Latest updates from China on prototypes, deliveries and more!


@Mike Any update on that keyboard flipping worry some of us in the community had?

I’m refferring to my own post in this thread a few days ago:

To sum it up: Basically I worry that I won’t be able to flip my keyboard behind the Eve like I do with my Surface. Also you said that you opted for weaker magnets, something I don’t see as preferrable.


Customs are already cleared :wink:
But I don’t know if the prototype is physically in Lithuania, maybe they were just preparing papers in advance…


You probably can’t clear customs if the parcel haven’t arrived yet right?

Though it might be the carrier claiming its been cleared :joy:


Well the parcel is already in Europe, that I know for sure. There was a quite lengthy misunderstanding, they wanted me to declare the item and pay VAT again… It ended with them calling to apologize and say that it will be taken back from customs and be there soon. But, I think it might be possible to clear customs if the item is not in the country but already in Europe…


There are strong rumors, that Microsoft will announce a new device in April…


If you’re talking about the SP5…
I’ve seen enough rumors that I automatically think any “news” about the SP5 is yet another speculation or reiteration of previously unconfirmed rumors.

So far the only somewhat reliable “hints” were just:

  1. MS patented a new pen and charging thingy
  2. Windows 10 Redstone 3 because the time matches
  3. Kaby Lake because it doesn’t make sense to use Skylake anymore

(Might be missing some)

None of the above were officially confirmed by MS


From Briebart, Fox News or other fake news? :imp:


Well I am super hyped at the moment.
I am going to get the prototype a few houers (at the latest in 6 houers).
Maybe I am the first? :wink:


It’s going to be a race who first recieves it! :smiley:

I’m really looking forward to reading everyones experiences with the protoype! :slight_smile:


Hahah, i’m living in Germany… But… possible… There is another low-end Windows-Phone which could be announced by MS in April… also strong rumors…


Guys guys…
Everybody can get a sp5 when it comes out.
Not everybody can get an eve V.
This is enough for me.


I think everybody can get an eve V when the webshop is open.


Might have won :smiley:D
Recived it 10mins ago :slight_smile:
No US-Plug socket at work here. So i have to buy one so I can charge the V


10mins ago?
Where are all the pictures? :joy:
Have fun and keep us informed.


Now, hand over the screenshots, this is raid :joy:


Ok guys first 2 pictures :).
One from the front one from the side more in a few minutes first I NEED to eat :joy: .

What you get with your prototypes and what will be improved for second round

That looks amazing. Congrats for being able to test the prototype. :grin:


This looks great! :smiley:

Please consider making a thread about your experiences :wink:


And from memory the charger is a temporary one - the final will be in in black or similar


Did you get a tracking nummer?