Latest updates from China on prototypes, deliveries and more!


What do you need to eat for? :grin: Test it and play around with it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Is this the new color or the one like the first gen prototypes?


Wow that came quick!
I am writing post on this topic now:)
Charger is not the final one. The final charger is in my post up.

Final housing has anti Fingerprint and is 2 shades brighter. Next round of devices will have brighter color.

Pen is same shape and function as final but is color matched to V.


Congrats, you are the first lucky one! :slight_smile:
Thank you for the pictures, they look great!
I am looking forward the threads about the prototypes experiences… That section is going to be HOT in the next weeks! :smile:

@iKirin @Konstantinos Man, guys, you surely know how to slowly build the awaiting for the V! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hahaha won’t it be easier for you to create a thread and pin it to the top, that way all the prototype testers can post comprehensive reviews in one consolidated thread? You can post yours too since you have one too, looking forward to reading everyone’s posts :smile:



Do the prototypes have the same anti-reflective coating that will be on the final machines? (I know the earlier prototypes didn’t)


yes hey do have the coating



We’re having a category just for everyones experiences and if people make a different thread it’s a tad easier to keep track of :smiley:


You need to eat? Now? Seriously? Come on… why didn’t you eat ahead for the next, uhm, days? Give us moooooaaaaarrrrr.


I am working at the moment.
Thats why I can’t give you guys a lot of updates.
But here is a funny picture I took.

Thats what it took me to charge the v :smile:

Next updates will be in an own thread as @iKirin wished :slight_smile:.


Lol. That’s why you need official charger:D

The one you got is a bit slow too.


Will the final charger also be glossy? Some time ago it was said that it wouldn’t be.


We tried it Matt and it didn’t look that great.


That’s how I know it’s in Europe :wink:

Bad news though… Turns out it’s still in customs, so it might take a couple more days. It hurts so much knowing that it’s right here in my city and the time’s running but I can’t even see it :sob:


Ok, thanks. One more question: Can you make firmware updates to the keyboard after shipping them to us (I mean in final devices)? If things needs to be changed or bugs were overseen.


Yep this is the plan and me, @Mike, @iKirin will be delivering firmware and driver updates as we receive feedback from you


I’m just asking because after reading this thread…
…I remembered that some months/weeks ago I proposed that Alt+F4 should always close a window regardless of fn-lock state, because nobody would press Alt+F4 to lower the volume. He would either press F4 or Fn+F4.

One of you guys (I think it was @Mike or you) said: That’s how it will be.

The same goes for all modifier keys (Shift, Ctrl, Win, Alt, AltGr) in combination with F1-F12, because there are many key combinations involving F1-F12 that are a bit cumbersome if you need to press Fn additionally or switch Fn-lock state before using that key combination.

TLDR: Is this implemented or would this need a firmware update in the keyboard?
And to the community: Are there more modifier that would need to be included here?


For anyone who is interested, here is what I am hearing.

The Creator’s edition of Windows 10 is coming out April 11th. Around the same time, the Surface 5 or some other product (it may be a Surface Book that gets announced), will be announced but not necessarily available. \

What I am hearing is 4K video, Thunderbolt, Kaby Lake processor and long battery life, which is why I am thinking it will be a surface pro announcement with the Creator’s edition and not the Surface book 5. I think they have a battery issue to contend with for the Surface 5, you wont have 4K video, a U series Kaby Lake and long battery life, that would indeed be something to speak about but I doubt it would happen, that is why I am assuming it will be a Surface Book announcement and not the surface pro 5 we are all anticipating.

I do expect to hear a surface pro 5 announcement, maybe at the same time, but I suspect the battery life will be measured in minutes, the cost will require a mortgage and the weight will be measured in kilograms rather than ounces if they stuff all of that feature list into the small footprint of a surface pro 5. With what is circulating, that is why I am suspecting a surface but not the tablet footprint in April (I of course could be wrong).

All that being said, there is some significant engineering to take place to have 4K video, all day battery life, Kaby Lake U series processor and the footprint of a Surface Pro 4. Unless they have some significant improvements into batteries, I find this hard to fathom.