July 6th Update 2018


Hi guys,
Anyone who has information related to refunds, please advice.

  1. I got an email with a link to an expired surveymonkey page. However it had instructions to contact support@eve-tech.com if i wish to let go of my V. I have sent an email requesting for a refund and got an autoreply saying i’ll get a response in 5 days. But it also said to make sure I have filled the form correctly. Do i also have to fill this support form at Support – eve-tech.com ?

  2. Is there any further procedure wrt refund?

  3. How long does the refund take?



Your case may be different, Suraj, considering that you had to contact support, but my experience with the refund process was filling out an initial Survey Monkey form to express interest in getting a refund (this link was presumably sent to everyone still waiting for their V), then a couple of days later, I (and the other people who filled out the first one, presumably) were sent a link to a second Survey Monkey form to apply for a refund.

In the second survey, and in the community since, the refund date has been stated as “by the end of September”. An even longer wait that keeping the V…


I filled out the second Survey Monkey form to proceed with the refund process, but my order page still lists it as “unfulfilled” rather than “cancelled”. Does anyone have any idea how long it takes for this to be updated?
As much as I’d love to get a V, there are devices which, as an engineering student, will fit my needs better with fewer features but lower prices, and I would prefer to go with the more suitable cheaper option than to be surprised with the fancy, more desirable, more expensive option of the V suddenly showing up. While the V is amazing, it’s no longer the best option for me.

Additionally, I filed a dispute with Paypal hoping for a guaranteed resolution sooner than the end of September and overnight the dispute was closed without me being contacted at all after Paypal supposedly contacted Eve or Fortress. Has anyone had a similar experience, a different experience, or know what might be up?


Hi IsaacB,
Thanks for for the info. My case is the same. I had purchased my V in January 2018 with an estimated shipping in March if I remember correctly. That got pushed to June. Unfortunately the delay continues and now ETA is August and I was sent a shipping status/refund option email on July 2.
It had a link to surveymonkey. But I attended to that email on July 4 by which time the link said that the survey was over and to contact support@eve-tech.com with my email, first name, last name and order number. So that’s what i did. I received an autoreply with a request number. Now waiting for an official response.
BTW the V im cancelling is my second one. My first V was ordered in Nov-Dec 2016 during the indiegogo campaign and received it after 1 year. But its all part of the business… the ups and downs.
It’s a good product. But for me, i’ll just get something else now. I have one V already.


Hi all,

I have received two separate e-mails with totally different content about the refund process. One thing I didn’t understood from the PDFs attached - which contain “a lot of information”, understand none, regarding where is the order number. May I point out that there are 2 order numbers per order.
First number is shown in the main form here:

And the other number is when you open your order here:

Could you be more specific which number you require in addition a customer to refund his money? Does the order number need to contain a hash?

Also, could you you give us all an estimation, a solid estimation with end date. When you will make the refund? When do you really expect to make the final 35% delivery?

As far as I remember from post(s) on the community you have all needed funds already to make the final batch and even refund the people which require that.

One more thing - don’t use Zendesk for support, create your own support platform, or at least be responsive and answer the questions stated in the support ticket. Till now, no one from the support have answered even one of my questions.


The same experience as IsaacB here, I filed a dispute with PayPal which was closed the next day. Strange enough I got a message from Fortress informing me that my order was cancelled, and soon after another message from them that the cancelling was an error, and would I like to keep the order? So I cancelled the cancellation :grinning: and I am still a waiting customer (FS Dec 4). But I shall get in touch with PayPal again to see what they are up to.

Oh well …


I am pretty sure it is the order number in front of your order in your first pic. Not the big one in the second pic.


As one of the first contributors and owners of a V, I must say I’m extremely distressed by what is going on at Eve. Had I known what would happen now, I would not have supported Eve in the beginning. We had problems with delivery with the first orders, late, late, late. I supported Eve all through the turmoil. A reasonable person would assume (incorrectly) that the problems would have been worked out by now. It really saddens me that Eve can’t get there act together, whatever the reason or reasons. I hope you unhappy campers are rewarded for waiting or can get a refund SOON.


How it should look like:



Investor is almost locked in, I’m waiting happily for my V. I won’t be updating anything that I don’t absolutely need to though, as I’ve seen reports of bricked devices from Windows updates.


Does somebody still have screenshots of all those ‘estimated delivery dates’ (January/ February; April; June; are those correct?).
I need then for the police report that VISA requires. Please pm me.


Two months now I’m waiting to hear the replacement timeline from support. I’ve replied to the ticket 3 times, 0 response. #9145 do support read replies…?


Think the small team is too busy with the bal 35% refund and neglected us :thinking:


Yeah, it must be nearly impossible to give those impatient few within those 35% their money back and the entire EveTech team must be working non stop, 24/7 to manage it within this incredibly tight two and a half months time frame.
So it’s the haters (people who want their paid for product after 7 months) fault that there’s no time left to deal with replacements, bios and sever updates, etc.


@GerTomB can you send me the screenshots too if you manage to have it?


Will do as soon as I have them, but I haven’t received anything yet.


Do you mean from the email newsletter or forum post?


Oh boy, never mind, of course I have everything to go ahead with because of the emails gand the current posts in the forum.)
I’ll feel like receiving my sanity back once I’m done with this nightmare called EveTech.
Thanks a lot.




The gentleman from my bask said that VISA will most likely ask for a police report (Anzeige) before looking into getting the money back.
That’s why I’ve been refraining for so long, which might now be to my disadvantage.