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Hi guys!

As you know Eve was started to solve some of the most common industry problems like unreasonable prices, bad product quality, bloatware and so on.

The main reason we can create unprecedented quality products at affordable prices is because of direct support from our community and our small agile team. You might not think about it, but keeping things simple and small within the Eve team is one of the biggest factors we can be constantly among you guys! No dang bureaucracy, no lazy overheads. The Eve way.

And being with you, among you, for you, is what counts the most! Without community and people getting Eve products, there’s nothing left. It’s all about the personal dialogue! Wholehearted thanks to all you lovely members :*

“Yeah yeah, so what? Keep it short and simple!”

Traditionally customer service and treatment of people in general is not considered the strong card of tech firms. Often its outsourced to some lower-wage country, ran by robots, handled late and with minimum effort, etc.

But interaction with customers is the most important thing!

And there’s no hiding: Here’s the thing, despite the fact that Eve is a new company that is very small comparing to other tech giants we are nowadays quite present online (search “crowd developed” in google and you will understand what I mean). As a result even before we have shipped our Vs to press and started more sales we have 500,000 monthly visitors to and And so we are contacted more and more. Nice! :sunglasses:

The more we talk and chat with people outside the community, the more time is shifted away from being among you and making cool stuff with ya’ll! And for the most part, say 98% of the time, the requests and support mail we get is about the same things: V specs, chances for buying the V, what is the community, etc. The easiest way to describe that dialogue is to say that we have 100s of community members who could easily give all the desired info!

Are you happy about the fact that knows and discusses all about Eve?

  • Yes, keep the doors open!
  • No, I prefer blindfolding and listening to the man

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We are always there for you!

###So there’s the big idea:

What if we merge traditional support channels and into same one channel? Before you send me to mental institution (pleaaase noo) hear this out. Why do I have come to think this is a great way to go?

  • First, our whole team would be hanging out in more, and support questions would be coming into dedicated support category.

  • Second, Community members will be able to help with common repetitive questions giving answer very fast (by probably linking already existing topic) and for any requests community doesn’t have answer for or requests that require action from our team our team members will be there to help. We will be able to resolve sensitive matters through private messages as well as through support telegram channel.

We will always continue to have dedicated Eve team members looking after the people who need help, and while the new website is under works a thorough FAQ sections is in the works. We will always be there for you, but perhaps soon all 4000 members could cover your back as well?

Time and time again we’ve been amazed the quality and wisdom of the community crowd. And especially we keep hearing about how kind-spirited you guys and gals are! I agree, you’re the best :heart_eyes:. We know a lot of you want to help others only for the sake of helping, but we will also be able to reward with all sorts of Eve stuff those who really stand out in their “community service”!

In a nutshell:
The benefits of community driven service are:

  • Fast, humane, high quality, authentic responses given by our core team and community members
  • Lower overheads for us as a company allowing us to maintain our affordable pricing and small, agile team size
  • Open dynamic discussion where people can get answers fast and feel the Eve way and its people (you). Rejecting the 9-to-5 bureaucrats, focusing on 24/7 passion and true problem-solving
    This is something that most of you guys already do anyways:)

The drawbacks:

  • New and unfamiliar way to receive support from tech company

So imagine Eve becoming the first company to have community driven support as well.
Hey what do you say guys? Should we make history and get remembered as not only the company to crowd develop a computer first but as well as the first company to have user driven support?

##Should we TRY it out?:thinking:

  • Yes, Let’s try it out!
  • No, lets stick to traditional ways

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If you think its a good idea we will try it out and if it doesn’t work we think harder if it does then we keep it
If answer is yes then in community fashion we will brainstorm on how to properly design the whole flow.

Noticed laser cat?! Read this thread! Community Service ver 1.0
Community Support Part 2: Brainstorm! :rainbow::ocean::volcano:
Thanks, Moderators, for giving me a huge middle finger in my face


@Konstantinos I’m worried that the information that community members give may not be up to date or they may be mistaken. Some times Eve changes some details due to various constraints but doesn’t tell it (for example the PayPal situation is very delicate).
I do think that for general questions community members can answer.
And insiders and Eve team members could corroborate the replies given too. :wink:


I agree that this may be a workable system once things are fully decided upon. At the moment, things are very much subject to change, and misinformation is the last thing we want. Once the V is finalised though, it’s totally worth a try.


