Keyboard stop working



Hi, eve community,

Recently I got issues with my eve-v keyboard and it stopped working. Over the last few weeks, the keyboard stopped to work when attached to the V. To workaround, I was using my keyboard in Bluetooth. For a period of 4 to 3 weeks, it worked well.

Two days ago, received a notification on windows telling me that my keyboard battery was low (5%) after few hours, it dropped to 1%. and few minutes later keyboard stopped to work.

I assessment of the situation is that the connection between the keyboard and the V is not working properly. I believe it could be either a software issue (I did all my windows update and driver update) or a hardware problem (check the keyboard pin and connector on the V, nothing obvious)

Any ideas community people?


I have the exact same issue and I was going to write about it.

I noticed that when I reboot the computer sometimes I was able to get back the keyboard working without using Bluetooth. Now it doesn’t work anymore.


@GrosBof I’m sorry to hear that. Kinna suck!

I sent an email to Eve support. We may someday here something from them (Thise is my 4th ticket with them :weary:)

Keep you posted.


try to move the keyboard a bit to the left and to the right when connected to the V. in my case it helps to move the pogo pins into the right place… and connection is good again…


I got my v in march and my keyboard stopped working in june, contacted support, tried everything… still dont have a functioning keyboard😅i just stopped using V.


If your no-keyboard situation becomes too tough, the Brydge 12.3 keyboard seems to go well with the V.


Thanks @AML for the idea. I have a hard time having to pay for something to be able to use my computer (I had to buy several accessories because I never received the one ordered with my V)


Do this about two hundred times and one of the pogo pins will break. I have experience with this. :confused: My Keyboard didn’t worked since receiving. For a correct connection i had to move the keyboar a bit to the right.

First, my V got a lot scratches from below. Second, aber 6 months, one of the Pogo pins broke.


I’m breaking apart my keyboard in hopes of fixing it. I had issues with keyboard rapidly connecting and disconnecting. Will let ya know


That’s what I used to do, now my keyboard is dead 3 ways to sunday. Waiting on a warranty replacement.

My opinion is that it’s shoddy workmanship on the keyboards.


pogo pins are way to weak at the first batch of HEB V’s. Don’t know how the new ones are… I don’t use my V keyboard any more. It works, but one pogo pin is loose and the oops-key is broken… I’ve got a foldable Bluetooth MS keyboard for using my V outsides…


Ooooooooh I’ve been wanting that keyboard. How is it?


a bit weird to use with the gap in the middle, but an eyecatcher when you open it and start typing…


I am waiting too for a warrenty replacement of the keyboard. first misalignmen, now broken pogo pin. saaaad :frowning:


Glad to see (and sorry guys) that I am not the only one having the problem with the keyboard!!! This is getting on my nerve! I am writing this while connecting the keyboard via bluetooth now.


Lucky guy my keyboard only works while connecting via pins


Seems like eve should invest some time in refining the current eve keyboard. When I am reading your comments, it looks like I should be “glad” mine only has some disconnects when I am using it on an uneven surface. I think that one of the problems are too weak magnets.


Eve should invest some time to answer service requests…


Maybe @Konstantinos could help us!