” but the new Power Delivery is basically replacing that so they were no good, maybe if I had a Type C adapter but I wasn’t going to blow up my PC trying over a night missed of power. At work I joked about my problem and IT gave me a Apple Charger for work; it’s 29W14.5V x 2A and it worked great. The “accident” that happened is my battery lasts noticeably longer when it’s charged slower. I’ve tried tasking the PC while charging with both charger as well as off and light usage; the results were the same. Every time my V was charged with the Apple 29W charger my battery life was better. Even though my results are improving, it raises a couple more questions again; can I change the charge rate of higher inputs like the OE/Eve charger, is this abnormal and maybe I do have a bad charging circuit?


This is something interesting! In long term it would make sense, but immediate results?

Perhaps, hopefully more people can test this. If true, it would be nice if there was an option somewhere (the UEFI I assume) for slow-charge only.

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Interesting find, would you be so kind to go through the trouble of getting some numbers?
Apple charger VS V charger:

  • How long does it take to charge zero to full?
  • How much difference is there in the battery life?
  • Battery temperature during charging?

The battery is definitely cooling during charging and maintaining level. Not sure how to calculate/view the actual temperature though. I have a non-contact thermometer, but it’s manual I can’t log it consistently.

The other 2 sure!

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Interesting observation!

Is there a way to check that the battery isn’t getting better naturally as a result of the system bedding down? e.g. did you subsequently charge it with the supplied V charger and the battery life was worse?

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Yes, I’m going to bring the Apple Charger home to help with some further testing but I had been using the Apple Charger exclusively at work and the OE charger exclusively at home so I have been comparing every day.

Maybe you use the laptop differently at work and at home and that is the reason for the difference in battery life. It seems impossiible to me that battery life would be affected by the charger - it’s affected only by the battery capacity when you disconnect from the mains and the discharge rate when you are using it on battery.

Great findings! :smiley:

Maybe it’s true “One Apple (charger) a day, keeps doctor away”. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: