Latest updates from China on prototypes, deliveries and more!


Yeah! It also was coming out in OCT/16, many times in Q1 this year and so on :smiley: Altho the latest price cuts would from the surface (he he) seem to support an imminent release of the next version, they started already Q4 last year.

In your view, however if we go back in time and look at the dates when surfaces have been launched, why would 5 be an exception to the latest trends?

IDK, its sorta my job to forecast when it comes out and if it comes out next month, I’ll prolly have to look for another :smile:


I don’t follow such things as closely as you do! Any guess as to who is first?


Network is not the only way to copy data, you know… But I do agree with you. I’d like to add that the SSD will NOT bottleneck when extracting archives, because the CPU will be so slow that it probably won’t even use 20% of its full speed…


Even a more pressing question is; how many people actually use even a fraction of the SSD’s speed on a daily basis?

I’d wager most of the folk who scream for “OMG 500MB/S MINIMUM OR I WON’T BUY” will never actually use those speeds for more than a few seconds and wouldn’t even notice if it was SATA1 :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds great. From all reviews and test charts the Intel 600p really does not seem like the best choice, the Evo 850 looks like the best compromise. Maybe you should just buy 5-6 SSDs as consumers and make some tests yourself with one of the prototypes:

  • test battery runtime with benchmark
  • test read/write speed

Publish the results and then we make another poll. Or maybe the results will make one SSD so obviously the best choice that no poll would be needed. But as we all know: A poll per day keeps all problems away.


I can’t make a case for either as I’m not deep in the weeds of the SSDs.
But overall it does not seem to me (based on what was stated by other users) that the 600p is the best hardware. I’d be more comfortable in utilizing every bit of battery that we can get as long as most use cases are fulfilled based on speed.

Long story short: if the 850evo is almost as fast as the 600p (or even faster for certain scenarios) it sounds logical to me to go with it as it also brings additional battery time. And I have to be frank, if there’s one user that has a case where that speed does not suffice, the product might not be the right one for that person (but rather something that doesn’t have battery as the first couple of the bullet points).


understood… :seedling: :herb: :wink:


This really seems to be the way to go. As it stands, we have test results from drives that were not run with current firmware, and that were not run in the V. At least performance testing of a handful of options shouldn’t take more than a day, battery testing may take longer. But at least we’ll have concrete results as to how much performance and battery life each of the drives offers in the V.

@mike: Maybe try to get in contact with Chris Ramseyer at Toms Hardware? He’s run more SSDs through the gauntlet than we can count, and he’ll probably have some good insights into the various candidate drives…


Are the prototyps dispatched?


And you might want to test it with the Windows you will install. I got curious with this line in the todays Windows 10 1607 change log:
“Improved the bandwidth of SSD/NVMe drives available to application workloads during S2D rebuild operations.”

So there might be still potential in Windows itself to unleash potential of the PCI/NVMe disks…


This is very good news! Thanks for the update!

I just created a PM group and invited almost all of you guys and girls. If you are not invited for some reason, nothing personal, just let me know and I will put you in.


Yes, but don’t tell anyone :wink:


Hu hu, ho ha :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@Mike @Konstantinos thanks for the update and for providing additional important information for the ssd discussion.

Even if some comments or remarks might sound or look ungrateful or critical, people just want the best possible V. That is being achieved firstly by your openness to this endeavour, and mostly to keep on taking into account the community’s points of view.


I know of one case where they are already in the customs so it should (hopefully) arrive on today for that person :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that the others will arrive before the end of the week as well :smiley:


interestingly enough, IGG TOS states that their processor is Stripe.


I’m actually quite interested in the shipping method Eve is using for sending stuff from HK/Shen Zhen. According to the current shipping schedule, I will have four business day between the dispatching and me traveling overseas. It would be great if the prototype testers can share a bit about the delivery experience so that I can decide on whether to borrow a laptop for my trip or not.


I’m still a bit upset that I have to pay $50 shipping to ship to HK :disappointed:

But at least I’d get it relatively earlier, maybe?

Can’t wait for the second batch of prototypes to ship and see how long it’d take :smile:


So why would they use Paypal to transfer the money to the promoters?
I’d be safer to do a direct wire.
The only explanation is that ironically they might be using some of PPs consumer protection (??)
But it would be clever for me to require a bank bond of the same amount issued by a local bank.
That would shift due diligence burden to the banks.
This would of course be required for campaigns over a sensible amount. Say, $100.000.
In return IGG would slash their percentage.
I’d would be like a third tier: warranted campaigns.

We can dream right?


Invite me in too :slight_smile: Thanks