Latest Updates: Shipping Timeline, Screen Calibration and more


So, I changed delivery to my office … But still hoping to get EVE V before May 18 so I can take it with me for the trip.


Super stuff - Love the individual screen calibration.

Although another couple of weeks - as previously better right than rushed and contributes to the Eve V USP and the Eve-Tech ethos (just to ensure I keep @pauliunas happy re Eve and V :imp:)


If shipping for the limited bird batch is 20thMay I will be fine


Great news indeed. I’m seriously hoping for to be in the first 500 as it’s a long way down to Oz especially if my V is shipping surface, hoping for air though or it’ll be late June or July before it’s in my very eager little hands :sweat:


Congrats and can’t wait to see this sweet baby coming :heart_eyes:

Haha, will I be one of the first hyper birds to receive it as I’m pretty close to Shenzhen? :imp:


Looking forward to making a head-to-head comparison of m y Hyper Early Bird i7 V to my I7 Surface Pro 4! Very excited!!!


This is very exciting for all of us, the V is living proof that a commnumity-designed device is indeed possible and it’s nice to finally see that the effort of @Team and Eve.Community has finally paid off :grinning:


So, I look forward to receiving my V sometime June. Awesome. Cheers, Andy


I’ve got to say I’m moderately irate about the delay, you must have known a while ago that the 24th wasn’t achievable, I’m hoping I’ll be happy when it arrives because my patience has unfortunately worn a bit thin, isn’t this about 3 months after due date? Maybe 2 and a half?

Hey ho, prepares to be a pariah based on community hive mind protective responses

Won’t even be enjoying this on the 4th of may which is my birthday :confused:


I’m excited about getting firm shipping dates. I also agree that even a week ago, we were informed the 24th was still on track. Which, in my mind, meant shipping on the 24th. So, I have mixed feelings…excitement about the update, but also disappointment on how it was shared and the additional (perceived) delay.


I am also a little disappointed… but what can you do. From one delay to another but hey…just a few days more no problem for me.
So they can quality check everything and deliver a great product


Well, I’d like to think we aren’t really a hive-mind :wink:, and definitely I hear your frustration. It is aggravating because we all want to see this come together ASAP. I have yet to find a crowd-funded project that ships on time, so it gets tiring a bit. To top it off, it did feel misleading/almost corporate in the way that the old deadline was talked about (ie it would still be on track), but if that’s the worst thing they do, I’m not going to hold it against them. And they hopefully will also learn from this, to minimize it happening this way again.

While Eve may not be perfect, for the given situation I personally am fine to wait over getting a rushed product (also a trend that some crowd-funded projects have); Eve’s openness has been a real asset in my mind. Seeing how well this process of testing has been clearing up bugs that I otherwise would be dealing with right now, I have become more alright about letting the team make sure that everything is squared away (at least on the hardware/firmware side). I wouldn’t want to drop this money and end up with some of the disasters/horror stories that occurred with the SP4 and Surface Book at launch!


If I recall correctly, @Konstantinos was always stating the WEEK of 24th. They wanted to start assembling the units on 24th, and then ship 2-3 days later. So this part starts exactly as planned (on 24th), I guess the procedure around the mini-mass-production got on top of it and was not calculated with before. To be fair the team is still quite new to the business, therefore such things happen. So in summary, its still a delay, but not as much (just about that 10 days for the mini series) :slight_smile:
Nonetheless I’m very happy for the team, they managed to pull it off quite well! And the device will be just awesome!

But now I’m also getting a little bit worried about the fact that my V will not arrive before I’m traveling start of June (I’m only a Limited Bird backer), as I was was planning to use it (battery life!) to write on my thesis… And the matter got a bit more urgent as my (old) laptop battery died some days ago :frowning:


I can totally understand you guys. It’s hard to explain but we get even more frustrated everytime there is a delay. We just can’t ship you product that is not the best we can make it!

To be frank the main reasons for this delays is that we are pushing boundaries of what was done before in the level of performance and design with this project. And sometimes you just really can’t know that there might be a small delay. A lot of companies are participating in this project and it is impossible impossible where delay would come from.

The main challenge is that it hard to know when all of the issues are resolved because there is no way to know how long fixing a problem will take before it is actually resolved.

Oftentimes we start fixing one problem and then it appears that something absolutely else was causing it and then we need to talk to whole bunch of vendors to fix it.

I mean think about it. If for example our speakers are not loud enough. What can we do with our team? Well we can see that we followed implementation guidelines and that actual hardware component is the correct one. So to fix the problem we first need to talk to speaker echo chamber vendor and see what they think they will tell the problem is with. That vendor will tell that it’s the speaker vendor problem in our case ACL, Then after providing samples to ACL (their officei is another city in China) we wait for them to analyze the root cause. Then it appears that it’s An issues with Realtek codec. Then Realtec starts fixing the problem through firmware update but during this process we discover that acoustic chambers are not properly aligned during assembly. Then we go to housing supplier with our mechanical engineers and start making changes to the housing. And then it goes on and on and on :slight_smile: That’s why big companies oftentimes ship garbage products. Simply because it takes too much time and money to resolve small issues tat are crucial for good product experience.

And now the question comes, how can you estimate how much time a simple problem of speaker not producing good enough sound could be fixed? And what options do you have if you promised your customers certain delivery date.

I guess you have 2 options:

  1. Stick to the timeline and ship the product with the issue hoping that during next project it wont happen again

  2. Fix it but risk people not understanding delay and telling you are intentionally lying, etc.

We had issues like this all the time and they never come alone. There are multiple problems at the same time.

So my point with this long message is that we never want to delay our shipment for any reason but when it happens it means we made a decision to delay instead of shipping you a product that you could buy in any electronics store :slight_smile:


Well-put, Konsta! Thanks a ton for this!

Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for my V!


Thanks for the long write-up @Konstantinos, I agree with you 100% that fixing the issues is the most important thing, regardless of if it leads to small delays!


Same here - I’m a bit frustrated that I’ve got to wait even longer but I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again if necessary. I’d rather wait for a quality product than get a rubbish one now.


The trick is to find the balance between shipping out a nearly flawless product and correcting tiny issues forever.
It’s always impact of an issue vs. timespan of delay to get it fixed.
And to fix the last 5% will cost more time.

But as far as I can see and how (relatively) small the delays are it looks like eve finds the right balance.


Yep, exactly! Currently our focus is to fix all of the issues that are not solvable by software update over the air. We will make sure to keep updating V as it is shipped!


Excuse me from the negative reply, but, Eve team, starting from1st may is the LABOR DAY( I should say WEEK), have you communicated with the factory that there are sufficient tech guys to prevent any malfunction in the production line?

The opinion is based on ANY delay from 24apr. If you cannot fix the problem and deliver the device before 1st of May. I expect the device to be further delayed.

IF that’s the case, which I hope not, legitimacy of Eve, a company, will be hit.

(Before all of you pointing fingers at me, I’m just reminding the team to be conscious to the labor week of China, which may cause further delay if any missteps occur in th production line)