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But @pauliunas had a prototype. As far as I know there shouldn’t be any problems with customs for the final devices.


Agreed - I’m sure the customs folks in his city were just stoked to see a real working V :smile:


also, (at least for Canada) the V’s will be shipped to a warehouse first - then distributed from there - so by the time they reach us they will have cleared customs.


It’s not about relaxing customs and such, it’s more about timing on my end. If not all paperwork is in a database to proof that all duties are paid it might extend the timeframe it needs for processing. That was one of the lessons learned from the prototypes.

Thus, if it caused a delay I might already be on a trip which then conflicts with where it needs to be delivered.


Yes, the same should apply for the USA and the EU (and some other European countries, I believe).


I really appreciate the effort youre making, and its really an amazing feat to have this level of a perfectionist. I guess only Apple and a couple other companies in this field would go this far in bringing a perfect device. (I would include Microsoft Surface, but their SP4 and SB launch unit were a bit disastrous)

As far as I know, none of us here is accusing you of intentionally lying. We are sorry if you feel that way.

I think some of us are just simply confused whether they will actually receive their device, but they do fully understand that it is simply what happens in a product development, especially from a startup. Its normal. Its the fact of life, and dont worry really, once again, none of us is accusing you of lying or being incompetent.

Anyway, the confusion of the shipment is quite understandable. It could be for technical reasons, such as if they’re about to move to another address/country. If you noticed, I changed my shipping address since I moved quite far away, thankfully its still within the same country, so its not that much of a big deal.

Another reason could be emotional, I have seen some of us were expecting to receive the V on their birthday. While, no doubt, that they understand your reasoning, there will still be a bit of disappointment. Consider this: your son/daughter/wife/husband promised that s/he will come to you next month, but later s/he has to postpone it since s/he just got a new job. You know its better for both of you, but deep down, you also got a bit of disappointment. Its a bit hard to explain, as it is from emotional point of view.

In my opinion, for future releases, I would prefer a more conservative prediction, and if the product can actually be finalized quickly, you can say “the product is actually finished, and we can actually ship it a week earlier than expected!”, and people are going to take it very positively. Otherwise, no changes to the shipping date need to be made.




I’m not sure if this the correct place for this post, however here goes!

I placed my order on the 23rd November for the Eve V i7 model with my address in Australia.

The money was deducted from my account on 20th of February 2017 .

I then became a member of this forum in the beginning, but as yet I don’t seem to have received an email from anybody advising me of the expected shipment date of my order. In fact I have not been advised what batch my order will be in.

I have been patient , and I am happy to wait. However I would like to know how I can find out approximately when I could expect to receive my order.

The reason for this is that I am now in China (Qingdao area), and I will possibly be here for up to the next couple of months.

I just read above here in this forum that emails have been sent to those that will soon receive their orders, but I have no idea what batch I am in and as I said before have not received any emails about the shipping destination or date.

If my order is shipped when I am still in China, then obviously I would like to have it sent to me at my China residence.

Could someone please advise me the answers to these questions.

Thank you


Are you a Hyper Early bird or Limited?

Hyper Early Birds (the 500 first ones) will receive their devices beginning of May at the current timetable. AFter these 500 machines have been delivered, they wil start to make the Limited Early Birds which will take a about a month.

You have received the Backerkit email right where you locked down your device and addons etc? The Backerkit email that has been discussed is only for the Hyper Early birds whose orders are about to ship in 7th-10th of May


Thank you.

Will I be given the opportunity to change my delivery destination before shipping?

Am I to guess from your description that I should consider myself a “Limited Early Bird”?

That’s what I mean. I don’t believe that I have been advised of my status as an “X type Early Bird”

Thanks again


Actually that’s the description you chose for backing on the IndieGoGo campaign page, it still can be seen there:

You can also check your IndieGoGo contributions by logging in IndieGoGo and hover over your user name.
I’m a Hyper Early Bird backer, my contribution page looks like this:

There were only roughly 500 Hyper Early Bird quotas, these 500 backers made their full payment to IndieGoGo upon backing (i.e. $699/$959/$1399 for m3/i5/i7 model respectively).

According to my credit card statement, it was charged the full price in 21st/23rd November (transaction/post date, credited to IndieGoGo). The price included the $50 shipping (I’m still a bit :tired_face: about this).

The rest of the backers are “Reservation: Limited Birds”, which you immediately pay the reservation price ($199/$299/$399), and the rest via Backer Kit in late February. You were also allowed to get some extra stuff like adapters and plugs back then. Again, the dates were base on my credit card statement. It was credited to EVE directly this time. I had to pay because I got some accessories, some Hyper Early Birds might not have to pay at all.

Based on your description, since the majority of your payment happened in February, you seem to be a Limited Bird backer.

About the shipping address issue, you definitely would have a chance to change it.
Otherwise you can drop an email to or directly PM to @iKirin @Mike or anyone else in the team.
I’m sure they’ll handle it :slight_smile:


And just for future reference:
Usually a request like this would go to right now under the Business & Payment category to keep the community a bit more “clean” and sorted :slight_smile: but now worries, the layout here will be changed a lot in the upcoming weeks to make it easier to find these threads :slight_smile:

Edit: Can someone clear up what is the Limited Bird on IGG? maybe this small thread could also be interesting for you :wink:


Something from my side. I also worked for a company called OnePlus, perhaps you know this smartphone company. They had at the beginning also the same issues like Eve. If you are starting as a small company, you have first of all get all the connection to your partners and check if they are really doing what you want. So everybody wants to have just quality delivered parts. But this is just theory. The reality is a bit different compared to wishing what we want to have. I think Eve is doing all right. Managing all dates with parts is so difficult and really nobody can look into the future and can say, ah we do have a delay here, some quality problems there. They come up and they have to be resolves before you send out your product which is mirroring your company on the whole world. Or do you want to have a product like the new Samsung Note 7? If this failure happened to Eve, I don’t think it is easy for them for solving it, because they are not such a big company like Samsung :slight_smile: I am working for a car engineering company. The first ready cars you send out for the customer… OMG it is like a beta vehicle. Lot of things are not as you wanted to have. But the management is giving you a time line and that’s it. So I don’t wanna have beta status. I wanna have a finished product and Eve is doing this for us! I love their thinking and the way they are telling us all the problems in a open way,! So at the end we will be lucky with a professional tablet which is telling you, that some delays are sometimes the best ones :slight_smile:


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@inffy haha how are you :slight_smile: yes the boob time is over at Oneplus because they changed the way of thinking and treating their customer :slight_smile: so did you also order a eve v tablet?


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Yep, one of the Hyper early birds (i7 model :slight_smile: )

And then there is that Portugese guy …


Nice to see some old family around here :slight_smile: I also ordered the i7 model :slight_smile: hopefully we will have some nice eve’s in our hands soon :slight_smile:


True! It’s always good to see familiar faces around :wink:

Another Hyper Early Bird (i7 model) here too :grin: :heart_eyes: