Larger Eve V - Eve V+ maybe?


It’s a software feature. Basically you have you normal desktop (with your folders and stuff) where you place one program, and then you have another one etc.
Have a look at this (right side has multiple desktops):

You can switch them by key-combo or touch-gesture.


I know this features, it can be a bit helping but not totally satisfying from my point of view.
You didn’t answered my second question.


I can chime in on that question! :slight_smile:

Technically we could create any device - main issue is that there is no screen in the 3:2 format with that size - at least no screen I know of right now and most of the screens I don’t have a closer look at are pretty much a turd compared to the one we have right now.
So - while we could have one, theoretically, there is likely no screen on the market.
Also, I personally feel that with the V multitasking is pretty decent already - worst comes to worst you can always connect an extra display. I personally do that with my notebook all the time when coding :wink:


Thank you for responding !

I understand your point. I was just reacting a bit passionately cause i really believe something like a Eve V 15,6 inches would be a devastating product for many reasons and you would have many clients (me ;D)
When do you think such product would be possible to make?
Do you know if one of your competitors tried to do something similar to your product or the surface pro but with a bigger screen?


I would also have been excited about a 15in screen but I think an external monitor will solve most of my problems. Plus you can always turn an IPad into an external monitor for extra mobile screen space :wink:


Who said he wants 3:2? 16:9 is way more productive, especially for the use case he provided. Using split-screen on 3:2 is counter-productive…


Thank you for your support!
actually, i would like graphic quality to be good but it is not the most important parameter.
It would be for moderate not regular gaming and for occasional movies watching.
I really think that when it comes to multitasking 14 inches is the minimum.


You are in a plane and you need to finish in urge one important rapport before arriving how do you deal with the situation?
What is the point of making a 12 inches product, speaking about “ultra portability” if it is to have huge portable monitor that could kill someone in your plane :sweat_smile: ?


I have one question for you :

I’m in a situation i will need to buy one static high performing computer and a high level 2 in 1 detachable laptop like Eve V but with bigger screen (for obvious reasons).

Would you advise me to buy first the static one, waiting for something similar to eve V with a 15,6 inches screen appears and to control by distance the static one, for the time i don’t have portable laptop? (i have one ipad pro now, yes error is human…)?
Would you have ideas about how much time it will take for companies to understand the need for a bigger screen for 2-1 detachable laptop?

Have a nice day.


If we are going to add size, we lose the compactibility of V.


You can suggest different sized models i don’t see the problem in it.
You just need to find the limit of what can enter in your bag.

Eve V 12 inches would be more a tablet/laptop and Eve V 15,6 inches a Laptop/tablet, the problem now is that some professionals that absolutely need big screens are penalised.


Not gonna lie that made no sense at all… What do you mean? The extra screen for me is for reference material, which I already use my IPad for almost daily when away from my desk. How could an IPad possibly kill someone on a plane?


Is there even such a thing as a 15.6 inch tablet? It would be like holding a shield! I mean a 12 inch tablet like the Ipad pro already raises eyebrows, 15.6 would be humungous :smile:


Wacom’s newer mobile studio tablet is available in 16inches and 13. So there definitely are, but I’m sure Wacom made their own screen for it…


good to know, thanks for sharing. it does make me think, and this is probably stating the obvious, but the challenge in terms of “what’s next for Eve” is really who the customer is that Eve wants to target. i.e.

  • programmers
  • artists
  • scientists
  • business folk
  • architects/ engineers
  • gamers
  • the young
  • the old
  • etc etc

by and large everyone will have different points of focus, different needs and wants. you can build a device that meets most of what all people want (like V a mainstream device), or build a device that meet all of what some people want (specialists like Wacom), but you can’t build a device that meets everything that everyone wants!

(yes blatent rip off of some famous bloke’s wise words there!)


If eve wants to redefine the new V again, they need to redefine their business modell again including customer segment, value, … and draft all in canvas model.

Maybe Eve will build next product by not only asking community about technical aspect but also business/ strategy aspect?:kissing: I doubt it , because the chance is very low,

Eve is still a company at the end. They can’t survive without making profit, and all those things mentioned above are just trump cards for any successful company in long term.


Dunno, I’m just a forum user like you. But what do you mean by “static”? Do you mean a desktop computer?
Anyway, it’s completely up to you. But if you want my opinion on how long it will take until someone actually makes the kind of 2in1 you want - I give it 5 years. It may sound pessimistic but listen why: it’s different. Nowadays, technology sticks to some weird trends, and it doesn’t matter at all whether those trends make sense or not. For 2in1, the current trend is “make it thin, make it fanless” or something like that. Nobody seems to care sbout the tremendous cost - lack of ports, shitty (if you excuse my language) keyboards, slim bezels preventing one from holding a tablet comfortably… nobody cares. Everyone just wants to follow the trend. And the trend doesn’t say anything about a bigger screen… If you look at phones, it’s a bit different - the trend is now “big screens, slim bezels, thin phones”, but it’s a trend, and everyone follows that trend. Nobody cares that phones are now so huge they’re impossible to use with one hand, nobody cares they’re so slim there’s no battery juice (or it explodes). Same with 2in1 - nobody cares that the screens are too small for productivity. It’s not what the almighty trend dictates.

That was my opinion. If you disagree, I don’t mind. We can all have different opinions and I’m not gonna argue on this one.


Sorry, i mean desktop computer.
I’m just struggling to find a 2 in 1 detachable computer with big screen now for my thesis and my music and it clearly doesn’t exist for the moment (your estimation of 5 years is huge, it scares me).
I think i will just buy a 15,6 or 17 inches 2 in 1 good laptop and sell it when the “princess laptop of my dreams” will exist ;D. Would you have ideas about which one would be good?

For the Desktop computer i don’t know what to choose between buying the surface studio 1 or waiting for the second version of it. But who knows when the second version will be released. An idea about that or some pieces of advice?

For your analysis about the “trend process”, i can not agree more and it deceives me a lot that 2 in 1 computer are mostly not designed for professionals needs, it looks our society want to compact everything not realising that some limits exist.

Have a nice day!


No, DON’T buy Surface Studio!!! It’s a waste of money! If you want a desktop, the only way to go is building your own. And get a Wacom tablet for drawing.

Oh and about current trends, I really don’t understand what people want… Laptops are getting smaller, but phones aren’t? WTF?


You reminded me of my note 7. ;( I miss that phone