Keyboard/trackpad unreliable



Hi there,
I am experiencing an issue with the keyboard/trackpad. While attached, it sometimes suddenly stops working (keys not working, no trackpad, no backlight). This occured to me three times till now and it seems to be compleatly random. One time I could fix it by closing the keyboard (putting windows in standby modde), one time I had to reboot the device and once it fixed itself after about 10min. During that glitch windows detects, if the keybord is attached or not. Detaching and attaching doesen’t solve it.
Does anyone have an idea what could cause this bug or how to prevent it from happening?
thanks in advance!


It could be an weak connection by the pogo pins from the keyboard and the computer.
Try cleaning and check that they are not sticking.


the pins and the connection look fine. no dirt, no corrosion. if you press down one of the pins, it snaps right back


Well, did you try to uninstall the keyboard driver and restart the V already?
If that does not cure the problem you should contact support I’m afraid.


Also did you check the connectors’s condition under your V where the pins connect to?


yes, same here. No dirt, no corrosion.


today - after serveral disconnects - I took a closer look at the keyboard and discovered that the pins don’t have the same hight. is that normal?


The outer ones should be a bit higher than the inner ones :slight_smile: