July 6th Update 2018


@Elbundo1 i will add your name to the list but you should really take some distance with all this since you weren’t able to notice that this post is made by me nor that I m not a part of the team


I guess I am confused as to the purpose of the post! What is the intent?


Maybe some implied ones but none I can answer :smiley:


Actually there are four: several were in one sentence: order status? Que status? Order number? Who has the money?


order status: end of August at the latest. Queue status: which queue? Order number? nobody ever cared about order numbers. Money? frozen by your cc company…


Eve should trademark that.


@dibadibadu Do you really trust them? After all delays and excuses??


what should I say here… I waited more than one year for my V. now it is for more than 7months my daily business desktop computer (running CAD programs at a bigger screen) and always at my side as tablet when I’m on construction sites… I trust them that they will deliver, but I don’t know when…


I’m on same page as you - waited 15 months, now using it over 5 month - and I’m happy with device (except for upper USB-C port). Running CAD, GIS, mapping and modelling programs plugged to 43" LG 4K monitor - no issues.

But I lost my trust to EVE team for both delivery and support.

No promised updated drivers, BIOS, …


eve is a little team of mostly crazy guys between 20 and 30 years old. they’ve shown us what they can reach and that they can fight. I trust in their will to fight for each V, but the triangle of time, money and quality isn’t on their side…


At least they can work on support … BIOS and drivers updates were promised in January/February …


I understand why you feel that way and I’m not trying to dismiss anyone’s anger over still not having their V, whether thru delayed production/shipping or lack of response from support. I just don’t see any of this happening because Eve doesn’t care or is dishonest. I see a series of unfortunate events that tripped up a young company. I also think that most start-ups faced with the current situation would have shut down and ran while they could. Things suck right now for sure…not denying that…but for example, I know how cold blooded the CC industry can be and the frozen funds (and lack of caring about the effects) is in their hands, at their doing…not Eve’s. That’s why I’m still willing to cut Eve slack on the fact that they have had to scramble and that has messed up pretty much everything.

Enough about that though. I’m also happy with my V. I use it for work and as my daily driver. Hoping to test out Photoshop and Premiere on it soon. I haven’t felt that there are more issues to deal with than with any other PC I’ve owned.

You’ve mentioned the upper USB port issue on multiple occasions. I have to ask; have you tried modifying the end of your USB-C cable as has been suggested? I have the same loose port and it’s worked without problems since I shaved a little material off the cable end. It’s not an ideal solution but it took 2 mins and now I don’t even think about it.


It still does not explain lack of support …

Except of USB-C port (and sleeve) I do not have any issues with my V (knock the wood), it works better then first Surface Pros or Surface Book (less issues with Windows, overheating, …).

Yes I tried - it is better, but still loose. But I’m not cutting my memory sticks or USB-C program dongles …


I can understand that. I probably wouldn’t cut those either. I’m using all USB-A memory sticks and dongles so I haven’t had to face that scenario. My upper port is still a little loose with the modified cable as well but fortunately it works perfectly.


I have it with RAM mount in my car:
TB3 port - charging
USB-A/C - memory stick with maps/aerial photographs
USB-C/A - program dongles

Cannot cut GPS, memory stick, program dongles, tried cut charging cable but it often disconnects …


Which charging cable did you modify? I used the long one that came with the V but I’m sure there’s some variance between cables. I’ll try another one and see if it works just as well.


I tried 3 different ones (slightly different lengths of the metal part).


or paypal 202020202020202


Well said



My guess is they don’t do the developing themself, more likely it’s done by their manufacturer.
So no funds for assembly means software development on hold until the investor sweeps in to save the day.

Oh yea, I should add: this sucks