Just Recieved My HEB! The Initial Thoughts of a SC


Hey guys, I’ve been a bit sick recently and not in the community. But my V arrived on Thursday, and as I got out of hospital today I got to start playing with it a little bit!

For any people considering purchasing the V etc, here are my initial thoughts:

I don’t think the V is that heavy, at all.
Keyboard was a little heavier than I expected however :joy:.
You can’t pick it up by the screen and have the keyboard happily hang off. The keyboard is too heavy to do this! But also, take better care of your V and don’t try.
The keyboard cannot be connected backwards :disappointed_relieved:
However magnets do hold keyboard closed against the V screen, didn’t know about this and really like it.
I don’t see an issue with the V pen magnets.
There was no dust or dirt or dents on any of my boxes or components.
4PX are awful, they gave me the wrong keyboard (US instead of UK), and they forgot to put in an extra charger head I had ordered. But I’m dealing with that with Eve currently and I have no doubt it’ll be fixed in no time.
Some people have reported the keyboard keys getting stuck and stuff. My keys are lovely and don’t do this. They’re very tactile which I wasn’t expecting but I really like.
I can see how the two USB C ports vary, however it’s not as bad as I thought from reading comments. I’m going to reserve comment on this until I test with several USB C type devices and cables. But my V happily charges via either USB C port.
I love my case, the fabric its way sturdier than I thought possible. The guys did a really good job in the design, construction, and implementation! I got the flip case, not the zipper one.

Pictures of box that spoil unboxing experience!

Look at how subtle and nice the print on this box is! So pretty!

Notice my hospital bracelet on my ankle right here :joy:


Thank you for sharing the nice unboxing experience with us. We hope you’re fine now. Hospital is not a nice place to stay long, though you’re with V.



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there was no edit. i had both hands free the entire time.


I like how this text comes later as an edit


Thanks for posting this as I was worried about the weight; specifically the screen.


I already installed the drivers that were on the forum :frowning:. So I don’t have the virgin drivers for the touchpad, sensors, or audio. Is there other ones you’d like??


Hope for speedy receovery.

Have a nice time with your V during stay by the way.:+1: