July 6th Update 2018


Yes - Time Machine - we did it and it worked - return to previous state - which did not help with update. So we did clean install with data recovery from TM - spent whole day working on it.

And yes you can do (and I’m doing it for all computers) same with PC - either full backup (disk snapshot) or data backup …


I mean does it work like this too in the case of the V’s mentioned here in the forum ?


It should - did not need to test it … yet … :thinking:


Wow! That REALLY sucks! You have my full sympathy.

The latest delay has caused me hover over the “cancel and get my money back” option. Then I look at the price and specs of alternatives - those proposed by others in another thread - and I still keep coming back to the V which has it all (no compromises for my use case) in hope that I get a perfect one in August (!).

But stories like yours cause me to hover over cancel again because not only does it need to be perfect on arrival but it needs to remain so through dodgy windows updates and not get broken, EVER.

I am seriously conflicted. So I delay the decision, I keep reading and researching, but hey - time is money right? I hope you get some kind of resolution, maybe even compensation, because you deserve better than you got.


OK, I didn’t know that about some MS surfaces being bricked by MS updates. This still isn’t logical to me. And although I am cutting Eve lots of slack a brick is a brick however it’s caused. So I am starting to lean towards buying something from a store where I can return and bang the brick on the desk rather than be told by email (a week or a month later) that it might get sorted next year.


@Mike @Konstantinos I have been waiting since forever as an HEB and I fear I will never get my money as I can’t remember the last honest thing that was said to me.

Will I get a refund?


After 7month of waiting, I ordered a surface book 2 i5 8gb 256gb for about the same price of EVE i5… I got it 5 days later… updated the beast and am writing this from it.
Final goodbuy…


takess bhat’s what I hate about Windows backups…the all day factor. Sure you can recover your system but its not really any easier or faster than doing a fresh install, reinstalling all your apps and importing a file backup.

It’s so easy with Macs. Carbon Copy Cloner is amazing!


@Konstantinos and @Mike I have been waiting for my refund since Feb 2018, and all what I am getting is delays. The last estimated time is now end of September. Previous to that, it was end of June. I had to ask for it in order to have an update on my case.
I didn’t get any survey or email about refunds. I have sent messages to @Konstantinos and @Mike, and no answer. Am I getting stalled? are you both playing games?


Windows does have system restore for every update and the roll back mechanism for major updates though. For me that usually fixes the issue, if not then I’ll have to fall back to full backups or fresh install+file history (both should be less convenient than Time machines). File history is a lesser version of Time Machines to be fair. IMO MS should implement some way to backup the apps and system.


It was all day for Mac as they changed file system …
For Windows I’m using Acronis True Image and full recovery takes something between 1-2 hours …


Interesting. Anytime I’ve had an issue with Mac (not very often) i just booted up from the CCC backup on my USB drive and then dealt with getting the internal drive sorted out when it was convenient.

Windows has always been more of a headache for me. I guess should spend some more time tinkering with that.


Yes - that’s huge benefit of Macs - booting and working from backup drive.


Here’s to hoping someone will develop something that does that for windows.:beer:


Einstein said: repeating the same action and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

Clearly a statement from before windows, because the way to fix windows is to keep doing something until it suddenly works for no goddamn reason.

Or you fuck up your registry and your computar is forever borked.

Windows troubleshooting: just keep clicking shit and one of those two things will happen for no explainable reason at all.


CC: @Mike @Konstantinos @dascotis @DanBUK

Replying to Mike’s response to me from a previous “update”

I have to completely disagree in relation to responding to current customers support issues/inquires/tickets . You mention some unfortunate cases. Please give your customers the respect you should, we do have actual working brains too !!! The management of the support issues has made the situation 10 times worse for Eve than it should be.

Blaming the current crisis in support on all the refunds currently being asked for is a not a “little” but but a huge bit disingenuous. Support has been an unmitigated disaster from day one. I get the distinct feeling that Eve actually has no dedicated direct internal support, that it is either outsourced or that other internal Eve personnel have take up support personas so as to make it look like there are actually people working on support issues full-time.

No excuse about refunds explains the complete lack of response to requests for updates to previously logged support tickets. You do know that nearly every ticketing system EVER invented/coded has queue and SLA auto management features!!!

I have had to log new support tickets to actually get an update on the previous support ticket.

