July 6th Update 2018


@adt and I can confirm that with the post I wrote in the community about it how it needs to be done in Belgium if you did with a credit card


this is not good for Eve…


yea, and all the >2000 HEB’s who are working now on V because Eve delivered are now classified as “Fanboys who don’t accept the facts” by those who came later in this community.


Some waiting for replacements, repairs or money refund …


True, very annoying, they got caught up in the frozen money saga, I really feel bad about that, I mean really.
We waited, endured the long waiting time because it was felt that it was part of the first subscribers deal. But the V was delivered.


Regarding #1, that is something that has not been possible so far. And the likelyhood that it will become reality is far less as time goes on. Things could turn around and orders shipped, but, this is not certain.

As far as a website update to address #2, this was actually something that came up (not directly) a while ago and it was determined not to be possible. I think the excuse was along the lines of “its in the hands of Fortress Limited” or such.

But the earlier point about “vagueness” is certainly valid. Posts are made regarding things on the back end, but, units are still not going out to those in the magic 35% (or so we have all been told repeatedly).


Only those of them that have drunk the cool aid and blindly excuse EveTech’s every incompetence and shortcoming.
From your posts I wouldn’t count you into that bunch.



The Survey Monkey (really?) states ‘all the refunds are estimated to be issued by the end of September.’.

Seeing as I have sent you my personal money for you to create this shit show - Will you please refund me from your personal account - as I am not able to wait until September?

I’m guessing your not going to honour this …


Order number 33, received in Dec, 2018, system destroyed by Windows 1803 update, Waiting for replacement since May. No comment from the support group since May 31. Very sorry I drank the koolaid.


So I’ve been thinking more about my order and I’m now strongly thinking about cancelling and getting a refund (despite the fact I’ll have to wait till September for reasons), however I’ve gone to the survey link and its now dead, saying you’ll have to contact support, I presumed the link would stay live for a while and not just a week…

Is contacting support the only way now? It says all I need to do is send my email address, name and order number? I would have thought I’d need to mention I’m starting the refund process?


Yes. Maybe. And yes (you need to explicitly tell them you want a refund and no substitution).
Document everything and put this into a PDF for your records.

If you cannot wait till September+, I would suggest you see what other options your payment processor can offer you. Check with them regardless.

You are either a customer or a hostage. I cannot speak for you or anyone else. EVE has stated their position and methods for refunds.

If you chose to go the route of your payment processing company for remediation, you will likely get funds returned well before EVE can identify a bucket of funds to recuperate their loss from your refund. If you chose to wait until EVE issues a refund, time is not on your side and you are at the mercy of other people waiting on devices to get you your money back.


Can’t say I blame you. “Misery loves company”


Thanks, I’ll drop support a message at some point if I can convince myself one way or the other…….


Guess the topic would be classed as returns anyway? Or shall I go with caution and go for other? Or order information?

Edit, is the order number the 4 digit one or the 12 digit number?


I would suggest you author the subject of the email to support as “Requesting Refund…” and go from there.

Were it me, I would not confuse them by putting the option in their hands or issuing an ultimatum. “Ship or else” is rather pointless. They are just as unlikely to respond either way.

Honestly, make up your mind once and for all. (Sorry to sound harsh about it)

Either wait for a device or proceed with your payment processor for remediation. If you want to get the refund through EVE, there is no contractual obligation that they will offer 100% refunds. That is simply the facts we are dealing with now.
Refunds are only issued through EVE if someone else takes your place and puts in an order or someone else gets shipped a device. If you want 100% of your payment refunded in a timely manner, you need to go another route.

Otherwise, wait…


I understand your concerns, I don’t know how long my bank will have covered me for (paid by debit card), hence why I’m going via Eve even if it means waiting till September.

Do you know which the order number is? 4 or 12 digit one?


Call them up and ask. At worse, you waste some time on the phone and you are no worse off. At best, you can get a refund via your bank.


Yes calling them is probably the best cause of action, just need to decide which way I actually want to go re getting the V or not. Thankfully @Konstantinos said there is not a cut off for requesting a refund for people in my position so on that front I’m still kind of good.


Not sure if it was already mentioned but compensation for waiting would be a shipping upgrade, of devices ship with a week shipping could it be upgraded to be a couple of days, it might be a silly suggestion but for people who ideally need the machine before a certain event in August would be great.


Hi @Southloop! We will publish more information absolutely about the funding at once there is some concrete information.

About keeping the order; you don’t need to do anything. Unless you canceled via the email survey, we are still going to ship you your unit.

Its for sure harsh, and annoying… I’m really sorry that this happened and you ended up suffering for it :frowning: