July 21st Update


Refunds were scheduled 30 days after approval of eglibility.


Not seeing where you got that info from the purchase agreement. (unless there was something in the “survey” that I missed)

EVE T&C at time to checkout:

It is the receiver’s responsibility to check the condition of any goods received, at the time of delivery.
A customer may claim a refund or return within 14 days from the date of delivery by sending an contact request through the Website. The contact form is available on the Website. See more detailed info on our Warranty policy.
Refund/ replace is only available when valid original receipt is provided.
Order cancellations are available exclusively via contact form to the Website, no later than 48 hours from the time of purchase.
Refund will be credited into Customer’s credit card account within 4 weeks upon confirmation; or deducted the refund amount of the customer’s next Order. Once we approve your request and have received the product. Refund will be paid in the same currency as the original payment. Seller is not responsible for currency fluctuations.

To further clarify, KK made no mention of what you stated previously in his update in April.

6:41 into the video.


I think what he means is that in terms of communication directly with Eve Tech’s customer service representative, they communicate that the refund will be issued within 30 days of the date they tell you that you are eligible for the refund.

(Of course, they don’t actually follow through on this emailed promise (or “estimate” as Mike likes to characterize promises), but they do say in an email that it’ll be 30 days).


Fair enough… Those are viewed as reliably as the shipping estimator by some.


Yes i’m very sorry its 4 weeks and not 30 days.


I asked about the warrant/ return policies before the HEB was shipped. And some fellow ‘senior creators’ Claimed unneseaary, AND by the product was shipped, the policies would be released already.
None of them cared about this.

Ha ha

They called me troll/ flamer because I raised questions in a customer view. Just like some doubters asking question of god towards Christians. They ALL turned defensive and pointing fingers at you instead


@Konstantinos @Mike have you given up now? I’m not feeling any reassurance at all


I got my confirmation that my order is canceld but still didnt got my money back!

I hope at least you get out of business and no jail free card!


How many Vs have been shipped last week? Are you meanwhile at 70% of the orders?


Does any of you know how long do I have to wait for that refund? Will it take as much as my V which I’ve been waiting for 7 MONTHS?


They said - September …, but everyone here knows about their timeline estimates …


Hi there, it’s me again.

7 months ago I gave you more than $1000. End of story.

I would really really like to see my money again so, maybe do something about that refund. Great :grinning::+1:


That sucks - I got my V but not the accessories. I thought they’d delivered all the Indiegogo ones by now.

I keep wondering if my accessories will ever turn up…


@peter_mcc Whoaa. That like 1.5 year wait for accessories. I’ve been waiting work my replacement keyboard since March. Lol (not funny😡)
Anyways good tonseeya back on da forum


Will check back with you folks next week!

More than ten days have passed after that @Mike @Konstantinos. People are giving you last chances one after another probably because some of them know what it worth to create new business with new model but you keeping not care of them until you miss another deadline and fail to meet your own promises. Do you guys gonna turn your faces (not other parts of the body) to community again that was the driving force of bringing Eve to reality?

Also I insist on opening as much info as possible about current progress of manufacturing. There were some posts about it telling that no company would open such data because of market competitors etc, but please tell me how could revealing the exact number of shipped devices and production rate harm Eve at the current point? You’re now slowly drowning and this point and the only concurrent advantage you could have at the market for now is to be as open to community as possible. And you’re failing it constantly missing not only delivery deadlines but announced dated of updates as well, they’re taking only 10 minutes to write, come on guys :tired_face:


I tvook a break from the forum in the last week or so… and the result is … disappointing tbh… where did the update schedule go??? I would prefer “nothing’s going on but we’re here” over radio silence… I mean if you really care about ur customers/community, at least write a sentence or two communicating with them on a weekly basis right? Yeah people could rant about the lack of progress, but radio silence can only be worse than a post with bunch of bad news. I thought that’s a common sense. These are bad decisions made on their side unless they’re just too busy to write a short post. U should post something if u had the time to read and like those posts right?

Speculation is gonna be everywhere if u choose not to say anything. You can’t blame people for playing the guessing game in this case.


Still holding out, you can do it EVE!


Don’t take it wrong- they are working on an announcement.
Wait for next week


Yeah the waiting game is rough, I’m personally still holding out. Partially because I paid so damn long ago I just check in on Mondays. If they says they CAN’T ship I’ll go through refund route.


Historically, every time there was long silence from EVE team - it ment only one thing - bad news (delays, problems, excuses, lies) …