Latest updates from China on prototypes, deliveries and more!


Congrats, you have confused me. Is it a Surface Book or a Surface Pro that you "are hearing of" ?


Because of the specs floating through the press. The surface pro with 4K video, Kaby Lake U and all day battery life I suspect will be a physical impossibility, but a surface book can live in that space with little difficulty.


Where is this category? has I not been made? Because I can’t seem to see it.

edit, I found it, but it keeps showing up only in “unread” and not in “latest”



Yes, the Bugs don’t show up in Latest, as for a new member of the community it might look like the V itself does have a huge amount of bugs - which is not true. :slight_smile:

The prototypes have bugs & those should be fixed pretty quick :wink:


Here is what I got from Intel.


Something is missing :wink:


Are you still eating? :grimacing:


4k video as in what? Camera? Screen? GPU? Intel HD graphics have been capable of rendering 4K for some time now. Surface Pro 4 has Intel Core U series, so why can’t SP5 have that too?


No, but there is a pretty strange problem with my display :(. Eve never had this error befor.
But I’m in contact with konstantinos.


We hope it can be fixed soon. Good luck!


Long story short :smiley:

But yes we figured solution :slight_smile:

Teardown of the V

probably you should hide your phone number or you will get a lot of messages over the next few days :wink:


Actually it was intentional feel free to message me :smiley:

It’s a paid number lol!

Joke, it’s a normal number :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yes… Dont glue… open it up and take some photos :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Are you sure you want to post your phone number in public? :rolling_eyes:

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wow, thats awesome :slight_smile: i like how you (eve) interact with the community :slight_smile:


That is not the bigger problem ;).
The thing that I first mentent as the smaller problem was the bigger in the end. The touchscreen didn’t worked in a quater of the display. Konstantinos said that never happend befor.
We tried to fix it by rewireing the cables. Nothing changed. Then we tryed it again and again. Suddenly the hole display didn’t worked.
By trying to fix it we made it worse :frowning: .


Part of the display not working most likely due to the broken or lose wires. The screens usually driven by high voltages. Make sure its connected properly before turning it on. or else … poof


Yes, I don’t know whether it’s the case with the V, but typically these devices have a fuse for the display. Fiddle with the connector with the battery connected and it will blow the fuse.