I am not a Dec 4th 2017 customer, I am a Oct 2016 customer. I had to kick up some real “shit” on another update forum topic 2 weeks ago to get a response from Mike. A response that still could not explain why you are shipping and fulfilling Dec 4th orders when you are not fulfilling your own warranty obligations for devices ordered nearly 2 years ago.

Seriously have you any realization that we are now quickly approaching the TWO YEAR MARK.

You mention that customers who are waiting for their Eve will receive emails of when they should “expect” to receive the device they paid for. I have not received a single communication in relation to when I can expect my support issue to be dealt with and I would hazard a guess that neither has anyone else.

My take on this is, you only rectify support issues for customers in a “timely” manner when those customers complain their “arse” off on the forums.

To be honest the management team of Eve just seem to go from disaster to disaster.

This may seem disheartening after the effort you went to replying to so many of the previous posts. However you have been promising definitive answers for a long time. That is all customers want, a definitive answer. Not more of the same self serving “bullshit” responses and answers that continually get regurgitated.

I am not the only HEB/LB waiting for a damaged device to be replaced. It is quiet clear to those of us that are still waiting on replacement Eve V’s or missing accessories that the principals of Eve, AKA Mike and Konstantinos took a very conscious decision that fulfilling new orders (Dec 4th flash sale) came before fulfilling your existing contractual obligations to customers from nearly 2 years previous.

The every sad truth in all this is, no matter what the fanboy’s say, the Eve V is now yesterday’s tech. It was a good device, but it was never an excellent device. In addition to the complete denial that there are a very substantial number of HEB’s & LB’s that have faulty keyboards, i.e. ones that will never be fixed with a driver update.

I don’t see Eve surviving unless they release a new V that has updated hardware and a new keyboard when “the investor” comes on board. The screen (if you have a working one) is the only new tech left in the Eve now.

And guess what, the USP of the Eve that was sold to HEB’s, LB’s was a cutting edge device that was ahead of the competition, that was not the case by the time most of us actually received our V’s.

Currently I would have to advise anyone considering a refund , to do so now.

Based on past performance, Eve’s standard MO is just to pass the buck to the following month. It has been EXACTLY this way since Feb 2017, it is always next month. Even support has this as their all encompassing solution to all outstanding issues, especially in relation TO THEIR OLDEST CUSTOMERS, you know the ones who took that initial leap of faith and actually got the company and it’s flagship product off the ground.

If Eve is not respecting it oldest customers then how can you believe they will respect their newest customers.

No matter what positive intentions we may wish for Mike, Konstantinos and the team they can only now be measured by past deliverables. I have been very vocal over the last 2 weeks and there are so many other’s that in the same position as I am but are patiently sitting at home hoping and waiting for the miracle “White Knight” AKA investor to ride into town and save the day.

So in effect all the previous updates, AKA “excuses” now indicate that September is to be the new MIRACLE MONTH, for 2018 that is.

Guys you should have made your original customers whole first, you lost a substantial part of your support base by taking your initial backers for granted. You can’t deny this for a second, FFS you cannot even deliver the missing accessories from orders that are nearly 2 year old, you know the COMPONENTS OF THE ORDERS THAT DO|N’T NEED FINAL ASSEMBLY.


I have contacted several folks at EVE regarding delivery, refunds and where is my order in the que. So far no answers to any of those questions.The “end of September” for a refund is a suspicious as the “estimated delivery” date. Neither express known certainty of either condition - it seems this whole thing is out of control!

It is one thing to wait a few months for a product; a product you pay for in advance BTW. And it is quite another to wait now 9 months!. I made my purchase in the Dec 4th flash sale. And I think (I cannot confirm this either) my order number is 18XX - in one of the posts it listed those who were waiting to receive the laptop and those who want refunds - neither my name or order number was in that list! Why wasn’t it? It does make me nervous.

Anyway, I have a lot of sarcastic comments I could make but it will not change anything. Perhaps there is urgency in your work at EVE to get the products to the purchasers. But the lack of communication; no specific status of a purchase information (an estimated delivery date is not sufficient at this state of affairs), and any notion of purchase / product control is deplorable as well as unsettling.

You need to answer these concerns for all of us.


That’s because that post was made by a community member by scouring posts in the forum. It is not an official list of people that have received their orders or not.


Thanks for the reply - it answer one element; what about the rest? Thanks again,


There was only one question though.