Larger Eve V - Eve V+ maybe?


It seems to me that the true Goldilocks solution would be the combination a large high end touch screen monitor (with digitizer) with a mini desktop or a micro-pc. It’s simple economics really: the life cycle of a good monitor is far longer than the life cycle of a pc.

A big phone can be a good substitute for a small, or even a regular android (or iOS) tablet (there are precious few things that I can do with a small tablet but not with a big phone, probably the only things that require at least an 8" screen is reading pdf documents and powerpoint presentations). There is no android (or iOS) tablet that can serve as a substitute for a laptop (be it mac or pc); hence the move from notebooks to ultrabooks and from ultrabooks to high end 2in1 (which, when attached to an external monitor, are also a good substitute for mainstream business desktops, so you can have portability on the road and a big screen at home and still use only one device).


It is true that 5000 euros is a lot.
But is it possible that one of my “informatic gifted” friends build something similar to the studio 2 ? At first view i’m a bit pessimistic (for the rotation of the screen for instance).
For 15 and 17 inches 2 in 1 do you have one in particular to suggest ?


My 4.6" phone can do the same as a 10" Android tablet… No need to make it bigger. And the extra screen space is useless - in order to actually comfortably watch movies or do anything that requires a bit bigger screen, it needs to be at least 10", and I really hope that’s not where phones are moving. As for laptops, these tiny screens make no sense. It’s not like you hold them in one hand or put them in your pocket… I hold my phone with one hand and keep it in my pocket, so logically it should become as small as possible. I don’t do any of this with my tablet so logically it should be pretty large. Neither of this is true with today’s retarded trends.

@planthier76 screw that screen rotation. The most ergonomic position for a screen is vertical in front of your eyes, the most ergonomic touch surface position is flat on your desk. You have to make compromises when both of these are on a single surface. So just get a regular desktop with a regular monitor and a regular Wacom pad. Writing directly on the screen sounds appealing, but it’s not worth $4000 price difference, trust me.


Our needs are different. I need a larger screen for reading (from e-books to conference papers and presentations) and handling professional e-mail; and I can assure you that my needs are fairly typical of sufficiently large market segment.


Even a new iMac 27" + a 24 inch Wacom tablet are cheaper than a full specced studio xD


For this I need a bigger screen.
12" at least.
For my smartphone something between 4,5" and 5,3" is usable (with hands in my handsize).


I agree that for “office productivity” (writing long documents, preparing ppt presentations, never mind spreadsheets) you need at least 12" - but why would you need 12" just for reading and handling e-mail? My 8" tablet is big enough even for reading pdf and ppt, and I suspect that the new Samsung S8+ or the expected S8note would be big enough too.


No offense, but its a bit difficult to trust someone who’s never spent $4000, or a single penny at all for that matter, on such large penabled screen.

On a totally unrelated note, it’s also not worth it to get a headphone that costs more than $25. Trust me, because I cant afford spending more than $20 on a pair of headphones /s

A 13" laptop and 10" Wacom tablet is also cheaper than a fully specced Eve V, because on-screen digitizer, the adjustable hinge, etc. dont come for free

E-mail are often set up like a web page, or has some contents that requires some detail, especially if we are talking about collaboration with engineering or programming team. There is a reason why technical books are made in A4 size. Of course, for standard text, a 4" screen will do just fine.

In addition to that, multitasking my come into play here. My iPad (9.7") is big enough, as long as I dont have more than one app at a time. Once I put another app there, it gets cramped in there very quickly. Putting the OS aside, while I prefer the iPad screen for one app at a time, I much prefer using my 12" Surface for having multiple apps on the screen (even something as simple as snapping a music app)


Fair enough - but I am not an engineer! Believe it or not, the forum is not populated exclusively by geeks, but, even if it were, the overall market for smartphones and 2in1 is not . :wink::sunglasses::upside_down_face:

Of course - but Android apps are not suitable for production anyway, whatever the size of the screen and I can hardly think of a situation where I would need more apps simultaneously on screen, unless I am actually engaged in work, rather than reading or answering e-mails.


