Latest updates from China on prototypes, deliveries and more!


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@Xervaro take more pictures of V internals. People want them:)

@Xervaro unit doesnt have heat pipes I can tell from pictures :slight_smile:

Second round V’s will have them.

Teardown of the V
Supporting the V just the way you need it..brainstorm!

The copper heatspreader seems to be installed on the display-side of the mainboard, and you can also state by looking at it from this side that the heatpipe isn’t present in this model.

Does that mean all the heat dissipation hardware is sandwiched between the mainboard and the display? If the aluminium chassis is to aid in heat dissipation, shouldn’t the heatpipes be between the mainboard and the chassis?


LEDs work optimally around 3V, that isn’t high voltage :smile: And last time I checked, LCDs also ran on similar voltage because the most power hungry part is the backlight… Anyway, I don’t know too much about BIG LCDs like the one we have here :stuck_out_tongue: But maybe you meant high current?


I hunger for some pics, videos and infos about the prototype! :scream:
because @xervaro got his already i thought i wouldn’t have time to work for the rest of the week because there would be so much infos :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
@Konstantinos & @Mike seem to have a bit more time since the prototypes are shipped (replys were pretty fast) :wink: i just want to thank you guys for your honest communication! it’s really unusual that a company interacts with their customer in that way :+1:


A single LED is 3.3V but, in LCDs, these are constructed with series and parallel circuits. Thus, they are usually supply with higher voltages. Attached is an example of LCD with its LED supply up to 30V. Some may be lower depending on the panel.


Looks like their LEDs are fonnected in series… I’ve never seen that before, they’re usually in parallel from my experience… So the voltage remains the same.


That would not be good. If one fails the rest are screwed.


@renkop you can’t imagine how much our appreciation and time you and their guys spend in the community matter to us!

We are in this for the long run. I am 1000% sure that together with all of you guys we will change the tech world!


Yeah, let’s kick some a…s, because most of the companies do not even try to make perfect devices. They just throw iteration after iteration onto the market, just because people buy the stuff regardless of all the flaws and bad design decisions.


Nuff said bro, thanks!


They have to be in parallel , you guys are absolutely correct. A dead LED in series will knock out the entire line of LEDs (that is how Christmas lights are normally wired, but that is about it, its cheaper but has big drawbacks)


That’s what I wanted to say, but then I thought… heck, if one of the LEDs is screwed, the screen needs to be replaced anyway! :smiley:


Dear testers, I do not know if it is already being done, but I think it would be very important that everyone could test the bugs found here and in their prototypes as well. As for example @pauliunas reported many problems, it would be interesting to see if this also occurs in other units. One testing the other bug. So it becomes clearer whether the problem could be just punctual or something that is present in the other units.


Hi @iKirin -san, @Konstantinos -san and @Mike -san,

When do you plan the next update? The latest global update (this thread) is from almost 3 weeks now, and I am pretty sure that many people would like to know the current situation? Are we on track? Will the ssd be changed? Will it cause add delay?,etc…

Meanwhile we could get some feedback from a few testers (4) on various topics from the quest for power consumption to “the adventurer of the lost SSD” :wink: (thanks a lot to them by the way!). I hope that you have more feedbacks though :wink:


@Mike and me will have some more threads up today.
Mine will be regarding the next prototype round & @Mike should talk a bit about the product :wink:


@Mike is a bit late :no_mouth: