Latest Updates: Shipping Timeline, Screen Calibration and more


Wow. I wasn’t aware of labour day turning into a whole week in China… Thanks for bringing attention to this issue. :slight_smile: (though I do hope the team was already aware, but maybe I’m just a bit naive :sweat_smile:)

The capslock key is overestimated though :wink:


Seems it’s just 1-day (or at most 2) holiday on May 1 for several years already. They usually have long week holiday in Jan/Feb for Lunar New Year and Oct for National Day only. So I guess there won’t be any great impact. :thinking:


Yeah thanks for bringing it up! Our partner has holidays from 1st to 3rd


I think a large part of the irateness comes from the adjustment of timescale, not so long ago there were at least a couple of us who were putting 2+2 together with regards to when the prototype testing finished and the seemingly short length of time between that and the shipping date and there was no adjustment and if i recall a confirmation that the week of the 24th was still expected.

Just seems odd that some of us outside of the development could see that coming a mile off and those within couldn’t :frowning:

It is what it is, my life will go on and I’ll have to put up with a heavily pregnant wife asking where that tablet I bought for loads of money is when i told her, February, then March, then April and so on and so on and so on.

First world problems at the end of the day, i just hope the product blows me away so I forget about the wait :slight_smile:


Well yeah, my friends keep telling I’m scammed by yet another IGG campaign :sweat_smile:


I agree with the general sentiment. A delay of a few weeks may annoy me for a few weeks, but a hardware issue in the V will annoy me for many years! I’d prefer to get the best possible device even if it is a little late - and the delays look minuscule compared to some of the other IGG campaigns I’ve seen.


I don’t mind the delay. As long that I get my V for June/July I’m happy. I prefer that they fix all the issue at the cost of a delay then to ship it on time but with an bug/ issue prone device. Look what Samsung did with the note 7. They rushed it and in the end it blowing up in their face (pun intended).


What will happen roughly 10 minutes after the V box arrives at your doorstep?
Whow what an jewel, it is there. All grudges and other time induced frustration will evaporate.
A year later: who remembers or who will be still frustrated about the delays?
All this is temporary stuff and should be treated as such. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In fact, we are all learning that serious testing / assembling/ and such stuff is nearly impossible to catch in an tight schedule: That is all we see now.

As the old man told me in that tiny village lost in the middle of the Gabonese rainforest (5 hour walk) : “You white people don’t know much about time, you only know your watch”. He was -and is- right. :innocent:


I appreciate your openness and want to make sure that my question earlier was not understood as a complaint, but rather as a concern. I’m open to all shipping dates which allow full correction of encountered issues with the product.

What I am concerned about is that if the V is shipped for my location (assuming that the hyper early ones will receive fastest shipping option) on May 10, it could reach the US 48-72 hours after that. Depending on whether there are issues with customs - which I for sure do not hope there are as I have never dealt with them here in the US - I should be receiving it prior to lets say May 15. That’s a safe date for me.
BUT, if there is only the slightest delay I see the timeline jeopardizing my plans (particularly with not being able to alter my address anymore further down the road). As I’ll be traveling to Europe starting on the 19th, so if it gets too close to that date I might ask for a “delay of my shipment until June” which I probably prefer over the package laying at the apartment company (or worse: in front of my apartment door, as I never know what the mailman will do) for a couple of weeks until I return.

Alternatively, I could come to Finland to pick it up :stuck_out_tongue: but I think that probably you guys are in China for the mass production and I want to avoid the higher taxes I have to pay for EU of course.

First, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that everything works our for the next steps Eve needs to take towards mass production. Keep up the spirit and good work!


that is two weeks more of delay…


@exialpho - I have similar problems - from morning May 19 I’m leaving Calgary (Canada) for 18 days hiking in Oregon.


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As one of the prototype testers I was able to, well, test hands-on if V is the snake oil or a piece of good hardware.
And it’s a piece of great hardware.
I absolutely understand people being grumpy because of the constant little delays. It’s a normal reaction to something that does not suit anyone, both Eve team and customers. It should not happen.
It did, though, for various reasons, some of which could be prevented, some - not. I know, as I was on board with a project delayed multiple times just to get things right. It’s never easy, it’s always necessary.

What I will say is that the project was simply ambitious for such little and fresh team. They were also ambitious with part that normally is deep in the shadow - about timelines. Not enough buffers in interlocked systems with many parts dependent on each other.
The good thing: next time they will know better. Good thing: they did not sacrifice much to deliver the product either way. Good thing: they tried to the best of their abilities to stay honest… even if they’ve put too much faith in the ability to get things right the first time.
Either way, I’m mostly happy about their choices. I’m not happy about the delays. It will make the sweetness sour a bit. But after using V and knowing that the final product will be even a bit better - I think the wait was simply worth it.


That is a fair and honest encouragement!


anybody knows anything about the i7 prototype shipping? looking forward to our meetup in ULM and there should be an i7 ?with a sleeve? maybe…


I just saw there will be a Swiss keyboard configuration available. Is that Swiss French or Swiss German. I’m a hyper early backer and opted for German keyboard when I placed my order as Swiss German wasn’t available. If Swiss German is now possible can I change my order?


Hey Dave
There is only one swiss layout for every language.
You should know that as a swiss guy :wink:.
Seriously I actuelly think that could be possible because those guys and grils are willing to help everyone!


@Xervaro Your right of course only one Swiss keyboard layout. I wanted to avoid changing my order hoping for a Swiss Keyboard and getting a French AZERTY keyboard. I’ve PM’d Mike to see if they can change my order. With deliveries delayed by a few more days I’m hoping they can.


Guys and girls wow you are all must be extremely anxious to get your V, same as myself. :slight_smile:
Actually some of us have been here for so long that it feels like an eternity LOL
During the meet up in NYC I’ve had a chance to play with the V and I can too report that it was amazing and totally worth the wait. Kudos to @Team for pulling off such an ambicious project!!!
This final homerun for the team and they are working day and night to make this perfect. Many of you simply cannot imagine how many moving pieces these guys & girls are handling with such a small team. I know it sucks having to wait longer (and trust me I know it’s painful as I am awaiting 3x V) but this is one of those cases where those who wait get rewarded! I say lets all stay supportive and gift our patience to the team as they are pulling one incredible feat!


basically that’s exactly what I was clarifying to @Phil :wink: