Latest progress and updates 20.12




First of all, we wish Merry Christmas and Awesome New Year!


Now brief update:

1. Limited birds & 1TB backers delivery progress

Most of the US and EU limited birds have already been shipped to local warehouses from HK. That’s around 1200 devices on their way to owners! Because of Christmas holidays DHL estimates delivery to local warehouse in around 7 days (4PX uses DHL to sent by air to local warehouses). Once Vs arrive to local warehouses we will provide tracking numbers for the last mile delivery to your address.

Immediately once the new housing arrives (scheduled next week) we will resume the production of 1TB upgraders and the rest of Limited birds. 1TB SSDs are now in the suppliers warehouse and are ready to be picked.

2. Thanks!

We really wanted to thank you for all of the private messages and emails you’ve sent sharing your awesome V experiences we are very excited to hear that you enjoy your V’s! Make sure to share your positive experiences in the community as well!

3. V software improvements

Thank you so much for your active contribution and feedback on the Vs you received. We have passed all of it to engineers and 3rd parties taking part in the development and are actively working on more driver update to boost your V experience!

You can find more updates in the community digest!

Update 29.12 on shipping and more
LB Shipping Corner




Does US mean US and Canada or just USA?

This has been asked multiple times in another thread.

Thank you.


That is good news, but how can an LB check if their unit is in the “most” or not (assuming they didn’t opt for 1TB)?


Yeah V’s for everyone!!

I made a post recently regarding my HEB and my experiences, further notes to add based on issues that others found and that I was concerned about pre-V-receipt:

After initial day the battery really settles down, I think it’s charging the keyboard and with all the updates going on it just burns through those watt hours :slight_smile:.

As it stands I get anywhere from 9-14 hours pre battery optimisation drivers. I really find I can just leave the V down and never worry about the battery. I end up charging it before it needs to because of habit with older devices. My use case currently hasn’t been extensive… But my device is on and processing. My surface pro 3 was lucky to get 5 hours, but really closer to 4. I always felt under pressure to charge it at every opportunity should I be away from a socket later in the day.

I also said I’d comment on my USB C ports. I mean one of them “clicks” and the other one doesn’t. But they both still charge. If you wiggle it enough the connection skips. But it’s because it’s become slowly but surely dislodged from the port because it’s being wiggled. It merely needs to be pushed back in.

Alcantara is still clean. I’d put my V down once on a dusty surface and both the alcantara and the V itself was covered in dust. But a quick wipe (emphasis on quick) and they were both dust free. EDIT: otherwise I have no dust issues. I literally placed it IN dust by accident.

I’ve had one key stick only once on the keyboard. I think I was typing quite aggressively. Unfortunately it was the shift key so I was quite confused for awhile why when I was trying to scroll the cursor kept highlighting text :joy:.


Definitely interested in Canada as well, there’s not that many of us and I’m assuming the shipments would come in relatively close…?

Either way, confirmation would be nice!


So LB’s won’t receive their V until Chrismas, right?
Disappointment level over 9000 :disappointed:

But thank you for the update


@Emin we will provide tracking info as soon as we get it and that would be the best way to determine that you are part of the “most”

@lpconn Canada is not included, we tried our best to get as many Vs as possible but there were not enough for Canada


I suppose like many reading this, they are disappointed not to have the Christmas holiday to play with their ‘V’; so be it; anything that is this good is worth waiting for.

I was one of those who did the 1Tb upgrade; would it be possible to give some sort of indicator date for delivery to Ireland; still in the EU.

In the meantime friends, can I wish one and all the happiest of Christmases; it’s origin is in a winter solstice communal feast, so let get communal; and the best New Year ever.


Omitting Canada? We will get our revenge at Olympics … Finland will fail! :maple_leaf::yum:


Thanks a lot Stephen! 1TB Upgraders will be shipped early-mid January we will make sure to give better estimates closer to the shipping date.


Many thanks for the speedy reply, much appreciated.


First you have to beat South Korea, while we need to advance also in our group. :wink: See you at the finals! (talking bout the main event of the Olympics here)


But, I’m sure you could have packed Canada before the USA. We’re friendlier. :wink:

Sad to hear I’ll be in the 2nd LB batch, but oh well. Glad to hear of progress regardless.

And yes @Lukas_Fikr we’ll take them out.


Hockey or Curling, we will still pwn you. Hehe.


If you ever get over Sweden, Norway and Germany …


It takes no time at all to get to Ireland from UK. Mine was sent from Luton on a Tuesday and arrived in another place in the UK on a Wednesday. Then it arrived in Dublin Thursday morning and to my house at some point on Thursday (my address was for Wexford).

I know this isn’t a date. But it probably gets to Ireland faster than the likes of Germany.

Also. Hello other Irish :wave:!

Edit: crap konsta answered you already :neutral_face:


Not with you college based hockey team :joy:


From our Canadian PM chat group, there are less than 50 folks in there…I’m sure many more missing but that’s tiny I’m sure compared to EU/US. We’re used to it unfortunately…(more tax, less availability, higher prices, etc. etc.) :smiley:


So don’t share negative experiences? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looking forward to getting mine, was able to get my order in the first flash sale! Can’t wait! Thanks for all the good work the team has done.