IT SysAdmin in SoCal, USA


Was looking at the new Dell Latitude 7285 when a quick google search caught my eye. This looks super promising. I use my Dell Latitude 7440 daily and have actually purchased it twice over since I love it so much. But I think it’s time to consider replacing it with a much newer system.

Current setup

Core i7-4th Gen
2x256 Samsung EBO 850 mSATA (RAID0)
Windows 10 Pro
14’ Display
1366x768 Display

I do a lot of on-site/remote troubleshooting - having something more portable is a big plus.


Hi welcome! Given you’re a remote user often note that the team are considering an LTE version too, but not just yet. Keep visiting for regular updates!


Good to know - my business requires I have my phone on me 24/7 - so I can use it as a hot spot.


Welcome! Looks like V suitable for you very well.
Please follow the update, we are expected to deliver very soon!


Looking forward to the release!