It’s finally Here

So I finally have my Spectrum hooked up and ready to roll. Haven’t had a chance yet to play anything on it as it’s mainly for my Xbox series X but here is a pic of my current setup and me opening up the box. I’ll be back with more on my experience after I have had time to play around with it. I feel like a little kid at Christmas lol … Cross out


lol i see an xbox series x behind the monitor!


Play any Warzone on that Series X?


So I’ve been playing all day using the Spectrum and I have to say I’m 100% satisfied with the quality and basically everything. I played Destiny 2 , Assassins Creed ValHalla which is beautiful on the spectrum and once I started playing Val Halla that’s what I played all day. I got hypnotized by the beauty. The spectrum was ready to roll right out of the box. As I do more with it I plan on jumping in and letting everyone know how things are going. As of right now I’m 200% satisfied lol

I’m not the best reviewer as I’m sure y’all can tell but I will try :slight_smile: till next time I hope everyone has a blessed day!!


Does it have a backlight bleeding? I guess every IPS monitor does but how much here? Is it noticeable? I bet in HDR will be…

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Not all IPS screens have backlight bleed at all, . I think you are confusing it with backlight glow which is common with IPS screens. It only shows in the corners of the screen and only really noticable on a black screen in a dark room. Not sure what HDR has to do with it, its an IPS thing.

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Is that a pancake on your desk? Looks delicious!


Silly one, does the screen have a fiber optic port?

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Spec is available here Project: Spectrum | Specs & FAQs - Development / Project: Spectrum | Development - Eve Community


So I’m back now with my final thoughts on the Eve Spectrum. First off I would first like to say that my Exp. Over the last year with Team Eve has been great overall , they always kept the community updated as the 4K model came to be. It’s really cool knowing that I was one of the first gamers to have a gaming monitor with 4K 144hz over HDMI 2.1. The Eve community is diverse and has been friendly to me thru out my experience. Now that I’ve finally hooked my Spectrum to my PC and my Xbox Series X I’m a extremely satisfied customer. I personally give the Eve Spectrum a 10/10 for quality, experiencing 4K at 120fps on my Xbox is lovely playing Crucible in Destiny2. The lighting and motion is pixel perfect. I’m not great at reviewing the technical side with technical words like some but believe it when I say if you haven’t got your Spectrum yet , you will be happy and satisfied when you do. I look forward to future endeavors with Team Eve and would like to think them for delivering a monitor that meets all the expectations that they listed on the website and all my expectations as a customer. Thanks again Team Eve and I wish everyone in our awesome community a blessed day!!! Cross out

@Warden I’ve honestly not noticed any Backlight bleeding , the colors and picture are clean and crisp thru every game and movie I’ve used so far. The Spectrum is extremely crisp and clean , and picture quality is A+

@Zach_Curry Oh the Pancake is actually drink place holder magigy lol