Just received the Spectrum!

I didn’t take many pictures yet, but overall I love it!!

144 Hz and 4K are game-changers. It works really flawlessly and it’s a huge upgrade from a 1080p@60Hz panel.

Bug report: HDR over DP turns image to black & white.


Are you sure you’re using a DP 1.4 cable? If not, that could be the issue. If you are sure about the cable, please provide your device specs and maybe we can help troubleshoot. It may be an issue with your unit, but it might just be something else


I will check that out later, but I kinda remember someone also reporting this in some prototype thread, as I instantly thought of “hey, I remember that” when it happened.


I’m loving the monitor so far!!

Update on the bug reported:

I could not determine if my cable is DP 1.4 as it’s really old and unspecified on the cable. But I noticed HDR works fine if I don’t touch the Brightness HDR/SDR balance. It goes to B&W when I move it. Works fine over HDMI.


As far as I know, DP cables have not versions (like HDMI ones do), every DP cable should work the same. Correct me if I’m wrong.

My rig is a i7-9700K paired with a RTX 2070 Supe (MSI Gaming X). It’s capable of HDMI 2.0b and DP 1.4.

After I tried HDR over DP and got the issue, changed again to HDMI and now I can’t turn on HDR on Windows Screen configuration. I turn it on, screen goes black, and screen appears again with the HDR turned off.

Another update: after that, changed to DP on Spectrum again, and now HDR works correctly. I don’t know why xD


There are different versions of DP cables.
DP1.4 cables have been in circulation relatively recently.
DP cables prior to 2018 are likely to be DP1.2 specification.
Connection with DP1.2 cables may cause problems.
In my environment, at least, I can’t see any glitches when I just turn on HDR on Windows 10 with DP1.4 connection.


Thank you. My cable could be 1.2 since I got it many years ago. If the problem rises again I will buy a new one =)

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Yeah, I got this two when switching in a game to HDR, but switching tasks and going back into the game has fixed it in all occasions. I had this happen only in games that require the display to be set in HDR in the Windows display settings. This was in contrast to Mass Effect Legendary Edition that changes it in game where I had no black and white image issues.


I also used very generic old DP cable from god knows when. Had problem with my Vega 64 card. The “black screen” issue, that was making headlines with the RX5700 at that time.
Bought proper thic DP cable to test things out. No problems since. There is difference between good quality DP cables and HDMI cables. So why skimp on that? I cost me maybe 12 euros for good quality DP cable. You just bought 700usd monitor… do not skimp on cables. That said there are like 2000 usd HDMI cables with some bullshit hype… that is PR BS!

Cable I bought from German Amazon:KabelDirekt – 8K DisplayPort Kabel – 3m: Amazon.de: Computer & Zubehör

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