It is incredible

Just received mine, it is incredible!! I’m loving the monitor right now, the picture is quality!

This isn’t my final set up, I’m moving house in 2 days so I was just putting everything together ready, I know cables are everywhere and I’m not sorting them as I’ll have to put everything away again! :grin:
It’s on my parent’s dining room table :joy:


It looks awesome! I see you’re a big Razer fan :grin:. What keycaps are those on your keyboard? They look pretty cool. Make sure to share your experience in #products:es07d03-user-experiences once you get to try it out for a while!


Thanks so much! I am indeed :grin:
Some of the keys are G.Skill Crystal crown key caps, they only had US keyboard keys so I had to improvise!


I wish razer made monitor of 4K resolution not like the 1440P and very bad stand design in my opinion.

That is the reason I decided to go spectrum 4K resolution at 144hz and hdmi 2.1 that is the perfect combination.