Kickstarter Hyperdrive for USB-C Mac


Hey I was wondering if the spacing for the two USB type C ports on the V are similar to that of the new Mac pro’s. I ask this because I wonder if the Hyperdrive will work with V


Hi, I would like to know too please… Thx


I’m not sure, but i thought we only have one Thunderbolt 3 port.
And hyperdrive is based on two of them.


From the Kickstarter page:
Input: 2 x Thunderbolt 3 USB-C
Nope, it won’t work.


Also how the ports are located differ. The V doesn’t have both Type C ports (nor as you said, two TB3 ports) in the same place, so you wouldn’t be able to even plug it in.
Edit: Apparently I remembered wrong. It is the Type A ports that are on either side, not the Type C ones.


But maybe this is a good idea that we can use for our adapter/dock discussion.
I really like the form factor.


Oh well, but Hyper has really good solutions other than the HyperDrive too


That’s a very rough comparison but the positions don’t seem to fit.

Macbook Pro Hub with the Eve V?
Possible Additional to V? Accessory

All it provide is the HDMI out and the SD reader for eve?


The V has an SD slot :wink:


Only Micro SD. No full size SD slot.


You have a point :wink: I only use the micro SD one but there might be people that use full sized ones. So to me instead of a HiperDrive I would just need an adapter to HDMI.


Hi @haashfaq!

Without even knowing the exact sizes, I’ll go with a “very likely no” as the hyperdrive looks to be tailored to the MacBook Pro and with USB-C it’d have to be the same down to the ~0.1mm mark so it’d fit perfectly.



For your information, I asked to if there product can work on Windows and the answer is without call : The product below is the only one because no drivers for everything else :

Possible Additional to V? Accessory

Why are you set to buy a product from this specific brand? Just look on ebay, it’s full of cheap things that just work.



For me it’s just because when I read this post I thought the form factor, design very nice and could be great beside my V so I asked to the brand more information about there devices on windows and you know the reply.
So what ever the brand, something cool, usable and with a great design will be fine for me (maybe EvE accessories one day…)


There will be accessories made by Eve, but right now we don’t know anything about them. First make the V, then talk about cables and adapters.


If I understand it correctly, they won’t be made by Eve. They will be generic accessories with very modest modifications and Eve branding. Except eGPU, which is a project of its own :slight_smile: