Latest updates from China on prototypes, deliveries and more!


Hi Community!

I am writing this post to you from China with latest updates!

Me, @Thor, @myien have joined @Mike. @Mike has been in China now for a while refining and perfecting V, he is writing update post as well right now telling about what tests V is going through as well as what are the known bugs we are fixing.

Before I jump into updates I would like to introduce you our new team member. Meet Michelle, @myien she is leading our supply chain making sure all of the V’s come and time and in the shortest time possible straight to your door.

@myien worked for Microsoft Canada before later relocating to Hong Kong. She got quite tired of all the corporate world and joined our team. Welcome @myien to community!

Eve guys on the way to Shenzhen (From left to right) @myien, @Konstantinos, @Thor

Now lets talk about the latest news and developments from the field.

As I have already mentioned @Mike is now cooking up post with latest updates of at what stage V is at and what tests it is going through. He will have lots of pictures there :slight_smile:

###Now the updates:

Hardcore experimentation on motherboard. We call this guy human SMT machine:D

###1. Shipping timeline

After meeting all of our component suppliers this week we can now provide latest schedule update.

  • First batch of Vs, hyper early birds, is estimated to ship last week of April. Starting April 24th.

  • Second batch of Vs is estimated to ship around 30 days after that.

The reason for schedule above is something that we were not able to tell you earlier.

To put it short, PayPal has frozen most of our funds once our very successful IndieGoGo campaign was over. As a result we were not able to pay for some of the long lead time components like our Intel 600p PCIe SSDs.

The reason they have frozen our account is because they saw big sum hit our previously inactive PayPal account. Transaction from Indiegogo triggered their internal alarms and we’ve been providing them all kind of documents to unfreeze our funds for the past month.

We are really sorry that we were not able to tell you about this problem earlier as we thought it is better to keep this issue between PayPal and us increasing likelihood of speedy resolution. But still as of today our funds are frozen we decided that it doesnt make sense to be silent anymore so we let you know!

We are sure that eventually we will be able to unfreeze funds from PayPal. For now we had to find alternative financing to cover component purchases. We are really sorry about this but it is something we could not foresee. Before campaign started we talked to PayPal warning them of big amount of funds arriving to our account. At time we were told there would be no problems caused by it but when our account received over 1 million worth of contributions it froze all of the funds. We cant even issue refunds now! @Thor has been in contact about issuing refunds and we hope that we can issue them as soon as possible.

And I mean really we had cases like this when we couldn’t arrange refunds:

First we got notified of a very personal situation, where there came up an urgent need to refund a customer via PayPal to help out the situation. The very minimum we could have done there is issue refund instantly, to take away this small concern from the minds of the unfortunate people.

Once we could not do the humane thing, we made it known:

Message from @Thor to Paypal

But it seems that in PayPal policies are above customer needs… So we have to find alternative ways to arrange refunds for people who really need them manually!

We will keep you updated on this issue and let you know once we get our funds unfrozen. There is no need to worry about it at this moment as we have paid already paid our suppliers using funds we were able to acquire in a short time. Now we are confident on meeting last week of April delivery as all of the orders have been placed and production of all the components started.

There are a lot of cases like the one we have. There even was a class action lawsuit against PayPal that they lost.

Most famous one is Minecraft I guess:)

PayPal Freezes $750K in MineCraft Dev’s Account

To conclude we are not really angry with PayPal we just find their attitude unreasonable and could not expect our funds frozen…

BTW we confirm Intel 600p SSDs in V. They are blazing fast. It takes V now 9 secs to boot and login to the system when its completely off. Specs below:

Ok, now back to positive stuff :smiley:

###2. Prototypes

We will ship out first prototypes by upcoming Monday! We have Vs ready to be shipped now we just have to get V keyboards and extra pens shipped to us from neighbouring city. @myien is patiently waiting for V keyboards and pens to come this Saturday. We want to ship you the whole bundle so that you could experience V fully.

We will ship out Vs with the fastest shipping option available and it will take prototypes 3-5 working days to arrive.

After reading latest discussions in the community regarding proto testing we realized that process needs improvement.

So we will ship you 2 rounds of prototypes. After shipping the first round we will pass your feedback to development team, make adjustments, make more devices and send you out second round. Second round of prototypes will be shipped after your feedback is implemented on last weeks of March around 24th of March. After feedback is received from second round of prototypes we will implement it and make V rock more!