@Helios @fanoftech4life valid points here.
We will be in the community way more and there will be less room for misunderstanding :slight_smile:

This is going to be exciting :slight_smile:


Sounds great and I’m all for this openness idea, but (there’s usually always a but) there are always at least two ways of seeing things.

Unfortunately some of the advice and information given by users on the community has been quite frankly false. And I’ve seen that the discussion can become somewhat heated, when neither one of the parties involved doesn’t take a breath, listen and research a bit more.

Being right isn’t a privilege, it’s a call to educate. And to educate you’ll need information to back it up.

In my view the biggest problem is having the information factual, correct, accurate and up-to-date.

The community users are from lots of different ways of life and not all of them are IT professionals or aficionados.

But everything is doable, impossible things just take a little bit more time.:sunglasses:


Exactly! Thanks! That’s the attitude.
Many people thought community development would not work out. But after experimentations things work out eventually!


Sounds like Microsoft’s support page without the useless answers of Microsoft staff, haha :smiley: I think, it’s good, but the community needs to be structured differently for that. But let’s see what the new design overhaul brings us :slight_smile:


It’s a great idea, but I agree with the other comments.

Also, and perhaps it’s just me :slight_smile:, but I find the forum somewhat hard to negotiate. For example, we should have a very clear FAQ topic which just has brief FAQs and answers. There is the “Let’s make an FAQ together” thread but it’s very long, not pinned and it hasn’t been updated for a couple of months (The T1 FAQ is much easier to follow in “support”). And the forum is filled with many asides and off-topic conversations, which makes it difficult for a new user to quickly find the information they need. So I would suggest we would need to redesign the community forum if we wish that to be the source of information.

Finally, maybe I’m missing something, but how is what you’re saying any different from the support forums that other manufacturers provide (such as


I think that once details about the V are finalised, a lot of the straight facts can just be listed on the product page of the new Eve website. The community would be left to answer more tech-support-y questions, i.e. “I can’t get my V to stand up like it does in the pictures, help!” “Have you tried extending the kickstand?” “What’s a kickstand?” …and so forth…


I think it’s a good idea.
But it doesn’t fell like it’s the first user driven support.

I know some companies who link you to the forum when you click on “Support” on their website.

My only concern is somehow like the first 2 replies above.
What if I want to help but recommend something realy harming by mistake?
I mean realy harmful for the device like clean your V in the dishwasher.
Who will be responsible?


The dishwasher manufacturer, obviously. Nowhere did their manual state that you shouldn’t put your crowd-developed 2-in-1 portable computer in there!


The suggestion to merge support and forum to one channel is a nice. But there are also few problematic things with these.

I ve been working with customer support type of things for almost all my life, so here are my views

The biggest thing is that when you move from a crowdsource delivery to a more tradiotionally one customers expect to have atleast some kind of normal way of contacting support. It may be a support chat or a email to support. With email support is hard and time consuming, and it really requires a ticket system to keep things organized.

With a chat based system you need a support staff that is available on different times (well you can have genereal open times for the support chat) but also you must have a way of contacting support 24/7 (not meaning there is a person to give support for 24/7).

Forums are one thing but when your customer base grows it will become messy and it would need constant monitoring, because at some point there will be posts in the general sections of the forum for support etc. I have seen this many many times in my work and once you hit that point it is really, really hard to get it cleaned and normalised.

I know that Eve is still a small company and propably wont have this kind of problems, atleast not in the beginning but just as a reminder :slight_smile:

To recap: If you are going to merge them, please plan it very very well. Customers want an easy way for support and for most of the people, writing to forums is not a pleasant way. Also with large community some customers might feel insulted by a reply that sounds harsh on to their ear/eye etc.


Too late dude… I already ordered the ambulance…

But seriously, as presented by others above, it may run you into legal issues or lawsuits. I’m not saying this is impossible, nor we shouldn’t do that, but there should be a bulletproof system in place before we open the gate.

But… but… have you performed a clean boot?[quote=“andybotty, post:11, topic:6069”]
My only concern is somehow like the first 2 replies above.
What if I want to help but recommend something realy harming by mistake?