So your point is that the hinge is 1000 bucks worth and thats something positive?

I was comparing a better specced imac to the studio + a wacom device which ofc also comes with a hinge.


Reading is hell of a lot better with an actual e-reader, but whatever… you didn’t get the point. I would also like a bigger screen, but one inchhere and there ain’t gonna change a thing. It’s really nice to use my 11" tablet for browsing and so on, because it has a big screen, but 4.5" or 5.5" is still small, there is no difference. And the difference about holding the thing in your hand is HUGE.


Actually it would be pretty hard to trust someone who have spent that much on it. Because they probably don’t know what they do with their money.


Well either that or their company foot the bill for a studio!


Well then technically they havem’t spent $4000 on that device… Because their company spent the money, they just got the device for free :slight_smile:


So I really love the studio. Will I get one? No way. It’s just a pc w a touch screen without the tower. I could make a box w windows 10 and a touch monitor and id get almost the same experience. Now, if it we’re priced similar to a box from my local pc shop then maybe. But it is darn pricey


An e-reader may be better, but does it support pdf or digital editions of newspapers and magazines? The nybooks app, for example, allows you to read it in two flavours: either pdf, or a mobile version, reformatted on the fly to best fit the screen (and I can assure you that “one inch here, one inch there” makes a hell a lot of difference to the end result). Besides, the smartphone is really the swiss army knife of the 21st century, the one device if not to rule, at least to replace them all (unless you have serious work to do, in which case only a true pc (be it desktop, notebook or 2in1) will do; in this particular role, a smartphone with a big screen even if it is not the master of all trades, it is still the journeyman of all, while with a 4.7" it is merely the jack (which is why I plan to replace my current Galaxy A3 :wink::upside_down_face: ) - so, let’s both accept the fact that we understand perfectly each other (at least I think I understand where you come from), but have different needs and priorities.


I think making a nice Touchscreen with all the fancy stuff the Studio has and sell an optional PC with it would be much better. In terms of servicability and since the lifecycles of screen and PC is that much different…


No. I think they should keep th form factor, its almost a4 size. The solution is to make the screen bezelless and include excellent palm rejection. Presto… a bigger screen.


Yes. Yes it does.There are even e-readers running Android. You can run any Android app you want.

Most e-readers can do that too. It’s called text reflow. It has huge issues with Unicode characters, but if you’re reading in English it’s pretty good. Or you can convert it to epub format using your computer, that is if it has issues with the book you’re reading. But really, there’s no point in reading PDF because epub is available most of the time. And even if you have to read PDF, I found that turning a 6" e-reader to landscape position and reading half of an A4 page at a time is a pretty decent experience. You even see the illustrations, lol

I’m usingliterally the smallest phone I could find. Sony Xperia X Compact. Tell me about it, lol… Never ever have I found a single activity where I’d want an inch bigger screen. For watching movies, it’s too small. But 5" is also to small. And 6" too. They’re all too small. For watching movies I need 10" minimum. What other activities do you have in mind? I already answered about reading - I need an e-ink screen for that, can’t read for too long on an LCD. Too much tension on the eyes.

Sorry, but I can’t do that… I honestly don’t understand for what use cases a 5.5" screen would be significantly better than 4.5"…


No, it does not. NYRB does offer a kindle, B&N Nook, and Zinio digital edition, but without the extras you would get, if you chose a direct digital subscription, without intermediaries. The LRB and NYRB apps exist only for iOS and Android. Probably the same is true for the Economist, NYT, Financial Times, Die Zeit, Handelsblatt, etc, but I do not have a digital subscription to any of that. And everything else I described (such as resizing on the fly) is done by the app, not by the tablet OS.

As for everything being available in epub format … last time I checked all the material we receive in scientific conferences is in pdf format, sometimes even the presentations are converted from ppt to pdf for distribution.

So, what are we left with? The Onyx Boox and Boyue Android readers, still running Android 4.0.4, and with 32 gb memory max? Thanks, but no, thanks, I’ll pass.