Key learnings on community development process. Part 2!


Thank you all for participating in the previous discussion! Your feedback was spot on! :+1:

We will now try to implement as much of it as possible in the Dock development process!

Here’s our summary of the previous thread. Let us know if anything is missing!

Things you liked = We should focus on maximizing these

  • All the awesome ideas community came up with.

  • Our transparency and openess as a team and company

  • How anyone could make their own thread to develop any part that he/she thought could be further discussed.

  • When Eve would inject the reality and discard some of the ideas giving detailed reasoning behind it like if tech is not there, too expensive, etc

  • Feeling of family

  • How V turned out to as a product!

  • For selfish reasons I will quote @hellBENder here :slight_smile:

    Konstas sweater videos. What were they about with regards to content…? I can only remember those colors :yum:

Things you disliked = We should focus on minimizing these

  • There was no big picture of what and when exactly are we making. We realized the true value of V and why we are making it mid-way through the project

  • Absence of the roadmap (thread/ webpage) by visiting which all of the project flow, timeline and milestones would be easy to see and understand

  • Take more time studying people needs before starting the thread. Have a very deep discussion on various aspects of the product before starting polls.

  • Few users overloading thread with their comments causing the wrong impression that their opinion was the most agreed upon.

  • I will quote @pauliunas on this one:

Sometimes people weren’t well informed before making a poll and the same poll was repeated multiple times, or the argumentation of the decision wasn’t very clear. The most obvious example would be CPU - whenever the community has to make a decision that will heavily impact the final product’s performance, they should be presented with rock-hard numbers, statistics that show how the options relate to each other, and real world examples. IMO there’s not much worse that can happen than having users vote for something they don’t understand.

Some of the great improvement suggestions you had

  • Things like the priority tower should be available when possible so people can comment on those (in the appropriate thread if necessary)

  • There should be a thread to show the complete roadmap, even if they’re just estimates. Having the steps that the project is taking

  • Have a system that to post in the development category for example, a moderator would have to approve your thread, so that you don’t confuse others and stick to the roadmap.

  • Separation of off-topic and on-topic threads could be made more visible.

  • Another way would be for team to do the research themselves and try to find very objective ways of comparing the options, and clearly present them to the community prior to the polls. But I think that’s a lot of work and all the brains of the community can be more efficient than that and find even more info.

  • Even a simple 2 option poll does not always give is a clear picture. What if people are truly indifferent? By nature, many of them will still just pick a side, and the resulting numbers will have an increased margin of error as a result. Offering a 3rd “indifferent” option gives people the satisfaction of voting without skewing the results.

  • We need to differentiate between “official” polls and community generated polls. (Even if just in the subject /title)

Next @Xinjie will post a road-map post that will be used as a master thread for dock project (landing page of sorts).

Let’s test out the idea of having multiple poll phases suggested by @mlivesey!

Now it’s time to lock down the final Dock project code name! Here are top 3 options from the previous thread! The one that win this poll will become the code-name!

  • Donald Dock
  • Project Harbor
  • Portimus Prime
  • It doesn’t really matter to me!

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After locking down the name we will create a separate category with all the discussions regarding the dock!

[Donald Dock] All about the project


About the dock name: I really like Donald Dock, but somehow have the feeling that it sounds a bit weird as soon as it’s combined with the company name.

“Eve Donald Dock” somehow sounds not as fluent to me as “Eve Portimus Prime”. After writing this I’m no longer sure about this, but wanted to point this out nonetheless: please think about the whole name including Eve as company when voting.


That shouldn’t be a problem since this is only the project name, the product name will be entirely different! Although Eve pyramid flipper does sound fluent in that form also. :stuck_out_tongue: I still wish Project Bob would have been included in the previous poll, that one hit me as a great name right away!


My cat’s name is Bob. So when hearing that name I mostly think about things getting broken… :rofl:

That’s exactly what I wanted to add: I’m not sure if it makes sense to ulitmatively lock down the name before thinking about the functionality and features. Maybe someone comes up with a very unique idea that could also be somehow reflected by the name. So I would think it should be an internal project name with the potential to also become the final product name.

Another reason why I like “Donald Duck” so much: I’m sure it will give us various oppertunities for jokes:

  • When presenting the development of the project to the end user we call this Dock Tales
  • … your ideas…


+1 for project bob :slight_smile:


Nah, I won’t :sweat_smile:

Remember, it’s not a product name, it’s a project name. That means it will only be used internally. Pyramid Flipper was rarely used together with Eve, because it was an internal project name. People said “Pyramid Flipper”, “Project Pyramid Flipper”, “PF”, etc., maybe “Eve Project Pyramid Flipper”… But you usually don’t need to add the company name, because it’s an internal name rarely used outside the Eve community. And if you use it outside, you generally want to clarify it’s not a final product by adding “Project” to it anyway…


in the same camp with you regarding project vs product name. actually PF was used online in some articles too (pyramid flipper to google will reveal this).

Using a different project name than the product name has some search engine disadvantages though as it wont start generating results for the final product right from the get go. So from that point of view it doesn’t seem like the best decision to use a different name (provided that a PR effort coexists with the development process)


As I understand this poll, it`s about the project name, not about the product name


you understand correctly :slight_smile:


As long as it is a project name, and not for a marketing campaign, I think Donald Dock is spendid !


wow, it’s so close at 139 votes! Though I do honestly suspect that if the choices were donald dock and portimus prime, or donald dock and Project harbour, it might not be so close. I suspect there are a lot of people who prefer those 2 to donald dock, so are effectively splitting the vote. If it ends up this close, it would be interesting to do a second round, dropping off the bottom choice - similar to how we do political party leadership elections. One candidate must get at least 50%. (or in this case, one candidate + the I don’t care vote must break 50%)



It’s official now! Dock project code-name will be Donald Dock!

We will definitely try even more vote phases in the future. Now let’s get started community! @Xinjie will make the next post soon!

How can we improve community development before Eve Dock's crowd development is kicked off