July 21st Update


Dear Community & Customers.

First of all sorry that this week the update is coming live during a Saturday instead of yesterday, as you guys have gotten used to.

We’ve been still very focused on resolving the current issues. These include the ones we’ve been repeatedly mentioning with the past updates. Seems unnecessary to repeat them here.

However, few areas have moved forward from where things stood last time.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we improved our resource planning in our customer service and recently, folks should have received updates and responses in a more meaningful time frame recently.

There is also a completely new model in works behind the scenes, that could resolve the current shipping/replacements/warranty/refund issues swiftly.

In addition, we’ve discovered a potential partnership that might prove to be a fix to most if not all of our shortcomings during the last year and a half. We really hope it turns out according to our (still conservative) expectations and that we can share those wonderful news with you.

Nothing concrete to report at this time. Will check back with you folks next week!


Hope all goes well. Thanks for the update


So the only update is “Nothing concrete to report at this time”.


Remember the days that @Konstantinos cared and communicated …!

I’ve seen lots of comments about buying a V - and whether Eve will fail before you get either a refund or your device delivered. There have also been many comments that Eve are searching for investors - which means only a few things - either the business has an amazing strategy and investors want in, or there is no money and your all screwed. I think here it’s a mix of the two here - so fingers crossed is all I can say …


Thank you for your update.

It may not be much new information but it is reassuring to still hear from you guys.

What is bothering is the fact that the individual does not know what is going on/what is happening/or cannot comprehend the situation due to a lag of information concerning the overall state of their order they placed so long ago.

An assessment of the overall risk on their spending is impossible to those. The result: the investor (in this case the customer) is frightened and thinks it’s


Vague promises won’t help.
That’s where I come in.

Read. Then come back and comment here.

Dif out


Can you provide a solid time frame on when you will receive investor funding? You first mentioned investors back in April and since then the line “we are days away from funding” has been used repeatedly. It’s now almost the end of July and still there’s been no tangible progress. I understand these things take time, but there are way too many people relying on the investor funding (either for refunds or device shipments) for you to give these half-ass updates that provide 0 insight into what is going on “behind the scenes”.


What about info on Mozo sleeves? @Konstantinos promised over two weeks ago? Looks like you guys are not able to keep even simplest promises. How anyone can trust you?


How long will we have to wait for this one ? Honest question


Can you provide a more concrete example here? Is it related to the production or after-sales, etc.?


Thanks for the updates but I wish you had been a little more verbose. The partnership sounds promising, and I hope you are able to acquire the capital to get the product out.


I hope the refund doesn’t take till the end of september… i want this “project” to be over soon.


Different investors have different requirements. What has taken a lot of time earlier is to consolidate all the silent information in the organisation into documents.

Additionally we needed to fully rebuild our financial models to satisfy the due-diligence requirements of some investors.

A lot of investors have expressed interest and excitement, but naturally, out of the potential funders, we need to select the one that is best for you guys & eve.
Many companies die after taking money in from the “wrong people”; profit, not mission and values oriented people, who make you cut corners in quality, make inferior products etc…

For sure, we haven’t done perfect job in many of these areas ourselves, but strive to improve every day!

That is very hard to say at this point. It seems that its better rather not to give a concrete timeline when we don’t have it, because if I gave you a date and we missed it, you probably would not feel happy about it.

That said, rest assured, we are working on it every single day!

Sure, but before that, I’d like to highlight the fact that right now this partnership is not concrete, but rather a possibility that seems extremely interesting for us.

This partnership could help us excel in areas, which have been tough and improve the supply chain, production and logistics where our Asian partners have struggled.

What all this translates to, is smoother experience to all of you; in shipping, warranties, schedules, quality. All the stuff that is caused by manufacturing and operations headaches in products.

Can’t say more yet, but I hope we will be able to strike the partnership through and share the good news to you when that time comes :slight_smile:

Firmware updates

Dear Mike,

Glad to hear that eve-tech choose who is gonna be their partner and the investor in the future.

If chossen wrongly, vision and directions of the company might change forever.


Anything to update on this August shipping guys? I really can’t believe that a guess is still relevant.

Surely you have something more to update - or are we waiting for the usual 31st August failed message, with a bunch of excuses?


Yeah August is rather vague but it’s all we have to work from currently, will it end up being August? Who knows.

If we get to August and there is still no investor on board then I’d start to doubt the August shipping date as I don’t know how quickly V’s can be produced and shipped out to customers but a month isn’t a large amount of time really, I imagine they’ve got a fair few orders to fulfil as well…


6 Days until August. Thanks for the update on the 21st, you had given a little more information, one question I have is have you been able to get any V’s released for shipment? Are you planning to have 1 big shipment to your distribution/logistic center, or is it going to ship direct from the manufacturer to us? The shipment charge should/better cover all duty and fee costs, as it seemed excessive based on my experience in shipping other high value items from China.


@mike @Konstantinos all I have is fear I’ll never see my money or even if you don’t end up having the money the unit that I have returned

it has been months, i’m an HEB and I get email after email just delaying this process telling me to wait and wait, I could have used the chargeback on my credit card but believing you guys for so long means that this has passed

Can you help? I’m stupidly stressed that I will have nothing, no V and no Money.

If this was someone in your family do you feel this is how they should be treated?



No update yet? No refunds, no newly delivered devices? Ah wait, those people aren’t on this forum, of course. Stupid me, I forgot!
Not even a nothing-new-to-report-update confirming that the ENTIRE EveTech team is working unceasingly, non-stop, 24/7 on that whole lotta nuthin’?
Except this whole ‘a big company is going to buy us out’, I mean, ‘sponsor business’, of course.
Ah well maybe at around midnight or tomorrow.
See ya next week.


Refunds are scheduled for September


Refunds were scheduled for end of June.