Latest Updates: Shipping Timeline, Screen Calibration and more


Hello Community!

It’s time for the latest updates from our frontlines!

##1. V’s coming your way…Soon!

Most of the components needed for production are in our warehouse already.:champagne:

Intel 600p SSDs, component we were most worried about, have arrived as well. Don’t take my word for it! See it yourself :smiley:

A lot of SSDs can fit in those boxes

Packaging and housings are arriving next week! :checkered_flag:

Thanks to prototype testers feedback we were able to speed up the bug hunt and development process. @Mike is writing update regarding latest fixes later today.

We are moving at a very good pace and we are starting our first pilot production run at the actual factory floor on 25th of April!

Previously all of the units were hand assembled in prototype assembly room. Now we will go to the factory floor and make an actual production run of 50 devices, call it mini mass production.

The goal of this small production run is to test if there are any potential hiccups during manufacturing process. By having small production run first we will ensure that the rest of first batch devices would come off the assembly line without any problems and would not have to be reassembled or produced again.

During mini mass production we:

  • want to make sure that we use the optimal assembly process so that no screen, housing or other part gets scratched or damaged during assembly.
  • will run our first round of on site screen factory calibrations
  • will test the incoming quality check and outgoing quality check process (we want to make sure that no faulty device leaves factory floor so we will test each one of them before shipping to you)
  • will run a lot of other assembly tests

This stage will take us around 10 days and then assembly of the remaining units will take 2-3 days more after which they will be immediately shipped.
I will of course be in China together with most of our team during the production of the first batch of V’s and will make sure to keep you updated. I am not coming back before V’s are shipped to you!

We will start production of second batch of units immediately after first batch is produced. Second batch production is as before planned to be done in 30 days. We are considering splitting up production runs for the 2nd batch so like producing 500 devices first and shipping them 2 weeks after the first batch, making 500 more and shipping them few days later and so on before all 2000 devices are produced. This would help us to ship part of the limited birds faster than in 30 days! The exact timeline of the second batch will become clear after the first batch is produced.

##2. Shipping addresses will be locked in 48 hours!

As we are preparing to enter all the order details into our shipping partner system you have 48 Hours to change your address in Backerkit. We have also sent you a notification email about it!

##2. Each screen will be calibrated individually at the factory floor! :mountain_snow:

We want to make sure that all of the Vs have as close to amazing colors as possible. In order to do that we have partnered with the US based company Portrait Displays that has been in the business for years. Each an every V will follow standard we discussed in the community and we hope will be one of the most colorful displays out there!

This little buddies will be used on production line to make sure each and every V leaving factory floor will follow our color calibration requirements.

You can see our color performance here:

##3. Certifications

We got good news here too! We have passed most of the tests now and just received FCC certificate

##4. Sleeves

Sleeves are in production now and are looking great. We have shipped sleeves to one of our community prototype testers and he will soon (this week :slight_smile: ) will share his thoughts on sleeves as well as pictures!

##5. Prototypes

Last but not least few words on prototypes! First we would really like to thank all of the participants of the prototype testing program as we were able to find and resolve a lot of issues without having to wait to ship the product!

Most of the prototype units have been already shipped and received by community members. So far we’ve seen reviews of DVT1 and DVT2 prototypes. We are shipping few more DVT3 (final hardware) prototypes this week. Prototype testing is especially great for eliminating software and firmware related issues so make sure to keep posting your bug reports and general thoughts about them!

[28.04.17] Mini mass production results + Shipping schedule
Community Digest 06.05
Community Digest. [Latest Update 21.04]
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Latest progress and updates 20.12

So shipping will start around two to three weeks later then scheduled till now, correct?
(No offence, just verification of information)

Start of test production (50 units): 25th
End of tests (+10 days): 5th
Start of mass production: 6th
Start of shipping: 7th to 10th (has to be shipped to shipping partner first)

BTW. Congrats on receiving certification :slight_smile:


@Konstantinos just making sure I get this right… April 24th the final production test will begin, ten plus a couple of days later the units will be shipped?
I am travelling starting May 19th, I don’t really know how to lock in my shipping address without having a firmly estimated date of arrival. Plus, I don’t want a shipment to Europe to avoid increase in S&H&Tax…

(I see @s.auler was faster with roughly the same question)


I guess so :slight_smile: I was worried first since I just changed the country (with a little trouble ;)), but with the new schedule I’m back at the changed address again :smiley: so, everything is perfect for me :smiley:


Congrats on the progress, @Konstantinos. [Removed remainder of my original post to avoid confusion] - thanks for the clarification @mulenga


Fingers crossed to be part of the first 500 units shipment of the second batch😍 hope to see some more impressions of the V2 prototype if they have been shipped, by now only official team members have shared them


no, it’s the 500 units for Hyper Early Bird (first batch) that will be shipped 7-10 May. The 500 two weeks later are already for the Limited Birds (second batch)… :smiley:

(This stage being the 50 units test production run)

edit: added the batches for easier understanding, just to be sure :sweat_smile:

edit for @Fernando_Merino: That means two more weeks of delay for the first as well as for at least a part of the second batch. :wink:


I am getting excited now!
I signed up for a “Reserve Eve V i7 Limited Bird” and will be travelling between 28th April and 15th May.
What’s the current shipping estimate for this batch?

P.S.Located in USA


Awesome @Konstantinos. Good to see things progressing.

@Team Can we make a new post and pin it on forum in regards to Shipping Addresses being locked in 48h? Just to make sure no one misses it?


Everyone should have received email from Backerkit


Limited Bird is second batch, so you wouldn’t expect them to be shipped before 20th May :wink:

edit: you can’t now the exact date by now though, as they plan to split the second batch into two shipments that are 2 weeks apart.
@Konstantinos Maybe there can be a possibility to clearly determine who is planned to be in the first half and who in the second half once it gets relevant, in case this is troubling more customers. :slight_smile:


I understand @Konstantinos this way: Earliest shipping day for the Hyper early birds is Monday 08.05.2017. Right? Prototypes needed 4 or 5 days for fastest delivery. First V owners could be happy at Friday 12.05.2017…


@Konstantinos said, he is currently writing a post with some clarification regarding the shipping timeline. So we will know more in a few minutes.


replying mine with a “yes” could be faster…


well… if it were to cover the full shipping timeline and not only for the first batch, that is… :wink:


Hoping to be in that batch too :sweat_smile:


But not as obvious to everybody as a new or updated post :stuck_out_tongue: and what’s the hurry anyways :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for asking and sorry for taking a while to respond. @mulenga has put it quite well!

So basically provided mini production of 50 units goes well we will assemble Hyper Early Bird devices (500 more) around May 7th shipping on May 10th (to stay on the safe side)

After seeing how the first production went we will either assemble all of the 2000 remaining Limited Bird devices in one go, meaning 30 days from Hyper early bird assembly


We will start producing them in batches of let’s say 500 units stating 2 weeks from Hyper Early bird assembly.

Let me know if it clears things up :slight_smile:


@Konstantinos I’m one of the Hyper-Early-Bird backers, the stars are starting to align… what do you think the chances are of me getting my V on my birthday (13th May) in Ireland? :smiley:


Actually very high! :smiley: They are! We’ve been waiting for this moment for ages. Really cant wait to ship you perfect device dudes!