Latest Updates: Shipping Timeline, Screen Calibration and more


Crazy, huh? She has been at it with MobileTechReview since around or before 2000, when Palm OS, Palm Pilot, Windows CE, and Pocket PCs were still a thing. Since mobile has long moved on from PDAs to now smartphones, she has since branched out into tablets and laptops. I still remember when she first reviewed the Dell Axim X50V, arguably one of the last great class-leading Pocket PCs of the early 2000s. For what it lacked in a capacitive touch display, its other specs which were many years ahead of its time more than made up for it. Released in 2004 (not 2014; typo fixed!), the Axim X50V had a VGA display (better than the first iPhone in 2007!), 128 MB ROM, 64 MB RAM, 624 MHz XScale processor, and an Intel 2700G dedicated GPU–underwhelming now, eye-popping amazing then. And now, tech has moved light-years since that time, and it would be great to see her do an awesome comprehensive review on the Eve V.


I don’t know the exact years, but 2014 can’t be right :smiley:


We don’t have “official” benchmarks yet, however what we have is my nice little performance report - and I think that already shows up that the V is exchanging blows with the Surface lineup :wink:

So while not official (as it’s not the final unit and the numbers might shift around a bunch) it’s already showing that the Core M is not what it used to be in the 5th generation when they introduced it :wink:


Was the bug fix report published yet? I tried finding it, but didn’t see it.

Thanks for your hard work.


Short official update regarding @Mike’s Bug Report:
@Mike caught the flu and while he’s getting better that stalled the progress on the bug report - but what I can say that is that bugs have been pretty much melting left & right :slight_smile:


So he caught a bug whilst writing about bugs…


Some news about the shipment gives 3 round of the prototypes. If I remember correctly, they would be sent on 04/17


Thanks for the update. Successful squashing of bugs is a good thing. Hope he’s feeling better shortly.


Great idea, Lisa will provide an honest assessment. BUT, you have to be up front. Any grandiose claims that are not defensible will be used against you. Also an i5 or i7 should be provided. Since she will be looking at pricing against the competition and normally looks at i5 equipped hardware, the i5 should be adequate for review submission.

If you want to get on her radar screen, I suggest reaching out now to be slotted into a schedule.


@iKirin Yes please. Lisa is amazing.

One of the few reviewers that I trust.

Please send one to MobileTechReview.


Totally agree with sending Lisa a test unit. She not only do good video review, but also write quite comprehensive review on her website!


I totally agree with you! Lisa is an professional to the bone.
Maybe someone in the US are willing to lend her their machine for a test? I just offered my V to the biggest tech site here in Norway if they are interested. It was through their article about Eve that I found all of this.


You’re referring to the unit you purchased through IGG I suppose?
Just making sure, as the statement from Eve is all along that tech reviews will only be done once the backers have their units (so it does not sound very likely to send prototypes to the tech reviewers of certain media).


Plus is a bad idea to send a proto to a tech reviewer unless is almost final. And even then, only if the reviewer is explicitly told so and announces it on the review itself.

I personally refrain from any review of a hardware (software is another animal) that is not the final version.


Hello everyone, super excited that V is starting pilot production soon. It is only a matter of time b4 my Hyper bird will arrives at my door.
Does anyone know what shipping method will be use for the US?
I will be away for business and would like to contact the shipper to but a delivery hold until i get back.
Hoping when the time get closer to shipment, more info on shipper and tracking will be release.


DHL is mentioned as the shipping partner.


drop a line to as well perhaps?


Hey, it’s best, if you start a new thread under Knowledge Base and Business and payment and address the question with @Team to the Eve team! :slight_smile: then other people can see your question as well :wink:


I think its a great question for knowledge base :slight_smile:


That’s correct, it’s my own IGG unit of course :slight_smile: . I agree, a review of anything but the final product is just meaningless and simply wrong information.

(Btw they were very keen and will take me up on the offer if they can’t get a unit direct from Eve :slight_smile: ).