[KEYBOARD POLL] Backspace or Ooops!


This is a simple poll about our Eve V that is to come out soon.
In a picture posted by Eve-tech, you will notice the Ooops! key that is usually written as Backspace.

Me and some of my fellas here think that this is so cool that we should keep it!
Because we were told that this Ooops! key will be a regular, plain old Backspace.
Personally, I think that we should keep it because it gives the device a soul, it represents us, it shows the attention for detail and most importantly, it shows how much fun we had together in the making of this Pyramid Flipper, the Eve V.
So the poll that I made here is simple.
Once again, we will choose what will be written on the usual Backspace key on the keyboard, just vote for what YOU want to be on it!

  • Ooops!
  • Backspace
  • I’m indifferent about it.

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And thank You for your vote :v:

[IDEA] Business/Boring Edition keyboard (no oops!, no triangle)



Also, I would love customized ones based on language, but I understand it’s stupidly expensive :frowning:


OOOPS TO THE WORLD! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: LoL


Considering this isn’t some kid device how about no thank you. Haha. Also I know it’s obvious, but I feel with ignorant people to often to have to explain to them the backspace button says ooops. :slight_smile:


It’s funny. But it doesn’t make the device look any more professional, you know…


When I type and have to backspace, I say OOOPS! What’s more professional then that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ignorant. TOTALLY WITH YOU ON THAT! Ooops! will make my life easier when explaining :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Real professionals don’t use backspace :sunglasses:


True, true… Let’s remove that key! Eve V is only for professionals! :wink:


I liked the Oops concept because rather than being a ‘boring’ and strictly professional as multibillion dollar companies are, it sends the ‘startup vibe’, the energy, the passion, and shows the amount of attention to detail the company put through.


But it’s a computer, not a toy. It has a serious price tag, so it should look serious too.


By the way, this layout sucks. A lot. Because the arrow keys are unusable. Unless you want to grab a friggin toothpick every time you need to press one.


Ooops all the way - something unique, different and fun. As for “professional” - I think that for 99% of people one different labeled key will not stop them buying a device - and anyway it could be done as something unique for the first run (or two) - mark of the originals.
And @pauliunas there is nothing wrong with the keyboard layout in my opinion - it looks exactly the same as the one I use, and properly 90% of sub 15 inch device, and I have never had issues with the arrow keys


In Finnish this would be likely: “Oho” or “eiku…”


I am in support of Ooops
I think it just my be our signature quirk!
Every brand has one, some are better than others.
Just look at Apple and their logo :joy:
We all now take it seriously and think it is professional, but it wasn’t so from the start for sure!

So Ooops all the way


Well, then you must have insanely small fingers. I’ve tried a bunch of laptops in shops just for that… I can’t press the arrow up key without also pressing that shift or that arrow down. And my fingers aren’t thick at all.

Oh and where did home/end/pgup/pgdown go?


Ooops gonna be really fun to use.


@Ervin I’m fine either way. Oops! is funny but it as cons as @Cody_Patterson mentioned.

However, and more important, is the keyboard layout as @pauliunas mentioned. The arrow keys are horrible and the keyboard seems to have enough space to use full sized up/down arrow keys. Other important things are the home/end/pgup/pgdown buttons. I can see the delete button is massive for no reason at all and that could be easily split into 2 keys. For people who use a keyboard a lot to navigate, the home/end/pgup/pgdown buttons are enormous time savers, especially compared to mouse/trackpad.

It’s really a shame we weren’t consulted as much about this little details in terms of the keyboard (though I remember the discussion around the dimensions of the arrow keys) and now it seems finalised it’s disappointing.


To be completely frank, I’m a bit disappointed with this community. First comes the unnecessary pokemon reference, now a lame joke on the keyboard… This is starting to look like a huge internet meme of a tablet. I know it’s fun for us, the community. I’m not saying that “Oops” is not fun. But the same can be said about those memes. They’re fun. But you don’t want to become one.


Keep the “Oops”, but really re-think the layout.
To me the home/end/pgup/pgdown keys aren’t that relevant, but for others (power-users who are the main target of V) they seem to be; definitely change those arrow-keys - either make them bigger so one can actually use them or leave them completely, but not this half of a thing. It just looks as if we had not enough time or money to implement real keys.