Kickstand Attachment for Comfortable Lap-top Use


Nice work, I was actually thinking about something similar although much simpler. I usually (used to) use my surface pro with the keyboard flipped back or even attached in reverse

Basically a dual type cover. Because the pogo pins are usb2 you can put other electronics in the back blade. And extended battery (might not work) or LTE comes to mind :), there’s also more gimmicky/unnecessary options but it wont mention those.

Its probably not as rock solid as your approach as it’ll still bend at the ‘spine’ but because all of the tablet weight is on the back blade this shouldn’t be an issue.

Theres one problem though, the back of the eve v isn’t perfectly flat so this may pose an issue albeit an aesthetic one.


Hi @Attiq and thanks for your post but what I’m trying to achieve is a sturdy solution that still gives full keyboard use. Unless I’m missunderstanding your idea I think the keyboard would be unusable in your scenario?


The keyboard would still be useable as normal :slight_smile:


Ok Attiq, got it now… so the rear part of your cover would be fixed to the bottom of the tablet between the existing keyboard and the tablet, bridging (daisy-chaining) the pogo connections?
As you say, with Surface (USB-protocol connection) I can see how this would be beneficial for other integrated hardware (like LTE/GPS/etc… maybe even a solar-panel!?) but obviously this would not be possible with the V. Also, the keyboard probably has to attach directly to the V such that it’s folds/angles are right.

One main problem I see though is that, with your design, the keyboard is still allowed to ‘bend’ (at the bottom of the screen) in relation to the V. The intention of my design was to fix the angle of the keyboard with the V… to improve stability on an uneven surface.


Yeah I see what you mean I thought your main issue was on lap stability which This would fix somewhat but not on lap rigidity like a normal laptop that you seem to be after.

We’ve discussed this in several posts before, we looked at making a ‘hard’ keyboard for the V similar to the brydge keyboard for surface pro.


Hello @Jersey , here I am. Honestly I think it is awesome that you took the time to model this! It makes it really easy to understand your concept. I overall understand your need and the problem you aim to solve. I am myself i big lover of great “labability”, so I am one of your target users :wink:

This is my first answer to a post so be gentle… these are some comments about it


About your idea I agree with what already mentioned by other members like @dibadibadu and @exialpho about the weight distribution problem. And how this product concept would suggest a type of use that might let the product to fall once you lift your hands from the keyboard area or are not carefull.


This is a more general comment: connection points (accessory - to device) are usually tricky and fascianting challenges. I am concerned that in this concept the connection points are in tricky parts of the device and magnets might not be strong enough of feasible enough for your type of use. Usually accessory connects on the side with a case or on the back ( wide areas) to avoid small connecting areas. So that the all can be strong enough and avoid small parts that might get broken quickly. Or did you have other thoughts about connections? or contact points between the accessory and the device?


As mentioned by @SyrtakiVampir a folio cover can be an improvement for what you are seeking. Usually if the reinforcement of the folio is thick enough in combination with sturdy connection points it can provide a better “lapability”.
In this case with 2 in 1, as you probably saw, the device kickstand is kind of left out. The back of the folio cover provides what the kickstand is there for.
One problem that still remains is that usually the keyboard is not anyhow connected with the folio so in the end the typing experience on the lap is a bit better but not really as good as a laptop of course. And the main problem of the weight distributions still remain even if it is slightly improved.


What do you think about other simple approaches. Like @yaustar and @Masters888 mentioned. Can some sort of sleeve or other very similar products provide the experience of lapability you are seeking? Can the weight problem be solved here? So “what we use to carry the device around” has some sort of use after the device is “pulled out of it”. Or what do u think about this?

:gorilla:Overall I think that this is quite interesting topic, since we are not talking about skins, protecting cover or similar. So we are not designing to add protection or a certain feature to a product but we are providing a certain usability feature that another similar product category already delivers (laptops).


Thank you sharing this! So much good work has been done already :slight_smile:


Stay put… i’ll post sone concept drawings… i still think it’s a bad idea


Is there still work being done to make the EVE comfortable for laptop Use. Right now, it is not a good option for me as I00% of my usage is sitting in a chair in the evening. As I get up and down, it is not comfortable to hold, or open, or close, and I have to constantly worry about the heavy top just flopping off the keyboard and disconnecting. Probably just a poor choice for my purpose. When it was ordered, I planned to use it at work at a table, but during the waiting period, my company provided an alternative solution for that. So now i really need to find a comfortable way to use it at home in the evenings and not sitting on a table.


Hi @Sparky7. Certainly I’ve not done anything more around my initial design above as yet. I’m a ‘FFS’ purchaser so ‘should’ be getting my device in March. When I do, I’ll evaluate how tricky it is to use on my lap and next to me on the sofa etc. expecting to have the same results as you have done. Then I’ll see if my design (or other discussed variants thereof) are likely to help. Of course, I’ll be limited by the lack of a 3D printer and/or CNC workshop etc.


I will be very interested in your opinion once you have an opportunity to handle the device. My son in law has a 3D printer but I don’t know much about them at all. Thanks for your response.


@Sparky7 If you have the sleeve, if you rotate it and rest the V on that, I find that works quite well and gives a nice platform to rest on. Otherwise, anything that is stiff and A4 size would work as well.


… yeah, it just needs to be attached (preferably magnetically) to the bottom of the V for total perfection. :smile:


Maybe you should try a sheet of metal (iron). The magnets of the V seem to be strong enough…


has anyone had any more thoughts on this? Tried any products?


Haven’t tried any personally but someone picked up a Brydge bBluetooth keyboard for their Surface Pro and said it works with the V as well. It clamps to the tablet and converts into a “laptop”. I haven’t seen any reports on typing experience yet.


Surely the Surface Pro is a different thickness. I’ll try to find their post and ask them. I’m up for trying anything and everything, including the simple iron sheet… but, being a FFS buyer I’ll need to wait. :frowning:


Didn’t have time to look earlier. Here you go.


I use a brydge keyboard with my Surface pro 3.
The surface tablet is about one mm thicker than the V tablet.
As they have different clamps for different tablets, you could measure your V tablet and ask them if they can furnish the right clamps.
Note: the Brydge keyboard is quite heavy what gives good stable usage: I never use the kickstand any more.
The price to pay? No lightweight any more.


The OP of that post says it fits fine with the SP4 grips. If the bluetooth input works well then it seems like a great option. That’s the only thing I wonder about. So far, using the V keyboard on Bluetooth doesn’t provide as good of an experience as being connected via the Pogo pins. I’m wondering if that’s something to do with the keyboard or the V.