Latest Updates: Shipping Timeline, Screen Calibration and more


woo woo! awesome news, a very happy birthday boy I will be :smiley: best of luck in China!


Great update @Konstantinos! Has the factory done the screen protector run or coming up soon? Will it work as flawlessly with the pen as no protector?

It’s been kinda quiet in the bugs category…Either the testers haven’t found any or haven’t had a chance to do much! Should there be more reported issues with the dvt3 units, does it hinder your estimated timeline much?


Und ein Vergnügen erwarten, ist auch ein Vergnügen.
L’attesa del piacere è essa stessa il piacere.
To await a pleasure, is itself a pleasure.

These are AWESOME news! :smiley:
I am looking forward (and daydreaming about) those “batches of let’s say 500 units”! :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks:

Seriously, am i alone feeling excited at the thought of five hundred V’s in the same place at the same time ready to be shipped in a few more weeks?!?! :heart_eyes:


Congrats on getting the SSDs and FCC Certification! I’m looking forward to receiving my V. I am hoping for a more accurate and up-to-date timeline though…:slight_smile:


Being one of the hyper early bird I am super excited to hear this news. Best of luck to the @Team as they start towards most important time of production


Thanks for this awesome update. I can’t wait to have my V. Really congratulation for getting those SSD and also the FCC certification. It’s really good to hear :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:.


The team’s persistence in producing an outstanding device is really to be applauded. Thanks to all for your hard work!


Pretty disappointed …
I was hoping for shipping in April 24 (hyper early bird) as I will be travelling from May 19 for 3 weeks and nobody will be home to pick up package … In this case what should I do (there will be no fix address as we are going to hike and camp in Oregon)?


This maybe not the right thread but how far is the production and test of localised keyboards?
Will they be definitely included in the shipment of the hyper early birds?


Of course the keyboards will be sent with a chosen language


Yep they totally will! Just confirmed the exact breakdown for the laser machine.
Below you can see why production with some many layouts is challenging :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update, @Konstantinos, this explains the surprise address validation email earlier today. (It was a great update, and those SSDs are lookin’ great!). Cheers buddy!


Only two (2) orders for US keyboards?! :no_mouth:


Oh there is also “Default” one :slight_smile:


difference between default and US?


I’m guessing default = US ANSI; and US = US ISO


They are same :slight_smile: It’s just people who ordered additional keyboard had to select the layout as there was no default


I only see one spanish keyboard, and is for an m3… So is not mine… :disappointed:


Ok guys I guess it is a bit off topic. This is for a smaller batch of 400 units so I just took a screen cap. Everyone’s keyboards were considered :smiley:


What’ll be done with the first 50 units, (the mini mass production ones)?
Dont tell that’ll be the m3 ones to be delivered as hyper early birds. Incidentely it is the same amount beeing ordered for m3 hyper early bird modells :fearful: