Keep the customer satisfied


It was fine to read some aspects about about the usage of starting my new V (bought it yesterday), its keyboard etc.
But I have to admit I cannot keep all these hints in memory until the V will be here and I can try out.
Surely many instructions for users are well known as they we were always familiar with them. But I suggest to offer a kind of register for all us users where we can find a great part of things we would like to look after in one place.
That would be useful for your support just the same. Give people like me a manual or PDF we can download or lookup in cases “of emergency” for the simple questions before we feel the need to ring your support.
It would be fine if you could establish this as a PDF, downloadable, or simply implemented and accessible on screen.
If there already is such a thing but I did not find it yet: gimme a hint.
And also: please respect that I am no native speaker.


Check out these posts! It’s not everything you’re looking for right now I’m sure, but it’s a good start. You can also check the FAQ section of the community for a lot of simple questions too.