Latest Updates: Shipping Timeline, Screen Calibration and more


just excited with the news and no problems (still give a tollerance about the delay) … thanks konsta… but i hope that after this it will not get more delay again… since i’m planning to move to another country in the next few months :frowning: … Thanks! keep it up with the schedule pls… :slight_smile:


@Konstantinos I asked the following question before maybe the time was not ready before to answer:
How will you send the final batches out? Do we get it for europe destinations from a european hub? Just want to avoid discussion about a 1000€ device and taxes to be paid, because that was included in our perk. So i hope you will send via hub and offially pay the taxes ( no sending as a 50€ gift or prototype) to avoid problems as customs. Thanks for clarification


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they risk to be shipped with non canadian french keyboards :cry:


Yes as we have answered few times before your devices will come from EU warehouse if your shipping desitination withing the eu. So don’t worry about that :slight_smile:


Thanky you, must have overseen that. :grinning:


This is a great example of the Teams focus on delivering an outstanding product. I am happy to have a few weeks delay.


This gives a good breakdown of the diversity of the Eve Community.


Humm… @Mike :eyes: ? :speaking_head: Mike !! :spy: Guys (@Team) where is Mike ? :joy:



C’mon give me that update :heart_eyes:


I’ve ordered Korean which I don’t see in the list.
Don’t think this list is 100% accurate.


@Bruno_Yoon that’s just a subsection of the full order list not to worry


Great news, keep up the good work. Just as many others have stated, I would much rather have a unit that works right without bugs and is a few days late than a unit on time that is buggy and frustrating.


@Konstantinos When will there be “official” benchmarks made by eve to say byebye to the “my SP4 is much faster than this fake-i7 device”- guys. This is the last joker they have…


^This. @Team: If you do not address this common misconception with authentic official benchmarks, potential buyers will automatically dismiss this as yet another fanless, throttling mess like all the other Core M tablets. You should even run some head-to-heads, like showing a time-lapse video of both the Surface Pro 4 and the Eve V, side by side, running various benchmarks. Of these benchmarks, most importantly post a time-lapse sequence of a battery test showing the Surface Pro 4 losing; now, that should garner some viral attention–and trigger some Microsoft Surface fanboys :smile: . I strongly suggest contacting Lisa Gade at MobileTechReview to see if she, as a third party (to eliminate the perception of any bias), could maybe do this for you. Unlike many tech reviewers, Lisa is very approachable, completely fair and unbiased, extremely knowledgeable (she knows practically everything tablet-wise straight off the top of her head and can rattle it off in mere seconds), and she has over half a million subscribers on YouTube.


Not only official, but in wich conditions they were made too.
And if possible repeat them with the same conditions that were used by each manufacturer with their own device. that way no one can claim foul play.


If we get a third party like Lisa Gade at MobileTechReview to do this, this eliminates the concern of foul play entirely. No backers and no Eve company employees would then be involved at all who could be possibly seen as having any “skin in the game,” so making this very objective. Lisa is well-liked by her followers primarily because you always know she is giving you the straight facts without the typical Apple/Microsoft media filter and scary smart about tech with two decades of experience. For example, she is one of the few professional reviewers out there that actually gave a nod to the Cube tablets when they came out, and actually raved about them. Imagine her doing a review like this but for the Eve V:


Eve team has said that after they have sent all the units to the backers, they will send some units to reviewers. Backers are the first priority and after that reviewers will definitely get their hands to the V.


Now I know who you are talking about!! I did have one of those tablets thanks to her review… XD