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RE: PayPal Freezing Of Account:

I had the same problem, as I use my PayPal account extremely infrequently…

I attempted to transfer $458 to a V seller to cover their initial crowdfunding puchase of their V.

I called PayPal, and they advised that the large amount ($458) triggered the freeze.

Their solution: Send two payments, one for $200, one for $258.

This worked.

That’s 5000 $200 payments for the million bucks or so you need; can one of your programmers design something to do that?


It’s a different problem here. You weren’t cleared to transfer big amounts, I guess. Their whole account is blocked. Nothing can get out (or in?).


My entire PP account WAS frozen. Obviously a smaller dollar amount. I’m not a fan of PP.

Does EVE have a legal team on this?


We simply should threaten PayPal in cancelling all our accounts, if EVEs account stays closed. That’ll be the most effective way.


Ha ! Ask Paulinas the same question. I was asking one time about bench marking the whole device…his answers was there is not such thing. Now, you are saying such thing does exist.
“We should be looking at how it performs under normal conditions, e.g. copying tiny amounts of data all the time, jumping from idle back to work very often, like it does when using an OS installed on it.” How in the world I am going to test by only using “tiny amounts of data”? How is this normal conditions? May be for him…and you can’t build a machine of this type just thinking on “normal conditions” if you want to compete with the Surface.
Now, going back to the Ferrari analogy. If it gets stuck on traffic, that is another test in how the car behaves on a traffic jam, idling. To your point…a comprehensive test is needed. no just a “normal condition” type of test.


Ffs, I don’t think so. They probably don’t really care about so few users :wink:


He is NOT talking about any benchmarks. I’m not sure where you got that from. By the way, my name has a letter U in it.
Reading tiny amounts of data, that IS the normal conditions because that’s what the OS does over 90% of the time. It doesn’t copy 100GB files back and forth the whole day. It just reads a couple kilobytes or megabytes and then proceeds with what it’s doing. But that takes time, as our processor does not have unlimited speed. So, it reads a tiny amount of data, waits until the CPU finishes its work and reads some more data. That’s how it works. And even if YOU are copying huge files all day, that is a very niche use case and it does not apply to the majority.

Oh, and I love the ferrari illustration. You see, if a Ferrari is stuck in a traffic jam, it’s not completely idle. It moves a couple meters and then stops. And then moves a couple more meters. That’s EXACTLY what our SSD will be doing because it will need to wait for other components. And that’s EXACTLY what sort of benchmark I suggested before.



We were in thought of Indiegogo having all the money, which they would release after the campaign is finished. Well it turned out they will just create you paypal account instead - which was a surprise to say the least.

When Indiegogo was describing us their services, phrase “And (after the campaign) then we wire you the money”. Clearly this sales person did not understand the backend of their operation.

So in a way, indiegogo is also partly to blame because they didn’t tell us the truth originally - which led to this nasty situation with paypal.

If things continue like this with Paypal, we might consider persuading buyers to use another form of payment.


Hello! We wanted to do it, and would have, but unfortunately this is not technically possible due to the construct of our kn backlight unit.

Did you hear about the news that we implemented FN lock and the keyboard flashes all keys yellow twice when putting it on, once for off?


Is the keyboard backlight programmable and with multicolour leds? Heheh.


So dudes here’s the deal:

We changed to 2280 form factor.

The logic was this: 2242 was super tight on supply and prevented us from upgrading our SSD to better performing ones. There was not many 2242 SSDs out there and while I questioned our motherboard supplier about the end of life risks, they seemed quite big (the SSD we had, which already was hard to find, was about to EOL Q3 2017).

First we got unlucky. Our current battery supplier at the time suddenly announced that their capacity would be 46WH instead of 48WH. We were terrified. In combination to that we’d be looking at another reduction of 2WH to a total of 44WH if we wanted to increase the space for 2280 SSDs, which would be more abundant and have more options available.

This was simply unacceptable in terms of the battery.

But then we got a bit “lucky”. We’d previously engaged a top tier battery vendor to supply us batteries, however this vendor had declined to do business with us because of seemingly suspicious claims of being able to reach certain sales quantities.

However after our Indiegogo campaign was launched, news traveled quickly and we re-engaged them with our motherboard vendor. They were able to quote us a smaller battery but with the original 48WH capacity, as specified. The size gave us an opportunity of getting to 2280 form factor AND have the original capacity, being a big “two on one strike” win for us.

Exactly, the selling points. At the time the community in its form was largely discussing about having PCIE SSD instead of m2 SATA as well as NVMe.

Also good thing to understand is that the new SSD is not only faster, but more expensive. Why it matters? Because we upgraded it to all buyers for free.

We can freely discuss about changing the SSDs for future batches, but for this batch we likely don’t have time to do it. :slight_smile:


Thanks for all this great info @Mike, however the big question many people had regarding the 600p SSD was it’s slightly higher than average power consumption. Compared to the previous 2242 SATA SSD you had chosen, would you say that this new PCIE SSD is not only faster but also consumes similar amounts of power, as in it doesn’t negatively impact the 10+ hours of battery life?


Hi Nahka. We’re looking into this matter. Our previous designs were m2 so probably it wont take the engineers a long time to pivot if shit hits the fan with P600.

The previous SSD was much slower and not 850 EVO tho, we had like 14-15 sec boot where its not around 9.5 sec.

But as said, we will look into this. I will make it my personal issue as of now.


Good to hear @Mike, looking at that boot time improvement I think you made the right choice!


That is a good Idea.


It’s nice to hear that you managed to get a larger SSD form factor. Maybe even 1TB that some people really wanted will be possible in the future?

But now, some people are saying that this Intel SSD you chose is very power hungry and that all the others are better. I personally don’t know. In fact I don’t really care. But if you were able to choose from all 2280 SSDs, why did you choose this particular one?


@iKirin did a lot of research on the matter and we concluded P600 was the best price to performance at the time. Remember we didn’t charge any extra from anyone :wink: we had to choose an SSD that wouldn’t make us bankrupt. OFC now we do have options to go for higher performing ones, even 960 Pro, but not with the same price points…


When you create your profile with Facebook account without knowing how small the profile picture will be…

I guess I really need to change my profile picture…I’m a guy with long hair…


That is totally understandable! In fact, I would have preferred you to stay with the previous model and keep the extra money. I want you guys to be rewarded for your hard work! And I don’t really care about SSD performance that much… The only really noticeable difference seems to be the boot time, but I don’t remember the last time I did that with my tablet. It resumes from hybernation when the battery dies and I recharge it, which takes a bit longer than resuming from sleep, but I hope that won’t happen with V’s battery life :joy:


Apologies for that.

I fixed the message to use the correct pronoun…