July 6th Update 2018


Hi @ngarkat! Konsta has addressed the missing accessories in his post here:

Hope it clarifies the matter!


I read this post too and also reply to ask more information but I’m still waiting…

One thing I really don’t understand is how the accessories package can be lost because it should be one and one only package (V+Accessories) and I got my V…


That thread is closed, you can wait forever if you don’t ask again.


Mike, I believe you 100% but I’m curious how the update could kill some but not all V devices when they should be near identical (including drivers?) apart from our hardware choices and apps or programs loaded. This is mainly from the perspective that I am still hanging in there for my Dec 4 i7/16/512 V and I don’t want a brick!!!


I’m not going to lie, its quite disconcerting that updates are bricking some V’s whilst some others are working fine.


As if that never happened to any Microsoft Surfaces ever: some were broken after an update whilst some others were not. Do you see the irony? (Microsoft Windows; Microsoft Surface )

If not even Microsoft can keep their tech together, what are you really asking from a startup? Give Eve some slack.

(sais the Pessimist who has an 512GB i7 with april update w/o any issues)


Is there really a big difference between the windows 10 with april updat and windows 10 without april upadate?


Good point actually, if I go through with mine I’ll certainly be hoping for the best each time I click update!


ffs, i hope for the best each time i see in the start menu “Update and restart”, and wish that my V / PC will boot w/o problems. and this is for normal, regular updates.

so if a so called Service pack breaks everything… well I aint even mad. I’ve been expecting that.



No. There isn’t even a big difference between last year’s spring creators update and April 2018’s update.


Same with Macs and Apple updates …


Macs are similar …


Might i just say that i disagree?

My MBP 2017 and also my MBP 2009 (yep) 17 inch have had problems when they updated but they were much more rare than it is the case in Windows world. Really: way way more rare.


Yes, they are rare but still they are there …


First version of El Capitan broke compatibility with Office for me. Then last year High Sierra screwed up my finder sliderbar (it rearranges itself every 3-4 days). HS also broke a few of my folders (beach ball). macOS now seems less stable than the old school OS X Mavericks and Yosemite… sad


Yes - my wife (Mac fan) had similar problems + issues with Adobe Suite and worst ones during recent file system conversion …


I’ve never had a mac borked by an OS update that made them practically unusable.

Bugs happen, it’s not a bug it’s a feature.


My wife had one of her Macs fully borked - need for complete format and reinstall due to known failure during file system conversion. Apple - it just “works” …


You always should make a backup… (i never do but…)
Can the windows issue here be fixed like that ?


First point is that there were several “April updates” the standard security and program updates on top of the 1709 version of Windows 10, and the NEW feature version 1803. The latter did not push to all machines in April and was pushed to some machines in May. If you look at the “System-About” in control panel, and scroll to the end you can see your version.

My scenario was this:
The update was pushed in May and after the update completed the screen would be black after the login (which worked fine). Apparently the black screen was due to corrupt or incorrect video drivers which was well reported in various places AFTER I tried to fix the issue on my machine. Because I couldn’t see anything I couldn’t roll back the update. After struggling several hours to find and fix the problem, I decided that restoring my base back-up would be faster (I always make a back-up when I get a new machine). During the multi-reboot process of the restore the machine stopped working. Nothing I’ve been able to do since has even given a glimmer that the machine is on, or responsive to the keyboard, buttons, or anything. I’ve tried the Power+Del, the Power+Esc, the “deplete the battery and recharge”, remove the keyboard and see if there is any screen backlight. Nothing.

I worked for Intel for 16 years, 4 of them in motherboard customer support a the highest level, If I couldn’t fix it we replaced the board, no questions asked. This has been the most frustrating computer/company/situation I’ve ever had, in 42 years of working in the industry.

I’ll go away now and see if the support guys ever talk to me again.