July 21st Update


Does anyone know if they ever clarified whether the 65% of orders shipped includes all of the HEB/EB/whatever backer orders? Or is it 65% of flash sale and open storefront orders?

I’ve seen this question asked in other threads but never answered by the team. Makes me think it may be 65% of all-time orders.


okay, but it might also be different one time.


Based on which source?


All Indiegogo orders were shipped and some of the Flash Sale orders


Right. I understand that, but it doesn’t answer the question. Is the quoted number 65% of only flash sale/webshop orders or is it 65% of all orders ever (of which, a sizable portion would be the Indiegogo orders)?


It’s 65% of all orders, Indiegogo orders being a large portion of that. I’m pretty sure that’s been stated previously. That’s what I remember reading at least.

EDIT: @adt did some digging and the Indiegogo orders are NOT part of the 65%. See his post below.


It’s August, @Konstantinos, @Mike, What’s the story? 11 days, no update? I know frozen funds, partnering opportunities, etc. Either admit that you failed, and offer refunds, and move on to the next project, or make an update. Thanks


Ah, thank you! I hadn’t seen it clarified elsewhere.


I asked the same question a while ago, 65% is only of FS, not Indiegogo.
EDIT found it finally (boy how difficult it is to search for sth, on this forum…)…


Konstantinos replied to me:
@adt Indiegogo orders are not part of this calculation.


Your memory seems to be false in this case, see above.


Interesting. Well that’s pleasantly surprising! I figured Konsta and team would’ve beefed up that number by including the backer campaign. Thanks!


It is still far from good news.


Was mentioned in a chat with @konstantinos about some other topics.


I happily stand corrected! Kudos for taking the time to search for that info.


EVE-TECH, you need to be communicating with your customers. Something about nothing is better than nothing at all. Radio silence is equal to being dead.

I’m having trouble believing that 65% of the FS orders have been shipped to customers. @adt I’m not saying I don’t believe the information you posted was posted. I’m saying I don’t believe the truth in it. I know of 2 orders personally that were placed 5 and 6 minutes into the 12/04/2017 firesale and have not been update in any way. Others have posted similar responses since that % was put up. For that to be accurate something like 80-90% (very rough estimates) of the FS orders would have to have been made in the first 5-10 minutes of the first firesale.


I do not want to argue with that. You are entitled to your opinion and I understand it.
Just 2 points to be made.

  1. I think I read somewhere that for reasons of what kind of V were ordered etc, the orders could not be fulfilled EXACTLY in the timely sequence they were ordered.
  2. It also could be that the FS looked like sth like this (sorry my scribbling :relieved:) :