I think it could also be done this way: Posts that didn’t get at least 1 or 2 likes wont be shown to the asker[quote=“inffy, post:13, topic:6069”]
With a chat based system you need a support staff that is available on different times (well you can have genereal open times for the support chat) but also you must have a way of contacting support 24/7 (not meaning there is a person to give support for 24/7).

I think this is actually entirely possible, and let me say, one of the brilliant solutions. Take a look at When I’m working on, say, advanced calculus books, a student from introductory calculus can ask you questions in live-chat style.

I got a solution to have some sort of algorithm that detects specific keywords like “spec”, “specs”, or “price”, or “shipping”, or “shipment”, and present the relevant FAQ items to the asker. Of course there will be link to the whole FAQ if s/he wants that.


Love the idea, but like others mentioned, the whole system would have to be restructured. For starters, It’d be annoying to say the least if we had a new notification each time a question was posted


Chat is angreat tool if it’s used right and implemented right. With a small company and still a small username the implementation wouldn’t be too hard, but scaling it to a bigger mass is the thing where it will either succeed or burn.

Of course as don’t know how Eve will handle support in the future it’s hard to suggest on possible solutions.

But don’t do email based support unless you have a good and working ticket system and a support staff that can handle the incoming volume. When I started my at my current job we didn’t have anything just email and it was a total mess for a long long time. Nobody had thought how the thing would work when customer base blew up. After the situation was completely unbearable, not before, they started to think “we would need a ticket system in place”. In the end we managed to get it working.


I like the idea, but I’m afraid of a few general questions.
There are currently 500 Early Birds + xx Limited Birds waiting for your V’s and looking into the community every day if there is something new.
If the devices are delivered and work as expected, this will certainly be less.
-> How do you keep these experienced community members actively involved in forums & support events?

Does the model still work organically when Eve has launched the first 1,000,000 devices (or where the target may be)?

How does the community get rid of supporters who deliberately or unintentionally advise / support the interests of Eve?


If people want OFFICIAL response from EVE they just need to PM @“eve-team-member” And if they want Unofficial but fast reponse by one of the community member they can create topic at “Suport” and when its solve closing the topic by one of the CREW member.

I think its a great idea to merge everything at the same place :slight_smile:


I like the idea and honestly think that it could be possible. But there will be a lot of topics which must be clarified before starting this kind of support.

I totally agree with @nighty - it will be probably necessary to divide/rank the members of the community. The people who are searching for help must identify very clearly who is from eve-tech and who is “only” a community-member. This differenation is especially necessary to make sure, no legal issues can come up, because a community-member gave a wrong advice (eg dishwasher ;P) Maybe it’s also a good idea to start a ranking among the community-members like now - so it’s possible to earn trust and that answers from “trusted-members” are highlighted or appear in a higher place.

I think a lot of question which will come up can be answered with a big FAQ! but a lot of people will not be able to find the right answer (this happens already now pretty often in the community) - this will be a big part of the “community-support”: find already given answers.

The success of this support-project will probalby depend on the structure of the support-website and the community-manager (@nawthor - sounds like there is a lot of work for you :wink: ) who will have to keep the different threads clean - especially from off-topic-conversations and wrong answers.

(as usual: personal 2 cents :slight_smile: )

edit: @inffy: for what kind of device/product did you organize the support?


While I get and like the idea, because the community is amazing and very unique, there are a lot of things that could go wrong:

  1. Right now the community is a place for valuable discussions. Look at the OnePlus Community that has gotten totally out of hand with support questions, duplicate threads, rants etc… I am not saying these things could not be valuable, but the OnePlus community is a good example for how bad it can get.

  2. There have been multiple cases I noticed already where questions were asked in this community in a very demanding way. Making the community the place for support requests means that questions will be asked even more often with the kind of tone that really is out of place here.
    Newbies will have a hard time making a difference between the company and the community.

  3. On the other hand, there have been cases where people got answers wrong, or the tone of their answer left a bad impression, because the one that asked was not used to the people of the community.

Also I think people that are in the community will prefer to ask others anyway, but more mainstream consumers will definitely be irritated by this.
Additionally, when you are targeting the broader market, it will be quite an inconvenience for people to login to the community first to get support. So I think support lines like Twitter and e-mail should definitely exist, and be a priority.