Latest Updates: Shipping Timeline, Screen Calibration and more


I think the OP should be updated to make the delay in the shipping date clearer. Also, the pinned post at the top of each page still states:

First batch of Vs, hyper early birds, is estimated to ship last week of April. Starting April 24th.


When will you send out the reviewer units of the V?
Will there be a poll to choose which reviewer will get one?



We will send them out together with Hyper Early birds! And we will most definitely discuss with you guys what reviewers we should reach out too.


No no, don’t worry those will go to some reviewers probably :slight_smile:


Surprised to see that the majority of sales are from the i7 version.
M3 sales pale in comparison.


@Konstantinos While I am very happy to see that the end (or the beginning :smile: ) is near, the overall delay is bringing me a big issue…

I am a Limited bird, means that shipment would occur, maybe, by June 7th if everything is confirmed. Problem is that around the same time I will have to go oversea for a long period (months). I have thus almost no chance to receive my V on time.
I have tried to change the shipping address, however country cannot be changed (I guess it is logic since there were some extra costs to it).

How shall I do?


Send Konsta a private message with the new address, he can change it.


Exactly! Send it to me and I ll do it!


I was excited when I got the email but then I realized I am order 651 :frowning: lol Looking forward to the first 500 reviews!


There is a difference between your backerkit number and your pledge you are listed in. If you are a hyper early bird, you get one of the first 500…


You’re the! :slight_smile:


Those are all having too much money. Only you and me and another 48 ordered the m3. BUT Man, we are not boiling our laps:joy:


Why would the i7 boil your lap?


Not with heat pipes at least, :smiley:


Boiling your laps? Why? If you use it with the kickstand, it doesn’t really touch your lap :slight_smile: And even if it does, the heat with o5 is barely noticeable. I’d say i7 should be very similar.


It was a joke, because the i7 usually gets hotter (and I didn’t get the i7 just because I can’t afford it, not because I didn’t want it ;-))
@Konstantinos Do one have to mount heatpipes on ones lap so not to get hurt by the heat of the i7? :joy::joy::joy:


If you do so, you would actually feel more heat :stuck_out_tongue: Heatpipes are made to conduct heat, not isolate it :slight_smile:


By the way, I’m getting an i5 version :joy:


Great update ! :slight_smile: the final miles are very close ^^


I’m so exicted :smiley: