Latest Updates: Shipping Timeline, Screen Calibration and more


Who wouldn’t be? :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it bad that this is so lame and yet…I’m laughing :yum:


I was actually hoping someone would reply with if it was a known bug or a new bug that got him.

Puns for days


I’d still suggest clearing it with the Team first, because as mentioned earlier, reviewers are usually given some more info/talking points.


^This. Companies always make sure they send their reviewers their golden, final production model and typically furnish them with a document containing a bulleted list of suggested points to cover in the reviews they will be authoring. Loaning out a pre-production model or prototype, more prone to problems, to a reviewer is not an accurate representative of the experience consumers deserve or expect in unboxing and running a production model V. As such, the heightened risk of widely published negative impressions prior to release could easily set a negative tone for the V’s public reception in going forward.


It’s his final hyper early bird V that he wants to give to them. It’s not a prototype. And while I’m in no position to judge, IMO he can do whatever he wants with the things he bought…


Totally - you only have to look at the anxiety having prototype testing results being seen by customers to know that sending out unfinished kit for review is a bad idea.


hahaahah sorry, my wit wasnt as snappy unfortunately. i like it, keep em coming hahaahah


Good luck with the mini production today.


Shhh! Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet. They Huntin’ V-abbits!

The forums today are almost dead, like everyone holding their breath… It is the silence before the storm.

Don’t Jinx it!



In my IndieGoGo contribution page i see a different thing from the backerkit.

On the backerkit i have this:

with a list of all the Add-ons i bought and i paid for on 31 Jan 17

but on my IndieGoGo Contribution page i can only see my initial perk that i paid in November that it was only my deposit

I will thought that I will see my whole lot on the IndieGoGo contribution page? Also cannot see anywhere if i am a limitted bird or a Hyper bird, though I hope I am a bird of some kind :joy:


You are a limited bird! Basically people who did not pay the full price immediately are limited birds a.k.a second batch.

Also Backer kit has your actual order details. As it is not possible to synch it with Indiegogo.

Thanks for asking!


Thanks Konstantinos, I am glad i have the answer as iwas thinking that I may have forgotten to do something! Anyway, I don’t mind about thedelay for delivery, i am sure you guys are doing a good job, but i think itshould be communicated a bit better as i had to go through 192 messages to get an idea of what was going on and discover the new delivery dates.
A message to the backers explainingthe change of dates will be nice and it is not too much work, or maybe you havedone it and I missed it?
All the bestInma


We have noticed in the past that the people who are not participating as much in the forums were missing out on some important data, like the shipping date estimates. To fix this we’ve added a banner to the top of the forums that should show for all users, with a link to a post combining the most popular threads and an estimate of the current shipping timeline.

If you don’t have a lot of spare time to spend on, just keep an eye on that grey banner at the top, and you should be up to date on the most important things!


Is there anything new about the mini mass production?


Helios - Very kind of you to think of us!


@Konstantinos is working on the post for the mini mass production! He’s finalizing it & waiting for some pictures so after he receives those the post should go up :slight_smile:


Shipping is quite near of the final V for the hyper early bird batch. And i am really exited to be part of the process.:grinning:

So, could you please give an overview:

  1. what of the found bugs will be solved and what is still open and may be used to be solved via softwareupdates later? I do remember e.g. the noise issue if you use a headset and there were others as well.
  2. Could you also please state that the hyper early birds dont get a more buggy (hardware) V model than the other batches later? You could imagine that we/the hyper early bird wants to have the same good quality V than the later batches. Please dont get that wrong, I just not have seen a statement for that so far. If that final quality is not guaranteed you should take better more time and fix to give us the final quality. So time for the hyper early bird is a point but not for less quality.

Thanks for your answers of 1 and 2.


I can answer you number two: Hyper early birds get the same finished device as all the other backers and buyers :slight_smile:


I think its unavoidable for an early adopter to get that, its happening everywhere. Manufacturer makes small revisions all the time and you cant blame them for doing that, its for everybody’s goods. If there is a flaw, however, I think the warranty will cover that.