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There was a poll about choosing NVMe or SATA SSD, and the community has chosen SATA. It is clear that the community doesn’t mind missing the speed of NVMe. What the community does mind though, is missing the battery life. The 600p doesn’t seem to embody that battery life priority, and to make matters worse, its not particularly fast either. In fact, its one of the slowest NVMe drives.

To make it super clear here:

  • The community decided that longer battery life is important
  • The community decided that NVMe speed is not important
  • 600p has above-average power consumption
  • 600p is NVMe (albeit its one of the slowest)

850 EVO is used here as the representation of the average SATA SSD since it is very popular, making it easy to find the objective independent reviews, and it is priced competitively against the 600p, at least in the retail market. You can find the information of other SSDs in a few posts above, and most of them are more power efficient than the 600p.

Me neither, I believe there is a good reason behind it, though it might not be the best decision.


I think Patrick is just trying to get clarification both on why the switch and whether we can switch back. He stated that he used the EVO as a substitute comparison. I too would like to know what the SSD option was before the Intel 600P. The following is a review I just looked at: From the review, the ‘…meant to be affordable…’ Intel SSD is good on most tests but one test places it at the very bottom of group.


[quote=“Patrick_Hermawan, post:124, topic:5705”]
There was a poll about choosing NVMe or SATA SSD, and the community has chosen SATA. It is clear that the community doesn’t mind missing the speed of NVMe. What the community does mind though, is missing the battery life.[/quote]
The only poll I can find (the one @iKirin linked), is one where people voted for a faster SSD if it didn’t make the device thicker or reduced the battery.

We can get a faster SSD.
The device is not getting thicker.
Eve says they can still provide the the battery life they promised (that we ooooh’d and aaaah’d over and were impressed and happy with).

How is this not exactly what the community asked for?


Sorry, but this is not true.
Not voting is not voting. For whatever reason.


Regular firmware updates since the review benchmarks were performed aside…

Has anyone thought that maybe, since Eve is working closely with Intel on this, Intel could be providing custom firmware for the 600P to optimize its performance and power usage for the V?


Yes, youre right

The SATA is implied by the word “normal SSD” as mentioned here (and in this thread as well as other threads)

Anyway, it is clear that the community doesn’t want compromise on battery life to get faster SSD speed.

Probably, although I would need actual testing results before believing that. Moreover, I don’t know how they could get around the large cache situation, since the cache has to be written to the main storage eventually


Are you guys arguing over a spec that is already locked in? It’s not like it’s going to change. It is what it is. If your going to pop the thing open and mess with it you’re voiding the warranty.
Let them do their magic via firmware and driver updates.


I’ve heard rumors of an April announcement, which could be problematic. It may be late 2017, but the specs, however nebulous, are coming from Microsoft, which carries some forgiveness for any “next release” features.


Here’s another view - by making the decision for us, the result became (at least for some), something that happened to us, rather than for us.

Eve, please consider this in the future, even if you choose the better ssd, by not giving us the ability to comment, you lost some confidence and support.

I’ve seen some people say “what do you assume it’s a bad decision?”

There are multiple reviews showing the drive with (relatively) slow speed and (relatively) high power consumption.

If Eve has a custom product that addresses the high power consumption that would be something that would probably address some of the community’s concerns.

If Eve posted - “this was the power draw with the original ssd, and here is the power draw with the 600”…even this would help.

Otherwise we only have benchmarks showing high power consumption with 600.

Regarding the applicability of the benchmarks “how often is the ssd truly inactive?” I think that is a poor argument…if the benchmarks are total junk, what do people use to compare. Would we be saying the same thing if these same benchmarks showed spectacular performance? I doubt it.

I will wait for the prototype testing, but it does seem we could have had even longer battery life by choosing a different ssd.


Here’s the thing we all have to remember. In the end, EVERY decision is made by Eve, and Eve alone. Yes, they ask us our opinions and try to incorporate them, but at the end of the day, they have to make the decision that is best for the company. We do not know all the factors that went into this (or any) decision.

I can guarantee you that they make every effort to make decisions that are best for the product, and best for the company. They will have looked at all the benchmarks, weighed all the factors and made their decision. They did not get this far by chance. They are smart people.

So let’s not accuse them of making a decision that you may (or may not) think was wrong before we know ANY of the facts. For now we can simply ask “how did you come to this decision?” And the fact is, they may not be able to answer us (due to NDAs)

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be discussing it, but some of these posts are somewhat accusatory and entitled in nature. They do not have to take every suggestion/poll result we make. There is always a bigger picture.


good way to summarize. I agree - in the end it’s their product and they see a bigger picture than we can see.


If I remember correctly, Eve promised 850 EVO level performance but never did promise the 850 EVO itself.
I believe the 600p has this level of performance, despite power consumption concerns.


God damn, that shipping date doesn’t work for me at all. I’m going on a 5 week trip to the US on April 6th and I NEED a device so I can continue to study and complete university assignments while I’m away. I assumed V would be ready in time (remember that February part of the shipping date?) when purchasing the device. I haven’t had a laptop or portable computer since July last year, that’s how long I’ve been waiting (which has made university work particularly difficult).

I think I’m going to have to sell my spot. I’m going to have to buy some other device now (probably an SP4). All of the waiting, checking the community daily and contributing for months, for nothing. :cry:


So, I am buying a Ferrari to just drive it at 30 miles/hour.


Your logic is flawed. Most of the time in modern systems you are not limited by the speed of your media but by other components - such as your processors ability to process the data it is fed or your ability to instruct it.

Much like your Ferrari would be stuck in a traffic jam just as much as your neighbors 1950s Wartburg.


Finally an actually informative reply. Thank you. Now I’m sure there are reasons they couldn’t choose them. Don’t forget that they need huge quantities.


How about you talk to @Konstantinos and try to arrange to temporarily have one of the returned prototypes if the dates get too close?
You can then have the final V once you return the prototype…


No, it doesn’t for programming. At all.

You are not going to run a production server load on your development machine. Rest assured.


haha it would be great if that is possible.

But I guess I won’t be the only one that was affected by the shipping delay and I doubt that there will be enough prototype lying around for all of us. And keep in mind that Eve is a rather small company with a huge deadline ahead. I would rather them to focus all their resources to bring ALL OF US a great product.


Well spoken.

@Konstantinos, for such generosity I think he deserves to be (discreetly) rewarded with some help… :wink: