Latest updates from China on prototypes, deliveries and more!


Right, while he did mention it’s on a 2280, he didn’t confirm whether SATA is possible, or was actually changing the SSD is possible at all at this point.


Between the IGG fees paid and the PAYPAL fees paid this product could easily be $100 less in cost to the buyer. Big reason for me as to why I don’t buy through IGG anymore. I’ve lost money on other campaigns. Not saying this is a bad way to go but I would look for investors in the company and bypass all this crap. You start with a flagship device and by the time people already have it the completion has caught up or passed you.


The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 may be out in April…


and your source for this is?


Not a big Surface Pro Fan.


Or it might not.

Nobody knows. The newest RUMORS tell that it will be out not before august


Microsoft Store employees.


Hence my interest in the EVE, and I want Thunderbolt and a lower cost.


That may be true! Only their hairdresser knows for sure…


There really isn’t much other than Kickstarter or IGG to go through with this kind of project. KS takes a lot more money after the campaign (as far as I know) than IGG, but IGG uses PAypal etc etc


So Jeffrey

Seems as it will be quicker than the website opening for Eve and thus the SP5 could fit your requirements - inc the tough case for dropping on NYC pavements!.

From your other posts it isn’t clear if you actually bought a V and have fully paid for it.


well you can pretty much see from the previous posts that he hasnt


I always add 3 months to any of these projects anyway. Unless your making socks, the more complex the more likely that you will see delays. Shit I bought a heated jacket and that was delivered 3 months late then it didn’t fit (manufacturing error) and they changed the design without approval from the backers.


I’m certainly waiting to see what their offering is. Will it have Thunderbolt? Liquid cooling? A great battery? Kaby Lake? Regardless, I expect an EVE-level i7 w/16 + 512 gigs will be about $2200 USD.

No EVE purchase yet for me. Waiting to see what happens with the PalPal issue, with the first shipments, etc.

All very exciting!

I’m probably buying an Acer Alpha Switch 12 to tide me over…


"I attempted to transfer $458 to a V seller to cover their initial crowdfunding puchase of their V.

I called PayPal, and they advised that the large amount ($458) triggered the freeze.

Their solution: Send two payments, one for $200, one for $258.

This worked."

I was aiming to be gracious!


No purchase yet. That money is still in my PayPal account.


That would be a nice PC. I tend to wait as I need something that will last me at least 5 years. I’m still rocking my HP HDX-18 (Going on 8-9 years), lol. from a 256GB HD to a 128GB SSD and now a 500GB SSD plus a second slot with a 1TB Hard drive.

I could open her up to make upgrades but with these new breeds to buy knowing upgrades are practicality impossible.
Yeah I could use thumb drives and am already doing my homework on USB Blu Ray Burners. I’d be set at that point.


Yes & No :smiley: After technical analysis and an official quote from the supplier for 48 WH we concluded it was relatively safe to go with it. Even if something went wrong, there would be other suppliers too. Atm we have supply secured for 48.89WH + another backup for 48+ WH.

It all sound bad if all the details are not known :wink:


I know it must feel discomforting and maybe a lil scary when we tell stuff. In a way public reactions intuitively make us prone not to tell. However the situation is under control, so u can relax dude :wink:

As a business its our job to figure crazy shit like this out all the time. Many alternative ways are investigated and counter measures have been initiated.

Your pledge is not jeopardized.

Can’r tell all publicly since we might consider legal action too (which would not affect your order).


to my knowledge we have not paid for those SSDs yet. And we can support SATA SSDs if u guys make a compelling case for us to go with e.g. 850 EVO. However there are multiple factors at stake so how about we start by a PM group (invite me in?) and we’ll discuss about the poll thread?