July 6th Update 2018


Hi eve.community!

Its time for another update!

If you havent yet seen the previous update that summarizes the situation and sheds some light why some customers have had their shipments delayed, please check the post here:


Understandably, no apologies would make the situation better for you who did not receive their V.

And we feel full responsibility.

It is our only focus to honor our responsibilities towards you guys!


Last time we said we’d provide a refund option to people who we’re supposed to be shipped in the end of June. These people have now received instructions to their emails.
If you were in that group but didn’t see the email, please be sure to check your spam folder!


We have received a ton of comments from old community members about the discussion on this community during recent times

Understandably, there are a lot of people with justified commentary on our recent track record. However, we hope to keep eve.community as crowd-development platform where members and discussion are appreciated, so that techies can find a place here.


I’m sure more techies will be around for product development/design…if u guys can ship/refund to your existing customers and keep them happy… otherwise they would go on the forum to complain/voice their concerns~ Any updates on the investment?

Btw it’s good to see that updates are back to the weekly schedule


Hey @alexL!

We are down to one investor right now. We had bunch of offer on the table. Right now it is mainly about the paper work. We have now the lead investor that we think will be most beneficial to us and who digs the community vision we have! We can’t disclose the name yet due to tight NDAs. We will let you know as soon as investment is finalized. We will make sure to tel about who the Investor is !


Hi @Mike - main problem is - there are no techie answer anymore - looks like you guys stop working on promised BIOS and drivers updates.


You mean the mail that explains that we won’t get a refund at end of June but end of September? Yes, I got that mail… Sorry for the sarcasm, but my first contact to the support about the refund was in January. I really depend on the money.

Actually there were no instructions, but only the explanation about September. Is this the same for you others? Or has anybody actually gotten instructions about how to get the refund?


I did not get this email. The last one I got was the 2nd of July. There was a link to the surveymonkey which does not work anymore. (It is NOT in the spam, either).


Maybe it’s only those people who previously asked for a refund.


@Konstantinos, @Mike

As there was mentioned using frozen capital for each refund I am sure the accountants at Eve Tech have already assigned internally a certain “frozen captial ID” with a certain “customer ID that waits for a refund”.

As was mentioned in the email:
new products get shipped = funds get unfrozen = refunds send to waiting customers

There is also an internal time frame for shipping new products. Those are also not that much.

Please, provide each of us personally with the approximate dates for getting refunded. Saying plainly, by “The End of September” is not helping anyone!

Thank you in advance!


For those of us who are still “optimistic”(I know my posts don’t show it), about seeing our Eve’s in the mail, do we need to do anything to keep our order?

Please let us know if the financing went through. Also with 65% shipped, a previous post asked if that wouldn’t be cause for the rest of your funds to be released? I didn’t see an answer as the thread was closed after that.


Why will it take until sometime in September for the refunds to be issued? Not only will I not be getting a V now, I have to wait two more months to even get my money back. That’s overly harsh.


I was thinking more about why the payment processor who does have the funds simply cannot release\refund orders which have been canceled. The payment processor seems to be most concerned with giving the money to Eve-Tech before all units are shipped, but in the case of canceled orders the money is actually going back to former customers, not Eve-Tech. That is the strange part in my mind.

It would be irritating if we have to wait because the payment processor will not be the ones to refund the money, but will have to first release the money to Eve-Tech who then issues the refunds themselves for the canceled orders.


there are no techie answer anymore

The situation will increase once the devices are shipped. You can’t talk technical questions if around 50% (or 90% of the people posting comments) did not recieve a single information when the promised/paid device will be delievered.
Once most devices are shippted the situation will increase


I have over $3000 USD (2 x Vs) tied up in this shambles. I see people posting about one or maybe two refund emails; filling out a survey; V in August maybe; and refunds in September maybe.

Since the December flash sale which was very slick and specific - i.e. give us money a we give you a V - I have seen nothing but vagueness. Chinese New year, payment processors and probably the final Dragon’s Den investor are standing between me and my money / V.

Someone with inside knowledge post specifics in our accounts please:

  1. Date that the V will ship. Not an ever changing date range.
  2. Button that triggers a refund immediately. Not a link to somewhere else that asks unnecessary questions.


When Eve Tech removes the words…


…from the front page of their website, we can then start to believe that they have noble intent.


Kind of makes me laugh (more makes me sad) everyone worrying about getting the refund in September. September is an estimate (a discipline Eve has an EXEMPLARY track record in!) and (as i understood it) is also dependent on the number of people applying

Timeline for this is estimated to be by the end of September based on the amount of cancellations.

A more cynical man than me could imagine an update 2 months from now, saying that 65% of requests have been refunded, but some unfortunate people need to wait for more Vs to ship before more funds can clear before everything is hunky dory but it doesn’t matter because we will prevail because we beliEVE and we love the community SO much and we (literally) cannot beliEVE what we have been allowed to accomplish by you.

But that won’t happen, because Eve estimates are cash money, Eve’s word is their bond, and this time things are going to be different.

Also, before I get banned, just want to say that I am a HUGE fan of the subtext in this quote:

Understandably, there are a lot of people with justified commentary on our recent track record. However, we hope to keep eve.community as crowd-development platform where members and discussion are appreciated, so that techies can find a place here.

Completely agree @Mike. Would be a real shame if haters with no working keyboards and no communication from support for months at a time were to scare techies and creatives away. I really applaud your diligence in addressing this, the most pressing issue facing the community, and not some trifle like paying customers with defective hardware being ignored. Well done everyone!


Thanks for the honest update. Given that I ordered some accessories more than one and half years ago and have not yet received them, what is the current state of these? I have been given various and varying stories since but I gather the bottom line is the accessories are in the same camp as the latest devices that others have ordered. i.e you have no money.
What I can’t understand is why people’s money is frozen. Seems odd that if this money is ours/ yours that a third party can deny the funds?

PS: I am lucky enough to have my Eve and I have to say, it is now working great and is a delight to use.


Once again, nothing new but more promises broken. Will be back for more next week.
In the meantime my bank told me to fill in the VISA customer complaint form and the necessary police report. We’ll see if that will be faster than end of September (Which with EveTech can always also mean November, January, May, etc.)


I did not get an email either. I went to the non-working link to the surveymonkey and I found instructions to submit a support ticket. The instructions told the information to use in the support ticket and it worked for me. I got a couple of email follow-ups and a link to the latest opt-out survey.


No email for me but no surprise from me anymore either.

I’m sorry if you have already had a V delivered, because I fear the brand is as dead as MP’s parrot. I will never consider it again, and I expect that I am not alone in saying that. I wish others good luck in attempts to challenge Microsoft et al, but a pre-requisite must be the pursuit of excellence driven by a leader, who in turn is backed up by talent - not people who refer to you as “mate”. Perhaps my experience was unique but in a recent email it was a case of ‘sorry mate you can’t have a refund’. Well, PayPal didn’t agree and after their resolution process they will be returning my hard earned cash.

For reference, I am in the UK, my order was placed at the end of January 2018 with a “shipping” date of March, and I write this with some sadness but also for the purported 45%. Best regards.


Yea if you choose to fill the refund survey in the first email, you should get second email from Fortress with the link to another survey (the link still works).