We had a little slowdown with prototype shipment because we had not enough touch panels. The reason for that is touchpanel would damage our LCD screen during direct bonding a.k.a zero-air-gap display process (read more here ). When our touch panel supplier started the first production run of 150 touch panels directly bonded to screens we had 70% of 150 screens damaged. As a result supplier had to pause the production and adjust the manufacturing technique.

Good news is that we have now successfully resolved the issue and defective rate has been substantially decreased.

V Charger and charging cable.

###3. Making V perfect & V project meeting room

I made short video about what typical project meeting looks like as well as what are the main adjustments we are making to the V.

I am very sorry for having not so good video quality and turning my camera the other way while filming… Meeting got too intense :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thats it dudes!

@iKirin will write up more on prototypes soon and @Mike on latest product related updates!

P.S. Bonus :slight_smile: Little crazy proto testing room:

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Thanks for a very informative and background issues clarifying update!


You are welcome @mirv! We will keep you guys posted frequently. We can’t wait to start prototype testing


Thanks for the updates!

Getting updates is almost as fun as getting the V itself…
Well almost :joy:

Intel 600p?
So that means we’ve got enough space for M.2 2280 instead of M.2 2242
It’s NVMe and SATA too, cool :slight_smile:
(although it seems to be slower than the 850 EVO)


Oh no the new shipping date is a disaster for me…

Going to a conference in Pairs from the 27th of April, pretty sure I won’t be at home when the V arrives, and I won’t have the V at the conference to work on my PhD thesis…


We will send you a shipping reminder 48 hours before we ship. So you would be able to change the address or ship it few days later. Also we can ship it with fastest shipping menthod to you. Also there is chance we will ship it before that. All depends on the day components arrive.


Yeah, I know what you mean :slight_smile: I’m going to my client for two weeks in mid-may and hoped I’ll get Eve by then to work on there, but probably will have to grab my heavy 7yo laptop :frowning:


How will the prototype exchange take place? When we finish testing the prototype we received (as in our week ends), we will have to send it back, but will you pay for the shipping? Will there be a shipping label included or do we need to take care of it ourselves? What happens if the prototype gets lost when shipping, or something like that?


We think that it’s easier to send out more prototypes. So we have increased total quantity. We are trying to get labels prepaid.


Sorry for the question, but what makes you sure to get the situation with paypal solved within the next time so that you’ll be able to hold on to the delivery you mentioned?


@thedrawer it’s a reasonable question. I would have the same one if I were you. Well PayPal issue solved and product deliveries at this point are 2 different things.

As when we realized getting PayPal might take a while we got alternative funding from our bank. So they guarantee to PayPal that our company is sound and they take liability for PayPal funds as well. PayPal agreed to that and now we are just waiting for money to be released also we are pushing PayPal to pay our interest for using such bank instrument.

When PayPal has frozen our account we had to find alternative funding to pay for components so at this point it doesn’t matter.


Man I feel for you guys, the interest on that kind of loan would not be a trivial amount of money. And would be something you hadn’t factored into your original operating equations. Hope you get PayPal to cover every cent they’ve cost you.


Totally @hosh0. At worst case we will write collective community petition :slight_smile:


Thanks @Konstantinos for trying to resolve this, we will see what happens at the end of april.

I understand a lot can go wrong in a project and sometime we cannot control them. Hope this is the last setback in the V development/production.


Bug right there!

Well, fuck. That’s late. : (

Anyhow. Good to know how things are going. Thanks.


Hmm I don’t even have a laptop at the moment. When I went back home to visit my family last month I left my old thinkpad at home for my dad to browse internet in the living room…

I should still be able to borrow a laptop from the Uni or a friend for the trip to Paris tho, but kind of disappointed that I missed the chance to test the V in the field.


Yeah. I hoped that it be in my hands precisely when I need it, at the end of April. It’s just a lesson to have bigger buffers for things that one could not know about : )


Hmm did you read the wrong specs? I think the 600P is even faster than the 850pros in my desktop.


Yeah we really didn’t get the buffers right. We think it’s because it’s the first time we are doing such a complex device. Next time we need to triple our estimates it seems:)


Yes it is. Its PCIe as well:)))